Examining 5 Ways MPL Ludo is Unique

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Ludo is a strategic board game played between two to four players. It originated in the Indian game Pachisi, which was enjoyed in the 6th century. The game is played individually or in partnership. The most exciting aspect of Ludo is that all age groups enjoy it. The game’s rules and objectives are straightforward for everyone.

Moreover, this classic board game can be played online on mobile devices thanks to technological advancements. Therefore, if you don’t find any offline partners to enjoy a round of Ludo, click play Ludo on an online app of your choice and connect with real-life opponents.

If not on your mobile device, you can play Ludo online on your computer or laptop. In this regard, one of the best platforms to play Ludo is MPL. Over 9 crore users trust this gaming platform and play Ludo in multiplayer mode or solo mode.

Also, you can interact with people worldwide via voice chat. If you’re vacillating between signing up on the MPL platform or other platforms offering Ludo, here are five ways MPL Ludo is unique. This will ease your decision-making process.

Thrilling ludo variants: Ludo Dice & Ludo Win

The classic Ludo game has been played time and again. You know the game and are probably too bored to play it after a hard day of work. You want something exciting. This is where MPL comes to your rescue. The platform offers a fresh, fun, and exhilarating take on the classic board game in the form of Ludo Dice and Ludo Win. These exciting ludo variants are played within a limited time and differ from the original ludo game. 

Ludo Dice

Ludo Dice is played in a quick ludo mode within a given time limit. The goal is to score higher than your opponent. The scoring rule is different from the traditional game. Rolling the dice and moving your token will earn one point for each step taken.

You will get an extra move if you land on your opponent during your turn. Also, the opponent’s score will be reduced by the number rolled on your dice and the number of steps the opponent’s token had taken before you captured it.

As for you, whatever score you’ve made in this round will become 2X. Then, the game continues as your opponent, and you roll the dice and move the tokens closer to the finish point.

Whoever reaches the final tile first will be awarded a whopping bonus point. Finally, the scores will be tallied, and whichever player has the most points will win. 

Ludo Win

Ludo Win is another fun version of the traditional board game. Here, three tokens are used, and every move increases the score. The game’s objective is to score the highest within limited moves. Implementing strategies to capture your opponent’s tokens and get bonus points would be best.

Free practice matches

Want to play Ludo only for entertainment? MPL offers free practice matches for players looking to have a relaxing, fun time. If you are not the type to engage in competition and simply want to relive the childhood nostalgia of playing Ludo, practice matches are the ideal option for you. These are multiplayer games where the app randomly selects opponents for you.

Besides keeping yourself entertained, you can play these matches to sharpen your skills. You can experiment with different ludo strategies and find out which one works in your favor.

Also, these matches allow you to observe the gameplay of different opponents and learn from them. So, if you do decide to compete against opponents for rewards, you will be ready.

Big cash rewards and prizes

MPL’s ludo tournaments are in huge demand among players seeking entertainment and the chance to win cash prizes simultaneously. Once you are confident of your skills, you can partake in ludo tournaments with real cash.

The objective is to score the highest to win cash battles. The platform lets all the participants transfer their winnings instantly to their bank accounts. The transactions are safe and secure, and there’s 24/7 customer support. So, compete and win against your friends or real-life opponents on this platform. Enjoy up to 30 crore INR in daily winnings.

There’s no wait time

You may have to wait for your opponent to start a ludo match on other platforms. But in MPL, the wait time to match with opponents for any match is negligible. So you don’t need to waste your time in the game lobby. For instance, if you have a 5-minute break between meetings, you can refresh your mind by playing a ludo match. The matches on this platform are timed, most lasting between 3 to 5 minutes.

Data security and identity privacy of players

MPL understands the importance of keeping user data and player identity safe. Therefore, the platform takes strict measures to ensure the identity privacy and data security of the players. Safety is one of this platform’s topmost concerns, and it lets players play their favorite game with a clear mind.

The Bottom Line

MPL Ludo offers a seamless online gaming experience, and the unique features explained above are why you must consider registering on this platform. The process of downloading the app is straightforward, and you will find all the required information on MPL’s website. If you still have questions, their 24/7 customer support is at your service. 

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