15 Apps For Making Posters (Android, iPhone & iPad Apps)

Want to create professional-looking posters & banners for your brand promotions or for social media? These apps might help.

Apps For Making Posters

There’s an adage that goes, “A picture is worth a thousand words.” We have all heard it at least once in our lifetimes, and it is the absolute truth!

Pictures have the power to convey emotions, ideas, and much more that impacts our minds.

Today, social media apps such as Facebook, Instagram, Snapchat, etc., thrive on pictures and other similar elements.

But before social media even existed, we were used to seeing posters – be it film posters or announcements of an election rally.

The advent of technology has led us to software that can now create visually impactful posters.

Also, because of technology, we can now undertake meaningful projects on our much-capable smartphones.

So, apps for making posters are the need of the hour on our Android, Apple, and Microsoft devices.

This listicle will introduce 15 capable poster makers for Android and iOS/iPadOS that will make your work or creative time more remote.

Posters are great communication tools whether you are advertising a yard sale, a prom, or a community concert. Unlike decades past, creating a poster with a wide marker on the whiteboard no longer cuts it, and you are now competing with professional-looking posters done on a computer.

Apps For Making Posters

Posters can communicate a great deal in advertising, entertainment, concerts, promoting initiatives, etc.

Now, we don’t necessarily need whiteboards and markers to create posters. Photoshop can get the job done, but it’s a far-fetched smartphone idea.

The following applications will help you mold your flowing creativity.

1. Canva

Apps For Making Posters

I have been using Canva since 2018 for everything other than making posters. As then, I didn’t explore that it could do even that!

It quickly replaced Photoshop for my office work as there was less of a learning curve.

Think of Photoshop/Illustrator but for the general public. It’s easy-to-use, has many tools, and lets you create thumbnails, posters, Zoom backgrounds, and anything creative you can think of.

Canva is often featured on Google Play and the App Store for an outstanding creative app.

You don’t have to create anything from scratch, as Canva’s various templates will help you.

The app has tonnes of templates for flyers, social media, invitations, posters, etc.

Ensure that you sign in with an email address so that you can also continue editing on your computer, either on the web or on the app.

The basic version is free and provides access to various features, but if you are a professional wanting to take advantage of this tool, try the Pro version.

Main features

  • Email log in.
  • Different templates.
  • Great tools.


  • Limited export options for the free version
  • The Pro variant is a bit costly.

Pricing: $12.99 monthly/$119.99 annually.

Android | iOS/iPadOS

2. Creative Cloud Express: Design

Apps For Making Posters

Creative Cloud Express: Design, formerly Adobe Spark Post, is a great app that enhances your graphical experience.

With some practice, you will produce stunning posters. Learn to use the tools, and you will know the app inside out.

You’ll see a straightforward layout with elements such as design filters, text effects, adding photos, etc.

Apart from creating posters, you can also make social media posts. Zoom background, profile covers, FB+Instagram stories, YouTube thumbnail, etc., on Creative Cloud Express: Design.

Like Canva, this app too supports synchronization so that you can access your posters or other creative material from any device.

You are free to share your work on social media platforms with a click if you want.

When Adobe makes an app, you know that your work is bound to shine.

Main features

  • Easy layouts.
  • Different templates.
  • Syncs your content.


  • The yearly subscription fee isn’t cheap.
  • Basic features require a subscription.

Pricing: $9.99/month/$99.99 per year.

Android | iOS/iPadOS

3. Desygner: Graphic Design Maker & Editor

Apps For Making Posters

Want to make terrific graphics? Desygner should be the app on your device.

It has an easy-to-use editor with over 1 million layouts and royalty-free pictures that will help you create awesome posters.

When you open Desygner, you will be guided through the process of making graphical material of your choice.

You can add text, effects, photos and change any element as you wish.

Just like Canva and Creative Cloud Express: Design, Desygner too lets you create creative posts for business cards, EBook covers, thumbnails, Zoom backgrounds, Google advertisements, etc.

I like that the app also focuses on collages and resumes.

Main features

  • Make and edit designs from anywhere.
  • Customize logos for your brand.
  • Perfectly-sized templates.


  • Complaints about frequent crashing.
  • Different cross-platform features.

Pricing: $4.95/month; 14 days free trial.

Android | iOS/iPadOS

4. Photoshop Express Photo Editor

Photoshop Express Photo Editor

Photoshop Express is the mini version of desktop Photoshop that makes creative work fun!

This is a one-touch photo editor tool that enhances the posters that you have already created.

See, apps like Canva can help you create posts from scratch, but apps like Photoshop Express can augment your creation.

Using millions of creative folks, the app has excellent tools that make some pro-looking pictures and posters.

Think of Photoshop Express as a digital studio on your device.

You can quick-fix your images, add effects, reduce color noise, sharpen pictures, etc.

Other Photoshop features like a radial blur, borders, frames, custom watermarks, spot healing, and collages exist.

Main features

  • The quick fix feature is a great all-in-one tool.
  • Removes red-eye.
  • Easy sharing.


  • Limited basic version.
  • Flawed “blemish” feature.

Pricing: $9.99/month

Android | iOS/iPadOS

5. Flyer Maker, Poster Maker

Apps For Making Posters

Make unique posters, flyers, and other creative stuff with this app is appropriately named.

There are 5,000+ design templates, which are enough to get creative.

As this also makes flyers, you can create posters, banners, graphic designs, etc.

You can customize your creations with text, pictures, effects, stickers, and many more elements.

Flyer Maker, Poster Maker, also lets you create multiple layers to add n number of colors, texts, shapes, or even pictures.

This is a simple yet excellent app.

Main features

  • Creative design templates.
  • Multiple layers.
  • AutoSave.


  • Loose user-interface.
  • Restricted fonts.

Pricing: Monthly subscription: $5.99/ Six months subscription: $19.99/Yearly subscription: $29.99.

Android | iOS/iPadOS

6. Procreate


Procreate is an iOS-only application which is for creatives with an Apple Pencil.

Those who can create with 100s of handmade brushes, advanced layer system with fast Valkyrie graphics engine.

With Procreate, you can create rich paintings, sketches, and expressive posters.

You can work on the app while lying down, on a desk, or when you are in the bathroom.

This is a mobile art studio packed with robust features.

If you have a compatible iPad, you can design high-definition posters.

The ‘QuickShape’ feature is quite handy.

All the art that you create is in stunning 64-bit color.

Pros and aspiring artists prefer this app.

Main features

  • Fully-featured layers.
  • Hundreds of beautifully crafted brushes.
  • Create Layer Masks and Clipping Masks.
  • One-time purchase.


  • A bit of a learning curve.
  • Works well only with Apple Pencil.

Pricing: $9.99 lifetime.

Download iOS/iPadOS

7. Poster Maker, Flyer Maker

Apps For Making Posters

Poster Maker, Flyer Maker is a great app that will help you create great posters at your fingertips. This app is specifically for designing banners, posters, flyers, cards, etc.

All you need is one click to create a perfectly-sized poster.

The perfect poster is a few taps away with trending frames and an easy editing tool.

The other features include texture, effects, stickers, fonts, and great backgrounds.

You’ll find different poster templates, so you can easily edit a marketing poster and a sales poster.

Poster Maker, Flyer Maker is the ultimate app to make posters.

Main features

  • Great poster templates.
  • Customized posters.
  • Easy to use.


  • Pesky advertisements.
  • A bit buggy app.

Pricing: $4.99/monthly, $69.99/yearly.

Download Android

8. VanillaPen: Design Studio

VanillaPen Design Studio

VanillaPen is an intuitive design studio that will be a great tool to make creative posters.

200+ poster templates are capable of producing professional-looking postures.

You can customize posters by tweaking the background, texts, pictures or making a poster from scratch.

When you launch the app, you’ll find expressive artwork options, fabulous texts, 86 fonts, and 360 design choices.

Edit these elements by simply moving them, resizing, changing their colors, or cropping.

All the creative posters you make will be high-resolution and shared on any social media platform in a few clicks.

Main features

  • 200+ poster templates.
  • 86 expressive fonts.
  • Handy tools to create fabulous posters.


  • Limited free trial.
  • The design could get overwhelming.

Pricing: 7-day free trial; then $4.99/monthly or $49.99/annually.

Download iOS/iPadOS

9. PostLab: Designer Collages, Posters, Layouts

PostLab Designer Collages Posters Layouts

If you want to create skilled posters, along with collages that have quick layouts, then PostLab: Designer Collages, Posters, Layouts is the app for you.

With this app, you can churn out some of the most professional-looking posters in just a few steps.

Explore the vast array of customization options that sharpen your creative skills and make attractive posters.

The app surprisingly makes posters, as seen in high-end magazines and movie posters.

With a timestamp and built-in location features, you can relive the moment whenever you want.

Conquer the creative market with this app!

Main features

  • The a great amount of customization.
  • Timestamp.
  • Easy sharing.


  • Long and mundane advertisements.
  • Lacks main features offered by similar apps.

Pricing: $7.99/monthly.

Download Android

10. Poster Maker & Poster Designer

Poster Maker Poster Designer

Poster Maker & Poster Designer is one such app that is often overlooked, but instead, it turns out to be a gem.

I have included this application solely because of its spotlight feature – its built-in wide array of editing tools that can help you create the most pro posters out there!

Users can edit images directly from their gallery albums and add custom frames to their posters.

If you feel like adding your custom elements to the photos, you can make them unique.

Although the app is free, good luck escaping those pesky advertisements.

The app is available for free, but users cannot escape ads within the app. Also, it has in-app purchase options that allow users to buy directly from the developers. You can also try your hands on fascinating templates offered by the app. The app is known for preciseness and perfection, and one cannot differentiate between actual and copied posters made via this app.

Main features

  • Precise poster making.
  • Fabulous editing tools.
  • Good templates.


  • Too many irrelevant ads.
  • UI is laggy.

Pricing: $14.99 monthly.

Download Android | iOS/iPadOS

11. Poster Maker – Flyer Designer

Poster Maker Flyer Designer

Poster Maker – Flyer Designer is more than just a simple poster maker. It comes with robust graphics and templates that can transform into creative posters in just a few taps.

With superb editing tools and fonts, you can create masterpieces.

You can write a quote, design posters, website banner ads, graphics flyers, etc.

Expect custom-made backgrounds that could make your designs shine on a different level.

The app is filled with 88 different typography fonts.

Unleash your hidden creativity with this app.

Main features

  • 365 Decorative and design elements.
  • Unlimited combinations of text and artwork.
  • Select the perfect background for your design.


  • Learning curve.

Pricing: $9.99/monthly, $39.99/annual, $4.99 lifetime.

Download iOS/iPadOS

12. Poster Maker: Creative Arts, Flyer, Ads Page Maker

Poster Maker Creative Arts Flyer Ads Page Maker

Poster Maker: Creative Arts, Flyer, Ads Page Maker offers everything you need to design posters, ads, and even flyers.

You can either begin from scratch or use the templates.

As for the pre-designed posters, you can modify the layers as your creativity sees fit.

The user interface is intuitive.

The app has tonnes of colors, backgrounds, fonts, etc. that makes designing a cakewalk.

There are sample posters in three formats: sports, sales, and accessible designs.

You can create unique posters with various options available in the apps, such as colors, images, textures, etc.

Main features

  • Massive collection of backgrounds.
  • Add your text with poster designs.
  • Text on photos with tons of unique fonts.


  • Useless advertisements.

Pricing: $9.99/monthly.

Download Android

13. Poster Maker – Poster Creator & Poster Designer

Apps For Making Posters

Poster Maker – Poster Creator & Poster Designer, is the app to download when designing posters.

The app lets you create your customized posters without much hassle.

You don’t need any designing skills to get through the app, as you can make a professional poster at your fingertips.

With Poster Maker, you can create promotional posters, offer announcements, advertisements, etc.

You can use your photos and make trending frames to generate unique posters.

With this app, you can create unique posters with fonts, arts, effects, stickers, etc.

I know that not everyone can be a designer, but this app can help you design great posters.

You can use Poster Maker – Poster Creator & Poster Designer for branding, digital marketing experts, social media marketing, etc.

Main features

  • Ease to generate your concepts
  • Add your text with poster designs
  • Fine-tune your poster by editing text alignment, font, color, or effects.
  • Huge collection of backgrounds


  • Updates crash the app.
  • Errors due to ads.

Pricing: Free

Download Android

14. GoDaddy Studio: Graphic Design

GoDaddy Studio Graphic Design

GoDaddy Studio is a graphic designing app that will help you create some of the best posters. Or flyers.

You can design your photos and edit them that can be morphed into great posters.

This can be done effortlessly with no designing skills.

Not just posters, you can design Facebook banners, Stories, and other social media posts.

A new tool called ‘Remove Background’ lets you cut out unwanted objects from the background, which makes for a professional-looking draft.

GoDaddy Studio has over 1,700 expressive and quick-to-edit templates that speed up the process of designing posters.

Create logos with 67,000+ ready-to-use stunning graphics. You can make expressive posters with the help of over 500 fonts.

Main features

  • 1,700+ stylish and quick-to-edit templates.
  • The best photo editor tools.
  • All-in-one handy graphic designing features.


  • Subscriptions are too costly.

Pricing: $5.99 per feature per month; $6.99/mo when billed annually.

Android | iOS/iPadOS

15. PostWrap – Poster Maker

PostWrap Poster Maker

PostWrap is a great poster maker which is easy to use but has some professional vibes.

This app will meet all your design needs.

The developers have created an app that is deemed fit for regular usage – not just for creating visually appealing posters.

Say goodbye to boring posters as this app turns boring texts into fun posters.

Even though this is a free app, it is ad-free.

Although the app cannot add images on text, you can add tonnes of fonts for their posters.

Main features:

  • A quote creator.
  • Different text arrangement.
  • Modify line space and letter space.


  • Cannot add texts on images.

Pricing: Free.

Download Android


What makes a great poster?

According to the University of Birmingham, you should think about your audience and what you want to achieve with the poster, and this will help you form your poster style.

A poster should have a title section, some summary, close-up crops of faces or objects, a scene with a sharp focal point, single item illustrations, and unique typography that makes for a high intrigue.

Which are the best apps for making posters?

Canva,  Creative Cloud Express: Design, Procreate, Photoshop Express, etc., are some of the best apps for making posters.

Is Canva a free tool?

Canva is a freemium tool – most features are free, but you will need to shell money for extra features, which the developers call ‘Canva Pro.’

Can I make good-looking posters with Creative Cloud Express: Design?

Yes, Creative Cloud Express: Design will help you create some of the best posters.

Is Procreate available on Android?

Unfortunately, Procreate is an iOS/iPadOS-only application. The developers also don’t have any plans to build the app for Android.


These are the 15 apps for making posters.

Developing apps has become common, so you’ll find tonnes of applications that serve the same purpose.

A quick search on your preferred app store will reveal the same.

However, not every app is worth your time and money.

This list simplifies the apps by narrowing them to the ones worth a place on your device.

Creating posters from scratch can seem like a daunting task, but creative thoughts and micro-managing will prove to be a big help.

These apps have assisted thousands in creating top-notch posters without much hassle.

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