About Us

Every year, humanity witnesses a phase of evolution or a revolution in terms of technology. With most of our focus being in our hands, understanding it isn’t so easy. We at 3nions thrive to bring you the latest news regarding tech, be it Android itself or the apps that declutter your life. Simplifying jargons and presenting you with simple tricks is what we excel (or at least try) at.

3nions, as a domain, was purchased back in 2015 with no particular aim, however, the necessity to broadcast tech-based news was always in our subconscious mind. None of us come from an IT background or have studied anything remotely close to this field but our passion for web development and its aspects of design-led us to this path. We are simply nerds whose passion is to share thoughts about it on our blog.

We are not talented, We just work hard and things become pretty easy.