An unboxing video of Meta’s VR headset has surfaced online

An unboxing video of Meta’s VR headset has surfaced online

Ramiro Cardenas, A hotel worker, says he found a Quest Pro sample unit and shared an unboxing video on Facebook.

He uploaded the images in the ‘Oculus Quest 2’ Facebook group that showed Quest Pro packaging labeled ‘NOT FOR RESALE – ENGINEERING SAMPLE.’ Ramiro claimed the boxes were left in the hotel he works at.

The packaging compares to Quest 2’s, and like with Quest 2, the storage size is listed in the top right. This one has 256 GB.

The packaging has the “Meta Quest Pro” label in the top-left corner. There’s also a graphic showing the VR headset and controllers. Cardenas said that the person who stayed in the room has since claimed the headsets.

An unboxing video of Meta’s VR headset has surfaced online

Two weeks ago, Mark Zuckerberg told Joe Rogan the company’s next headset would releasesureober, which we can be certain is the Quest Pro.

In July, Bloomberg noted that developer Steve Moser found references to the “Oculus Pro” in Meta’s code. Hence, this may be the name Meta has settled on for the upcoming device.

Meta still refers to Quest Pro as Project Cambria, a codename given when it was announced at Connect 2021. The company revealed it would be priced ‘significantly’ higher than $800, and Mark Zuckerberg told investors the target market is remote workers.

A leaked internal memo also described it as for “prosumer / industrial-grade mixed reality” – though it will also run existing Quest content.

Cardenas originally shared the images in the comment section of a post on the Oculus Quest 2 Facebook group and reported that multiple devices were left behind. It’s a phenomenal story, but not the first one in the tech world. An iPhone 4 prototype left in a bar in 2010 and more recently, the still-unreleased Pixel 7 was sold on eBay, while a Pixel Watch prototype was also lost in a restaurant.

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