10 Simplest Ways To Optimize Your Facebook Business Page

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The are plenty of suggestion about the proper ways to optimize your Facebook Business page. While some people say use keywords in the Facebook URL to optimise your page, others advice to insert specific keyword phrases in your Facebook content. Both suggestions are true. However, searching Google to find most

How to Adjust Social Media Marketing to Different Generations [Infographic]

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A generation gap is a well-known effect that appears between different age groups. It’s convenient to divide people into three groups basing on their age: baby boomers, generation X, and Millennials. Conflicts and misunderstandings arise between members of these groups quite often and it’s normal. Each of them gets used

How to grow Facebook page audience organically

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With declining Facebook post reach, it has now become difficult for Page Managers to show their content to a majority of their fans. Wider reach for Facebook posts is important to grow but with the latest Facebook algorithm invading user’s news feed for space is an all-time high. As the