Apple Watch users can now access 1Password 8

1Password for Apple Watch also supports Markdown for notes.

Apple Watch users can now access 1Password 8 
Image credits: Apple

AgileBits, the maker of the premier password manager 1Password has revealed the release of 1Password 8 for Apple Watch. Said to be a natural extension to its iOS app, this update concludes the rollout of the new version of the multi-platform password manager.

The 1Password 8 for iOS can now serve as a protected window into the user’s most important information on the Apple Watch – even when their phones don’t have an internet connection or aren’t on their person.

Though Apple Watch screens have been getting bigger year after year, it will always be a device with a small screen, as compared to our gigantic phones. AgileBits has taken care of this inconvenience by introducing the ability to view passwords in ‘Large Type’, which makes reading passwords comfortable.

Apple Watch users can now access 1Password 8
Image credits: 1Password

1Password for Apple Watch also provides quick access to Wi-Fi passwords, secure notes, two-factor codes, and more.

The blog mentioned“1Password now offers complications you can configure for quick access to nearly any kind of information from your 1Password account. Need to keep your booking code handy while traveling? Add it as a complication to your current watch face so you can get to it in a single tap. Always logging into a particular account for work that needs a two-factor code? Pin it to your Watch face for at-a-glance access. And because iOS 16 allows you to set up a custom Focus for every context in your life – each with its own Apple Watch faces – you can keep only the most relevant information visible.”

Exceeding complications, 1Password for Apple Watch provides complete access to items of the user’s choice. The update also lets users view all custom fields (including multi-line notes) and custom item icons.

Moreover, 1Password for Apple Watch now supports Markdown for notes so that users can specify individual items in their 1Password account using their iPhone to have them sync securely to their Watch.

1Password for Apple Watch brings the security and convenience of 1Password to your wrist. The extension of their flagship iOS app provides an acquainted experience even when users don’t have their iPhones.

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