How To Get Verified On Twitter In 2023

How To Get Verified On Twitter In 2023

Elon Musk recently overtook Twitter, and there have been substantial changes to the app ever since. It can not be denied that social media platform users are questioning the multiple changes that have been made to the app. Many newer features have been introduced to Twitter in the past couple of months.

ExpressVPN’s research states that a lot of company personnel have also been laid off after Elon Musk took over. Twitter currently has 1800 employees, which is less than its employee count in 2012. Based on predictions, Twitter might also lose about 6% of its US users by the end of 2023. However, for now, the app is working fine.

What Is Twitter Blue

Twitter Blue is a new service that has been included in the social media platform Twitter. The service is a paid subscription that allows users to access some additional features on the app. These features include editing tweets, customizing the app color theme, and changing the app icon.

Additionally, users can also post longer tweets and upload longer videos if they have Twitter Blue. However, the most significant purpose of getting Twitter Blue is to get a verification badge for Twitter accounts. Twitter has changed its verification methods, and now users can pay for Twitter Blue to get a verification badge for their accounts.

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How To Get Twitter Verification

To get a verification badge on Twitter, users no longer need to create an account with a huge following. Users can get a blue badge for their accounts by simply subscribing to the Twitter Blue service.

Earlier, Twitter only provided the verification badge to users who had a substantial amount of followers. Twitter has also introduced gold and silver badges for brands and influential people.

For example, politicians, government institutions, and well-known officials will get a silver badge for their Twitter accounts.

The gold badge on Twitter is meant for well-known companies and brands that are operating on a huge scale.

However, smaller brands can also target to get a gold badge by working on their Twitter account. When it comes to normal users and individual or personal accounts, they can get a blue badge for their accounts even if they are not well-known influencers. To get a blue badge, users will have to subscribe to Twitter Blue.

However, influencers and celebrities with a blue tick before Twitter Blue will still have verification badges on their accounts.


Twitter has introduced a new way for users to obtain the blue tick that was earlier used as a way to verify accounts.

The verification mark was only provided to users that have a huge following. However, now Twitter users can pay for the Twitter Blue service and get a blue tick for their accounts.

Even though not many users are keen to use the service, Twitter users are definitely excited about these new changes being made to the app.

We are yet to see how these changes will impact the app’s user count, but for now, Twitter is still growing.

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