10 Advantages of Windows over macOS

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A full disclosure, I have been a Windows user since 2006. I have always used a laptop due to its versatility. I did use Mac for a brief period but of course, not enough to compare both on an intensive level. So, I took a little help from the internet so that you don’t have to. Windows versus macOS have been a long battle. It’s not about which operating system is superior but which has more advantages.

10 Advantages of Windows over macOS

If you are trying to choose between a Windows PC or an Apple Mac, you might want to think about long-term usage. A machine can last at least 5 years, and I will tell you why Microsoft’s Windows is better than Apple’s macOS. Let’s get started.

I could (and the Internet) think of at least 10 advantages that Windows has over macOS – ranging from gaming and touch inputs.

1. Login

Buying a new device means setting it up. Both MacBook and Windows have their own ways, but with Windows Hello, you can log in with various biometric options such as face or fingerprint scanning. If you own a MacBook Pro with a Touch Bar, you can use the fingerprint scanner to login. If you own an iPhone and an Apple Watch, you can log in if they are close to your computer.

When you have booted Windows, you will see the Start button and menu to access applications, settings, documents, etc. macOS isn’t similar; there’s a dock for your apps or set up your desktop with icons for the most-used programs and files. There’s also a Launchpad icon.

2. Hardware

Apple provides some of the best computer hardware options. But it is unparalleled as compared to what Windows has to offer. There are only a few laptops with macOS, while Windows can be found on a computer that costs ₹25,000($350). Given that several manufacturers equip Microsoft Windows OS in their computers, expect great graphics card, CPU, and storage. You can also configure the hardware as you want – more RAM, storage, or choose between a Full-HD and 4K screen. Make way for flexibility!

3. Taskbar

Advantages of Windows over macOS

A Mac user would agree that the Dock is frustrating. When you click on a running app’s dock icon, its window doesn’t display on the screen. This is because macOS is document-based. Windows, on the other hand, is program-based. When you tap on a taskbar icon, it brings up the associated program. Simply hover the mouse over a taskbar button, and you’ll see a thumbnail a small of its program window.

4. Touch and Pen Input

Apple introduced touch capability in macOS through Touch Bar but in a very nascent form. For years Windows devices had touch support and tablet mode. The latter lets you use your Windows laptop as a tablet by streamlining some controls. Many convertible laptops and tablets take advantage of this. There also support for the stylus, which makes for a great handwriting-to-text conversion. macOS doesn’t support touch screen nor pen inputs, unlike iPadOS. One of the reasons people buy MacBook and iPad is flexibility, but it comes at an added cost.

5. Gaming

Advantages of Windows over macOS
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Gamers are well aware that they can trust Windows for satiating their gaming needs. Be it Dell’s Alienware, Acer, or Asus – Windows has somehow figured out the magic formula for making gaming fun on a portable machine. macOS is playing catch-up. Apple usually doesn’t allow customization of its internal component customization which is possible with Windows PC gaming. There are tonnes of gaming titles that Windows users can buy from Steam.

6. Accessibility

Windows offers its users support for disabilities, which Microsoft has made a priority. macOS and Windows offer text narration, screen magnification, Braille support, voice input, sticky, and slow key entry, but Windows lets a blind user set up the system by voice. Users can also control a Windows computer with their eyes. This includes American Sign Language support by videophone, adding accessibility enhancements like drawing using only the keyboard in Paint, and more languages for Narrator.

7. VR & 3D Support

With Windows, users can access the realm of 3D and VR. Its 3D Viewer app lets you view 3D models on-screen. The Mixed Reality Viewer app works in tandem with VR headsets particularly, and two of the most popular VR headset Oculus Rift and HTC Vive works with Windows.

Apple has made some progress toward VR support. You can edit 360-degree video content in Final Cut Pro X with external enclosures for graphics cards that are VR-capable. Apple’s ARKit augmented reality only works in iOS for now.

8. Cortana

Microsoft made Windows available a year before Siri made its debut on Mac. Even though voice commands can invoke both the A.I.s, open web pages and apps, inform about the weather, change the math, set reminders, etc. Unfortunately, Siri still can’t log out of or shut down the computer. Cortana can also grant requests to Amazon’s Alexa.

9. Options Aplenty

Advantages of Windows over macOS

Want to game? Edit videos? Windows offers video workstations, gaming PCs, media centers, build-your-own machines, business PCs, etc. Users can choose from dozens of different desktop PC configurations that feature different components to meet their needs requirements. However, Apple is available only in the form of iMac, Mac mini, iPad, MacBook Air, MacBook Pro.

As I have mentioned in the ‘Hardware’ segment, Apple won’t allow you to configure internal components as per your needs. Windows’ build-your-own machines will let you make you a PC with customizations that can max out at 64GB, Intel i9, etc. You can also change your motherboard, CPU, add storage, and all that jazz.

10. Cost

The biggest advantage of a Windows PC is its cost. You can build or buy a PC starting from ₹30,000 to ₹3,00,000 (even more!) That’s the beauty of owning a Windows PC. ₹70,490 is the lowest Apple computer cost. The more you want to configure, the more your macOS computer will cost. Even though the new MacBook M1 costs a bit cheaper than the Intel counterpart, it’s still expensive compared to a Windows machine.


These are some of the advantages of Windows over macOS. I kept my personal views at arm’s length so that you could decide between buying your next computer. If gaming and ease of use are essential for you, then Windows would be the right choice.

Are you convinced about the advantages of Windows over macOS? Which OS are you currently using? Let us know in the comments below.

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