10 Best Apps for Couples in India 2023, Boost Your Relationship

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Relationships in India are heavily influenced by traditional values and cultural norms, but with changing times, there is also a growing acceptance of individual choice and freedom in relationships.

Many couples tend to have open and honest conversations about their expectations, needs, and goals for the future. However, communication styles can vary, and some couples may struggle to express themselves freely.

Marriage is highly valued in Indian culture, and many couples view it as a lifelong commitment. As such, couples often work through their differences and challenges to ensure the longevity of their relationship.

Here are 10 of the best apps for couples in India that can help you boost your relationship:

1. Happy Couple


This app is designed to help couples stay connected by providing daily quizzes and challenges to complete together. It also has a messaging feature that allows couples to communicate and stay in touch throughout the day.

2. ChatADoc


It is a great app, providing easy access to couples or individuals who are experiencing relationship stress, anxiety, and depression. ChatADoc provides amazing couple counseling and therapy by prioritizing user experience, therapist quality, and affordability. The app could help make mental healthcare more accessible and effective for many people.

ChatADoc is the best mental health therapy for couples, it’s 100% safe and confidential. Book a couple of counseling sessions today!

3. Love Nudge


This app uses the 5 Love Languages framework to help couples communicate and express their love for each other. It provides personalized suggestions for each partner based on their love language and tracks progress over time.

4. Couple Game


This app offers a variety of fun and interactive games for couples to play together, including truth or dare, would you rather, and more. It’s a great way to keep the spark alive and add some excitement to your relationship.

5. Couply


This app is designed specifically for couples, it offers a range of features that can help couples stay connected, communicate better, and strengthen their relationship.

It has features like a shared calendar that allows couples to schedule events, appointments, and activities together, a to-do list that allows couples to assign tasks to each other and track their progress, private messaging, etc.

6. Between


This app is a private messaging platform designed specifically for couples. It offers features like shared calendars, to-do lists, and photo albums to help couples stay organized and connected.

7. HappyTogether


This app provides daily relationship tips and exercises to help couples improve their communication and intimacy. It also offers a mood tracker feature to help partners understand each other’s emotional states.

8. Toucan


This app provides conversation prompts and icebreakers to help couples start meaningful conversations and learn more about each other. It’s a great way to deepen your connection and build intimacy.

9. Paired


This app is designed for couples to improve their communication and strengthen their relationship. It has key features like Paired provides a daily question for couples to answer together, which can help stimulate conversation and improve communication, provide date ideas, encourage journaling, and help couples grow closer and strengthen their bond.

10. LoveSync


This app provides a simple and discreet way for couples to initiate intimacy. It uses a synchronized button system to let partners know when the other is in the mood, without any awkwardness or discomfort.


It’s important to note that technology can be a helpful tool for couples to improve their communication, deepen their emotional connections, and manage their daily routines effectively.

Overall, using these apps can be a great way for Indian couples to enhance their relationships, improve communication, and have fun together. However, it’s important to remember that these apps should not replace face-to-face communication, genuine emotional connections, and physical intimacy.

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