How to Check Internet Speed on Mobile

How to Check Internet Speed on Mobile

Probably, you want an accurate analysis of internet speed on your smartphone but are unable to measure it. Fret not! In this article, we’ll explore you through different ways that will let you get an instance of your data speed within seconds. This will also give you an idea of the speed levels that are offered in your data plans.

How to Check Internet Speed on Mobile

These means are specifically for checking the internet speed on mobile and that they don’t run any tools in the background. Here are the top three picks for you that do exactly what they are intended to do. 

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So let’s begin!

Check internet speed via:

Speedtest by Ookla

How to Check Internet Speed on Mobile

Speedtest is the most convenient way to check internet speed on mobile. It offers a network of over 11,000 hosted servers around the globe in order to provide you with a range of testing options. It works automatically by choosing a nearby server with a fast ping result in order to measure the maximum potential of your internet connection.

How to Check Internet Speed on Mobile

Fast, introduced by Netflix is an amazing tool that helps you measure your cellular data on the go. It’s very simple to use- go to its website and it will automatically measure the speed of your Internet connection. The website also maintains an ISP Speed Index, which analyzes the performance of different ISPs.

Speedtest by Google

How to Check Internet Speed on Mobile

This one is by Google who in collaboration with Measurement Lab shows your Internet speeds based on your typical activity. In order to analyze your internet speed, it uses your IP address which is then processed by M-Lab. The whole connection process takes only about 30 seconds and also provides information about download and upload speeds. 


Is Speedtest owned by an internet service provider? 

No, it is owned by an operating subsidiary of Ziff Davis. 

Is Google Speedtest reliable?

Since it is by Google, it is highly reliable to use. 

What is the most trusted Internet speed test?

All three Internet speed test measures are highly trusted that provide you with the most accurate Internet speed performances. 


This was our guide on how to check internet speed on mobile using the three most reliable Internet speed tests. They’ll definitely help you gauge average speed values with ease. So whenever your internet speeds fall below a certain level, you can directly reach out to these tools to perform a quick speed check on your device. 

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