How to Make Paper in Minecraft (in 6 Easy Steps)

paper in minecraft

Minecraft has set a benchmark for other sandbox games. Up your creativity and test your survival skills in this game that is loved by millions.

Explore and make stuff with your innovation, some ingredients, and blocks. Although the gameplay could be overwhelming, there’s a solution for everything.

Those who’ve played Minecraft know that paper is hard to come by. Being one of the most significant resources, it’s seldom found. So, either you can go on a quest to find just paper or make paper. I’m hoping that you chose the latter and if yes, I’ll tell you a simple way that will help you learn how to make paper in Minecraft.

So, let’s get in there.

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How to make paper in Minecraft

Keep in mind that you can make paper in Minecraft’s following editions:

  • Java Edition (PC/Mac)
  • Windows 10 Edition
  • Education Edition
  • Pocket Edition (PE)
  • Xbox 360
  • Xbox One
  • PS3
  • PS4
  • Wii U
  • Nintendo Switch

Find Paper in Minecraft

If you are adamant about finding paper instead of making it yourself, I’ll tell you where you could get it. In Minecraft, you don’t easily get resources; you either find it, and if you do, thank your luck, and if you don’t, you make it.

How to Make Paper in Minecraft
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Paper can always be found in a shipwreck. Some shipwrecks don’t need special water breathing potions as they are quite close to the water. Moreover, you can also get paper at a village through trading, but you should be close enough to the player’s spawn point.

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Make paper using Sugarcane

Making paper using sugarcane is the default method that many players use. You’ll need 3 sugarcanes to craft paper. By sugarcane, I mean a green plant that looks like bamboo but isn’t three-dimensional like it. Follow the procedure given below to make paper with the help of sugarcanes.

Step 1: The first step is finding a sugar cane, which grows next to a river or any body of water. You can find it when you scout for it near water bodies and they can be broken by simply punching it. A fully grown plant will give you three pieces of sugarcane.

How to make paper in Minecraft
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Step 2: The next step is to start a sugarcane farm. You should create a farm as soon as the very first bit of sugarcane is found. Although it can grow on both, sand and dirt, you must grow sugarcane next to a block of water; you can’t plant it on a block without a water body next to it.

How to make paper in Minecraft
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Dig a trench of eight blocks and make sure that you line both sides with sugarcanes. This is the easiest process to build a farm. You can free to repeat this process as many times as you like. Now, place a bucket of water at the end of the trench; at one end only. This is necessary as the water will flow to the other end. You see, flowing water is still a water body. Your sugarcane will grow successfully.

Step 3: For the next step, you’ll be crafting the paper once you notice a reliable and steady source of sugarcane. You’ll need a crafting table since the crafting grid in the player inventory won’t suffice.

Step 4: Make three adjacent squares inside a crafting grid as the paper needs to be crafted in a crafting table.

How to make paper in Minecraft
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Step 5: Now place three pieces of sugarcane in a row on the crafting grid. They must be arranged horizontally, next to one another.

How to make paper in Minecraft
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Step 6: By doing so, you’ll yield three pieces of paper, one for each piece of sugar cane.

How to make paper in Minecraft
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How do you get paper fast in Minecraft?

To get in Minecraft swiftly, open the crafting grid and place three pieces of sugar cane in one row. They should be horizontally next to one another. By doing this, you’ll get three pieces of paper.

Can you make paper from bamboo Minecraft?

Ancient civilizations used bamboo to make paper so you should be able to make paper from bamboo as well.

What are pandas for in Minecraft?

A panda in Minecraft has various roles. Baby pandas who enter the love mode are quite hostile to the players, while the adult pandas are neutral. It lives in jungles.

Is Minecraft good for kids?

Minecraft is seen as an educational game that requires the characters to build something from literally nothing. It cleverly enhances skills such as collaboration, problem-solving, self-direction, creativity, etc.

Can you play Minecraft for free?

You can play Minecraft without paying a penny but for that, you’ll need to use your browser. The free version is in fact the original version, the classic Minecraft Creative mode. You can play it with up to nine friends.

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This is how to make paper in Minecraft. As you might already know, Minecraft is a survival game and even though there’s not much use for paper, but it is required in the higher stages since it makes way for enchantments within the game.

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