Instagram bug plays sound even if user has it muted

Instagram bug plays sound even if user has it muted

We all use Instagram in public places, when around people, or at the dining table. Being silent becomes the need of the hour, given how reels are these days.

Most of us mute the videos and still mindlessly scroll through Stories and po This isn’t an issue – but it has now become one, especially on the iPhone.

Instagram won’t stay silent anymore, evef you have flipped your mute switch on. Moreover, if you silent your phone when in the Instagram app, the sound will stop, but the next video or the Story you load will still have sound.

Instagram bug plays sound even if user has it muted

Unfortunately, there isn’t a permanent fix. You can try restarting your phone; uninstalling and reinstalling the app are only temporary fixes.

The only way to keep your Instagram app silent is to lower your iPhone’s system volume manually. It’s simple:  Swipe from the top-right corner of your screen to use Control Center, and slide the volume slider to the bottom.

You can also use the volume buttons to lower the volume. You won’t be able to do this if you have your phone set to change its ringtones with buttons.

The only users can do is wait for Instagram to push an update and fix the problem. But since this bug showed up without an Instagram app update, Meta will be able to resolve the issue on the server side.

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