10 Best WhatsApp Message Sender Tools(Free & Paid)

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Looking for a WhatsApp message sender? This article will guide you.

WhatsApp has set a benchmark as to how a communication application should function. It’s so ubiquitous that WhatsApp launched a Business variant that helps various businesses reach their consumers. If you use WhatsApp, you would know that spreading messages is a sheer task since copy-pasting or making a group are the only two viable methods to send bulk messages. The former is a tedious task, while the latter is a headache. If you want to send bulk messages but don’t want to opt for any of the two methods, I have listed a few WhatsApp message sender that is efficient at sending bulk messages. Let’s get started!

DISCLAIMER: WhatsApp officially doesn’t support bulk messages. If its machine learning technology detects it, you might face a permanent ban from using its services.

What are the benefits of sending bulk messages on WhatsApp?

If you are not sending bulk messages to your relatives bearing “Good morning” or on the same path, then there are some real benefits of it. You can take your organization to the next level. Sharing what your business is and what it can achieve would also be helpful. But, the main benefits are communication. You can connect with your consumers directly and promote your business, inform them about your latest developments, and share your businesses’ location. You can also send brochures, e-books, catalogs, etc. Find the perfect WhatsApp Message Sender below.

10 Best Free WhatsApp Message Sender Apps

1. WASender (Free)


First on our list of WhatsApp Message Sender is WASender. It is a free tool that makes sending bulk messages easier. The free variant is a Chrome extension that you can download from the link given below. Simply install it. Ensure that you are logged in to your WhatsApp Web account.  Open the extension and add the number to send WhatsApp messages. Type the message and send it. It’s an easy and free solution.

Download WASender

2. SendApp (Free)

Best WhatsApp Message Sender Tools

SendApp is the next on our list of WhatsApp Message Sender. It’s a free new tool that lets you create a marketing campaign by sending bulk messages. Connect with your consumers and send them bulk information about your businesses’ latest updates, brochures, etc. This is the ultimate marketing weapon for your business. You can try the free version and if you want more features, purchase the pro version.

Download SendApp

3. WAAM-it Sender (Paid)


WAAM-it Sender is a paid bulk WhatsApp marketing software that has a free version. It helps users send up to 3000 bulk messages for free and anything above that would require the pro version. The service is also efficient at handling your contacts. This is just web-based that costs a whopping ₹26,202, but if your business is settled, you can think about purchasing it.

WAAM-it Sender

4. WhatsUnsaved (Free)


WhatsUnsaved by Kotheta makes use of API to implement. It’s not just a WhatsApp message sender; it can also send messages to people who aren’t in your contacts. This Android also allows you to create a WhatsApp chat link that could be beneficial for you. Of course, you can send bulk messages without any hassle. Download WhatsUnsaved from the link below.

Download WhatsUnsaved

5. RapBooster (Paid)

RapBooster is a great WhatsApp message sender that has different marketing tools up its sleeve. It will help you boost your business and campaigns. You can send group messages in just a few taps. And if you are tired of replying to the same answer to a query, you can set auto-reply preferences as well.

If you plan on sending multiple attachments that spread information about your business, RapBooster has that set for you. Keep in mind that the basic RapBooster version will cost you ₹ 999 per user per annum while the pro wills set you back for ₹1499 per user per annum.

Download RapBooster

6. Enjay World (Paid)


If ROI and communication are your priority, then Enjay World is the one for you. It offers a myriad of services that not only lets you send bulk messages but also Google sheet templates, alerts, etc. Sending bulk messages is a four-step process that does its job well. The software is quite user-friendly and doesn’t come with a learning curve. It’s well-known for its intelligent IVR. Download it from the link below.

Download Enjay World

7. Rapid Planner (Paid)

Best WhatsApp Message Sender Tools

Even though Rapid Planner is not a WhatsApp message sender, it is an essential tool for social media marketing. There’s also an app that helps you send bulk messages which have a clean user-interface. You can send unlimited WhatsApp messages to your consumers, which is perfect for interacting with them daily. You can think of Rapid Planner as a WhatsApp marketing tool.

Download Rapid Planner

8. Meshink (Paid)

Weird name aside, Meshink lets you reach large audiences within a few clicks. It’s mostly used for sending bulk messages that both small and big businesses can make use of. The service also helps you formulate enchanting messages for effective marketing campaigns. Meshink is also used for SMS scheduling and sequencing. Moreover, you can integrate this service with other apps and websites.

Download Meshink

9. WhatsApp SMS Myntra (Paid)

The next on our list of WhatsApp message sender is WhatsApp SMS Myntra. It is a well-known service that lets you send bulk messages on Facebook-owned WhatsApp. It makes use of multiple languages, and if you face any issues, there’s 24×7 support. The service is also helpful for creating attractive campaigns, which can also be tracked later on. But to avail of all the services, you need to pay ₹19,800 as a one-time fee. Quite steep, but if your business can afford it, it’s worth it.

Download WhatsApp SMS Myntra

10. Q-Sender.Pro (Paid)

Best WhatsApp Message Sender Tools

The last on our list of WhatsApp message sender is Q-Sender.Pro. It’s a simple service that makes sending bulk messages to look like a cakewalk. If you are worried about being tagged as a spammer, then it sends various messages of the same context, which evades being spam. Scheduling messages is more accessible and you’ll enjoy it thoroughly. As for the pricing, the basic variant is priced at ₹1432, while the unlimited reseller version will set you back for ₹7,090.

Download Q-Sender.Pro


How can we send a WhatsApp message in bulk for free?

Yes, bulk WhatsApp messages can be sent free of cost. Using the distribution lists method is suitable since it lets you send messages to multiple recipients. There’s no need to create a separate group or even copy-pasting the same content.

Can WhatsApp ban you permanently?

Yes, WhatsApp’s ban is irreversible. If it was a mistake, it could be reversed. Users can contact the support team to explain reasons for their actions, but WhatsApp’s team handles the rest.


These were the WhatsApp Message Sender services/apps that will do the marketing for you by sending bulk messages. As I’ve mentioned in the disclaimer, sending bulk messages is against the terms and services of WhatsApp, but it isn’t illegal. If your account is detected of sending bulk messages, then you might face a permanent ban.

Have you ever used an app/service for sending bulk messages? Let us know in the comments below.

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