11 Best Photo Editor Apps for Android Users

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In today’s time, smartphones are real bliss as it helps us to capture our perfect moments so that none of our memories go in vain. Whether you go on a vacation, function, friends meet up or any other special occasion you have your smartphone to keep a hold on that

5 Best Alternatives for Android: Apps like

Posted by on was first started when Alex Zhu the founder of saw a group of teens taking selfies and videos while the others were listening to music. This gave him the idea of creating an app with both music video and social network, with his partner Luyu Yang. Nowadays, teens are

7 Best Dieting and Nutrition Apps for Android

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Nowadays, being fit and maintained is the basic agenda of almost everyone. And why it should not be? But going to the gym every day is a little hectic and time-consuming. The way to a maintained body can also be achieved through healthy dieting and the intake of nutritious food.

7 Best Beauty Camera Apps For Android

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Aren’t you playing the selfie game yet? And have you taken your selfies to a whole next level? Because no one today is passing you likes for a blurry photo with no perfect lighting. If you are someone who wants to look glam and snatched in your every photo without

7 Best Running Apps For Android devices

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Running is obviously one of the best ways to get into the shape. There are so many health benefits of running. It can strengthen muscles, improve cardiovascular fitness and also help you reduce weight. While other exercises may require equipment, running is simply one of the cheapest forms of exercise.

5 Best Presentation Maker Apps For Android: PPT, Slideshows, Animations

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One can easily know the importance of presentation in the corporate world. In order to convey the information to clients, the presentation skill is always holding a great importance. Professionals are always expected to have these qualities. To enhance these qualities in the workplace and make the presentation a bit