7 Best ChatGPT Apps for iPhone

Apps that give even faster access to the AI service that has taken the world by storm.

Best ChatGPT Apps for iPhone

ChatGPT has been a trending topic for months now. The AI chatbot delivers whatever information you ask of it in mere seconds.

Its popularity continues to soar, which is why many developers have come up with AI chat apps available which are designed to help you get your queries faster.

ChatGPT is based on OpenAI’s powerful NPL (Natural Language Processing model GPT-3 and it has become increasingly popular.

The large language model has become the foundation for many apps using OpenAI’s cloud-based API. With so many options arises confusion as it can be challenging to determine the best ChatGPT app that suits your needs.

This article compiles a list of the top seven ChatGPT apps for iPhone that will answer all of your queries.

History of ChatGPT

ChatGPT is a highly intelligent artificial intelligence (AI) program and a large language model developed by OpenAl. You can talk to it and ask simple or even complex questions and tasks.

It is based on the GPT 3.5 (Generative Pre-trained Transformer) – one of the largest and most powerful language models available today.

It is owned and developed by OpenAI, a leading artificial intelligence research and deployment company which was launched in December 2015. It is based in San Francisco, California.

Microsoft invested $1 billion in 2019 and another investment in 2021. Back in January 2023, it invested an additional $10 billion.

Azure will remain the only cloud provider for OpenAI, and Microsoft will use GPT models across its products as well as develop new categories of products based on the technology.

Nonetheless, OpenAI operates as a separate entity and despite people assuming, it is not owned by Microsoft.

ChatGPT is also not owned by Elon Musk. He was one of the co-founders of OpenAI and funded $100 million, but eventually left in 2018 after some disagreements.

Best ChatGPT Apps for iPhone

ChatGPT lets users ask it to solve coding problems, write poetry, ask for blog ideas, come up with marketing slogans, solve maths, ask for any information, and it will provide swiftly.

1. ChatGPT – The official app by OpenAI

7 Best ChatGPT Apps for iPhone

ChatGPT is the official ChatGPT app from its creator, OpenAI. The app has a sleek user interface enabling users to ask swift ask questions and get prompt answers.

The best feature of this ChatGPT app for iPhone is that it syncs with your ChatGPT account on other platforms and shows your chat history across all devices.

ChatGPT is a free app that offers users access to GPT-3.5. There’s a ChatGPT Plus subscription option that gives you faster responses and a few other features.

Main features:
1. It’s the official app
2. Access to search history
3. Enhanced voice input
4. Get professional input

Pricing: Free to download; ChatGPT Plus for $19.99

Download ChatGPT

2. Perplexity – Ask Anything

7 Best ChatGPT Apps for iPhone

Perplexity is one of the best ChatGPT Apps for iPhone. It is conversational, which makes the whole experience of chatting fun and easy.

The app is built on the language model that powers ChatGPT, so you don’t need an account to use Perplexity. The app is amazing at getting its answers and providing links to the sources it’s pulling information from.

With one of the most attractive interfaces of any AI search engine, Perplexity also provides follow-up prompts to your initial question.

Main features:
1. Get instant information
2. Ask questions with your voice
3. Sources are mentioned

Pricing: Free to download; $6.99-$99.99 in-app purchases

Download Perplexity

3. AI Chatbot: KnowItAll

7 Best ChatGPT Apps for iPhone

Third on our list of best ChatGPT apps for iPhone KnowItAll AI Chatbot. This is a free app that can be your AI-based personal assistant that promptly answers your questions. As it is a KnowItAll AI Chatbot, you can ask it all sorts of questions and get tons of information in no time.

The best feature about this app is that it does not have any in-app purchases, making way for a great ChatGPT alternative on your iPhone.

Main features:
1. Up to 50 questions a day
2. Relatively fast
3. Summarize long text
4. Generate Instagram Hashtags

Pricing: Completely free

Download KnowItAll

4. AI Chat – Assistant & Chatbot

7 Best ChatGPT Apps for iPhone

AI Chat – Assistant & Chatbot is an amazing app that comes with an Open Advanced AI language model. The app lets you converse with a highly intelligent AI Chatbot that understands all your queries and responds to them in real-time.

The app is designed to provide users with an exceptional ChatGPT experience that is also fun, engaging, and informative.

The app knows no bound to your queries – be it translating languages, writing emails, re-writing any text, social media captions, solving math problems, and more.

The AI Chat app uses OpenAI LP’s state-of-the-art language processing AI model, which is capable of generating text and has a wide range of applications.

Try this app and I’m sure you’ll be surprised every time you use it.

Main features:
1. Integration of Conversational AI
2. Intuitive interface for quick navigation
3. Multi-Line editing

Pricing: Free to download; $19.99 in-app purchases

Download AI Chat

5. Genie – AI Chatbot

7 Best ChatGPT Apps for iPhone

Developed by AppNation Ltd., Genie AI Chatbot is one of the oldest iPhone apps on this list. Regardless, the app gets frequent updates.

With Genie, you can upload files, photos, and URLs to supplement your prompts. For instance, you can upload a photo of a dog and ask Genie what kind of dog breed is in the picture.

There’s a limit on how many questions you can ask, for unlimited questions and access to GPT-4, you will need to opt for a premium subscription.

Main features:
1. Amazing accuracy
2. Easy-to-use
3. Turn your snaps into a visual

Pricing: Free to download; $4.99-$69.99 in-app purchases

Download Genie

6. Chat AI: Ask Chatbot Assistant

7 Best ChatGPT Apps for iPhone

Chat AI is a robust chatbot app that provides an unparalleled conversational experience with AI. The app utilizes the latest artificial intelligence technology to help you with your writing worries or creating content.

Having advanced AI algorithms, the app’s capability to answer questions doubles and can provide simple as well as complex solutions to a wide range of topics.

Moreover, the app’s design is engaging and intuitive, making it easy to navigate the app without any problems. In addition, with its ability to engage in natural and human-like conversations with you, you will forget you are talking to a chatbot as you engage in a natural conversation.

Whatever your queries are, Chat AI has got you covered.

Main features:
1. Comes with a sleek and intuitive design
2. Generates art
3. Engage in casual conversation

Pricing: Free to download; $7.99-$49.99 in-app purchases

Download Chat AI

7. ChatOn – AI Chat Bot Assistant

7 Best ChatGPT Apps for iPhone

Developed by AIBY, ChatOn is an AI Chat Bot Assistant that promises to be one of the best ChatGPT apps for iPhone. The app offers prompts that are divided into topics, which makes it easy for the user to navigate their query.

The app doesn’t greet you with a blank canvas, it offers you suggestions such as writing an email or getting to know the latest trends.

Similar to the ChatGPT apps on this list, you’ll have to fork over some money to gain pro access that includes unlimited messages, instant responses, and OCR support.

Main features:
1. Generate coherent and engaging text
2. Clear button removes text from the input field in a tap
3. Crafts song lyrics
4. Summarize articles

Pricing: Free to download; $6.99-$99.99 in-app purchases

Download ChatOn


Which is the best ChatGPT app for iPhone?

OpenAI recently launched the official ChatGPT app for iOS and it is the best app that will instantly solve your queries.

What does ‘GPT’ mean in ChatGPT?

The ‘GPT’ in ChatGPT stands for Generative Pre-training Transformer.

Is ChatGPT free to use?

Yes, you can use ChatGPT for free. OpenAI does provide a ChatGPT Plus option that generates fast responses with GPT-3.5, it will be available even when the demand is high, and grants access to GPT-4 and other exclusive features. If that isn’t your cup of tea, you can still use the AI service for free.


These are the best ChatGPT apps for iPhone.

OpenAI launched its official app a few weeks back and it gets the job done. However, if you find the app a little bland for your taste, you can have a look at the other six apps as they include features missing in the original app.

ChatGpt is all the rage and you might have already used it on OpenAI’s website, but the experience is not so smooth as you’ll need to keep logging in.

It’s best that you use an app for instant access to all of your queries.

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