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( Last updated : 5/9/2016 )

What is 3NIONS ?

3nions.com is a Blog which talks about WordPress, Search Engine Optimization, and stores easy solutions for complex technical obstacles.

Easy and Free Learning

  • We provide easy solutions and believe in fast learning of things. 3nions have plenty of easy articles.
  • WordPress is another great thing on Internet. Here at 3nions you will find amazing content about WordPress themes and plugins and "How to -" related stuff.
  • SEO is the strong reason for the 3nions' existence. We have covered many SEO techniques for creating an "amazing" content.

We started 3nions in January 2016. But there is a history that you all need to know. We have faced many 500 and 404 errors in life. Very Frankly, It was not easy for us to create and run.


Early Years ( 2014-2015 )

We had no technical knowledge in the beginning but we wanted to learn new things and we were excited. After making some research on the Internet, we came to know about Wix.com. We created a free website on the Wix.com  but we didn't like the features offered by Wix.com.

Now we were searching for a good platform, where we could do whatever we want to and somehow we reached WordPress. As we were newbies, WordPress suited us. We Six ( Mihir, Prakhar, Satyansh and other three ) were school friends and we kinda dreamed it all together. Dream ? We wanted to be famous and of course to make money from our website like everyone out there.

In October 2014, We purchased a domain name "Noiztron.com" with one month hosting from Godaddy in 800 INR. At Noiztron we started sharing music without knowing that it was against the copyright rules.

Noiztron became famous under six month with more than 3000 visitors/day. Everything was interesting and full of joy and we were becoming popular in our college. People didn't know about our names but they were surely aware of the Noiztron because it was easy to access and free and their favorite.

Popularity isn't just something that happens. You have to give something in exchange for it, and that's the dangerous part of the process.
- Robert Bringhurst

Everybody likes the popularity but we had this question in our mind " Do we really deserve it ? " No we didn't deserve it when we came to know that whatever we are doing is illegal. Illegal ? Of course, Sharing is not an illegal act but sharing those contents which are illegal is against the rules. We never wanted to do illegal things that will make us famous. We wanted it in the right way. We deleted everything related to Noiztron and It was our best decision.

Dreaming wasn't that hard as following and making it possible and We failed to achieve our dream.


Noiztron taught us many things related to WordPress and SEO. Then We School friends together started a new blog Introvenue (doesn't exists now). We thought, together we can make a huge difference since each one of us has the unique ability. At Introvenue, we started publishing articles on WordPress, Graphic designing, SEO, and Tech.

But sometimes things just change, get complicated. And this is what happened with us. Though everybody has a different point of view in their lives, right ? but whatever it doesn't matter now. We became Three and we continued with our daily work .

Later on, Introvenue got hacked because we underestimated the blog security. After the hack, we contacted to Godaddy but they refused to help by saying one beautiful line "Sorry Sir, but We can not help you".

Wow ! That was something amazing because we failed again.

The Origin Of 3nions ( three-nions )

We were passionate about web development, and designing. We kind of wanted to share our thoughts and experience with people.

On 31st oct 2015 we purchased the Domain 3nions.com in 99/- INR. We still don't know why we chose this name. But frankly speaking, it has no meaning and this word doesn't exist in any dictionary. Anyway, what's in a name ?

"We are not talented, we just work hard and the things become pretty easy"Satyansh

We are not professionals and none of us belong to any IT or Software field. But as you can see we write everything related to WordPress, SEO, Android and technical solutions and soon we will write on CSS3, HTML5, and Bootstrap.

Team 3nions


( From left to right : Prakhar Shrivastav, Satyansh Tiwari, Mihir Gadhvi )

Prakhar Shrivastava

This is Prakhar Shrivastava, currently a Final Year BSC Physics ( Bachelor Of Science ) student. He loves writing quality blog posts about WordPress, SEO and Internet.

Skills :

  • Search Engine Optimisation (SEO)
  • HTML5 & CSS3 
  • WordPress Development
  • Website Auditing & Google Analytics
  • Bootstrap framing
  • Adobe Illustrator 
  • Adobe After Effects

Hobbies :

  • Travelling, Coding and Eating.


Satyansh Tiwari

This is Satyansh Tiwari, currently a Third Year Electrical Engineering student. He writes on Search Engine Optimization and Android Solutions. 

Skills :

  • SEO
  • WordPress
  • HTML 5
  • Adobe Illustrator 
  • Fl Studio
  • Google Keyword Analyser

Hobbies :

  • Thinking, Mr. Robot and learning.

Mihir Gadhvi

This is Mihir Gadhvi, currently a Second Year BMS Finance ( Bachelor of Management Studies ) student. He writes on Android and handles all Social pages of 3nions. He also takes interviews of Famous bloggers and developers.

Skills :

  • Android
  • Social Media Marketing
  • Social Media Optimization
  • Taking Interviews
  • Management

Hobbies :

  • Drawing, Eating, and Sharing.

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