How To Save Money On A Netflix Subscription? 

How To Save Money On A Netflix Subscription

Thanks to Netflix, binge-watching your favorite show has never been easier. There’s something special about skipping the intro and starting a new episode immediately that keeps you glued to the screen. However, many Netflix users are wondering how to save money while using this service after the recent price increase. There are a couple of things that you can do, so let’s get right into them!  

Download everything beforehand 

Usually, it’s not just the Netflix subscription that’s costing you money. It’s multiple things at once. If you’re watching shows while you’re using public transport on your mobile data, that’s draining your finances. 

Most people don’t have unlimited data plans, which is why planning ahead works great! Downloading a few episodes for the week while you’re on your home Wi-Fi is much cheaper than using your data to stream in 4K! 

However, even if you forget to download a few shows in advance, you can change the resolution to save more data. In the Settings panel, there’s an option to influence data usage, and you need to change it from Automatic to Save Data.  

Use a VPN

Use a VPN

Desperate times call for desperate measures. Using a VPN is essentially bypassing your internet service provider and geographic location. Instead of being in the United States, for example, you can select a different country and pay a lower premium. Until now, the countries in the Middle East have had the lowest subscription prices, and instead of paying $15, you can drop it down to $2 per month.  

Many people will use a free VPN to test whether it works well, but that’s not the best idea. Free versions usually sell your data back to ISPs, so you’ll get in trouble if you plan to do something like digital piracy. In any case, it’s always better to go for a paid version or a free trial of a premium product. For example, you can try this VPN and find the best option for you:  

Use an alternative 

The good thing about capitalism is that hundreds of others are waiting to get the top spot when one brand makes a mistake. Hulu, HBO Max, Disney Plus, and other services are more affordable at the moment, and they’re not low quality as many people think.  

There are also free options, like Peacock or Stremio, that have massive libraries. Again, like a free VPN, there’s always a catch when using something for free. There have been a few apps that were mining cryptocurrencies from devices while masking themselves as streaming platforms. That’s why you must do a lot of research before doing so.  

Cancel the subscription when you don’t need it 

Last but not least, you can cancel your Netflix subscription. If you’re watching a series like Stranger Things, You, or something that comes out once a year, there’s no need to pay for the other eleven months. Pick one month when you’re going to binge a lot of the series, and then cancel the subscription until your to-watch list gets bigger. Then, buy the service for one month, and cancel it again!  

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