13 Reasons Why Social Media is Good for Us

Social Media is not all bad. It depends on how it's used.

Reasons Why Social Media is Good for Us

If you ask parents what social media represents, most would answer “evil!”

Well, fake news and addiction have created a shoddy reputation on social media, but that isn’t entirely true, and it’s pretty incredible.

About 40% of the world’s population uses social media. And they spend over an hour surfing through profiles and content.

But many forget to discuss the positive effects of social media.

Of which, there are many.

This article will tell you 13 reasons why social media is good for us.

Parents whose children have recently joined various social platforms or for your debut, these reasons are pretty good to make up your mind.

13 Reasons why Social Media is Good for us

I have whittled down 13 reasons as to why social media is outstanding!

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1. Communication

This one is a no-brainer.

Social media is a safe haven for introverts, and they get to connect in a safe environment.

But not just introverts, but all kinds of people from around the world connect with people online, which is less draining than face-to-face interactions.

Reasons Why Social Media is Good for Us

We get to know which friends got engaged, who moved to which country, and other details they wish to share.

It is reported that over 25% of teens feel less shy when they use social media, while 28% see a boost in their confidence.

Communication is the core function of social media, and if used appropriately, it can help strengthen relationships, assist people in getting help, and more.

2. News

Social media let you know that there was a fire in California.

It is also an excellent platform for breaking news, as it is updated instantaneously.

Be it a terrorist incident, change in leadership, or when a well-known couple ends their relationship – you’ll know it before you even make a quick Google trawl.

The thing is, nothing circulates faster than news on social media.

You’ll see a person or phenomenon trending on Twitter, hashtags going viral.

The lines between facts and fiction can get blurry, especially on Facebook and Twitter, but those mistakes can be fixed just as quickly.

In the era of work from home and chaotic office hours, people hardly have time to watch the “9 p.m. breaking news” show, so they turn to social media.

However, I advise you to double-check facts from an unknown website.

3. Job opportunities

When you are on social media, you are ‘out there.’

It means that you put out information that could get you a job.

A friend of mine posted some of his extraordinary poems, and a publisher approached him to get the poems consolidated in a book.

Reasons Why Social Media is Good for Us

That’s just one example. Influencers are the most common examples, as content creators prefer to upload their content and earn their share.

Even though LinkedIn is an apt model for this section, I’ll still stick to Instagram and Twitter, where people are getting hired for their skills.

Due to social media, people are getting opportunities that might not have existed otherwise.

If you want to stick to being professional, you can make a LinkedIn page, type your skills and experience, and apply for new jobs by connecting to other people on the platform.

If you have skills and use them to get a job, social media should be one of the options.

4. Spreading awareness

The best use case of social media is to spread awareness.

Be it promoting the importance of therapy, mental health, understanding sexual orientation, or getting to know the human body, social media is helping us break all the stereotypes.

Celebrities such as Demi Lovato, Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson, Adele, and many more have opened up about their struggles with mental health, body shaming, etc.

Social media witnessed a storm due to the ‘MeToo’ movement, wherein prominent names were brought to the forefront due to their power abuse.

One such fitting example is the social campaign ‘The Stigma Project’ that uses social media platforms to ‘lower the HIV infection rate and neutralize stigma through education.’

Spreading awareness and not misinformation could be one of the positive effects of social media.

5. Grassroots Campaigns

As you know by now, social media helps spread news instantaneously.

Due to these platforms, there is a reach for many topics for an outstanding amount of people.

Social media particularly shines when it comes to promoting a campaign.

Social platforms make it easy for ordinary people to grasp and spread awareness about their grassroots campaign.

Since the internet is accessible by anyone who has an active connection and devices as mediums, social media nourishes the platform for getting the word out there and swiftly.

This can mean that anyone can become a journalist – or a responsible citizen to spread awareness and express situations they witness in their everyday lives.

Social has made local and national fundraising, environmental campaigns, political news possible and accessible.

They get a massive boost by sharing it via Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, or any other popular site where people easily share news and opinions.

By doing so, we are less reliant on the mainstream media.

6. Getting noticed

The best example of getting noticed is Prem Ningombam’s scholarship sponsored by Anand Mahindra, the Chairperson of Mahindra and Mahindra.

He saw Prem’s video wherein he created the Iron Man helmet. Impressed by this, he recently confirmed that Ningombam had been admitted into Mahindra University in Hyderabad to pursue his mechanical engineering education.

You see, people with talent easily get noticed as such media is accessible by everyone.

Since social media is a medium to express themselves, getting noticed is a good use.

Make reels with your dogs, create short and entertaining videos, share your latest writings, and you are bound to get noticed.

7. Creating communities

Social media is excellent at connecting with like-minded people.

Now, when these like-minded people connect, they form communities wherein they feel safe to debate different subjects without the judgment of being ridiculed.

Reasons Why Social Media is Good for Us

The ‘MeToo’ movement is a great example.

You can also join book clubs, dog clubs where you meet fellow dog lovers and share your relief and pain of handling a pet.

By using hashtags, you can create communities that align with their beliefs and provide the support that can extend to real life – if you want.

8. Getting to know your customers

One of the reasons you’ll find all brands on various social media platforms is to get feedback from their customers/users.

When a brand communicates with its customers, it forms a trust, which is further strengthened by replying to their queries or feedback.

Companies use social media to increase customer engagement and know what complaints they have that can be solved.

You’ll find several dedicated customer service accounts of well-known brands where problems are solved in a day.

9. DIY Tools at your disposal

‘How to’ – two words that aptly describe this category.

DIY – or ‘Do It Yourself is a term made famous by social media, particularly YouTube and Instagram.

Housewives, chefs, makeup artists, content writers, actors, health professionals, etc., share their skills/dishes/advice that people can make or adopt at home without venturing outside.

With DIY objectives, people have several tools at their disposal to learn something new.

Why not use our phones and social media accounts to find the answers to everything and do things that take less time!

10. Higher Google rank

Another reason companies are on social media is to increase their Google ranking.

When it comes to that, Google’s Rank Brain considers many different metrics when factoring rankings.

One such variable is excellent content, which adds value to the community.

When people make excellent posts on social networks, which many diverse people then share, this increases value.

And when the posts become popular, people write about them.

So, within those articles, such blogs will be linked, which will drive rankings. To enhance your content’s appeal and engagement, consider incorporating eye-catching design elements that can further elevate your social media presence and contribute to improved Google rankings.

11. Knowing the Influencers

As you know, social media has given birth to the term ‘influencers.’

They are talented people who have built a large audience in a specific niche – be it discussing tech products or doing makeup.

You can find these people on any social network, network with them, and build relationships.

Not only that, you can learn from these people, know their process, and become more efficient by watching how they operate.

So, invest your time in such influencers from your field and build valuable relationships.

These relationships can be beneficial for your business.

12. Show your authority

Social media lets you build d long-lasting relationships with your family, friends, and clients.

But it can also help you show your authority.

By that, I mean connecting with people from your industry.

All you need to do is work hard, get to know people, establish connections with them, and stay up to date with trends in your industry.

You will build a strong rapport, which will help you gain industry authority.

This simply means that people from your industry will come to you as you have become the expert.

13. Entertainment

Well, we have all used social media to get out of boredom – watching reels, shorts, and TikTok to get entertained.

And there’s nothing bad in that.


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Social media is a free, cheap, and exciting source of entertainment that has made people question going to theatres altogether.

Open Instagram and click on Reels. You’ll find some great content and some that you can ignore.

That’s the beauty of social media, like what you just saw, dislike, and never visit that profile again.

Kusha Kapila, Dolly Singh, Kenny Sebastian, Suyash Tilak, Komal Pandey, Saloni Chopra, etc., are a few Indian content creators who have thousands of views on their video as their content is entertaining.


Why is social media so important?

With the proper use of social media, you get a wider reach, get to know people, engage with customers, and spread the news. This article explores just that.

Why is social media good for us?

Social media is way better than email for communication and spreading news, breaking stereotypes, increasing contacts, and helping people in need.

What are ten good things about social media?

Following are ten reasons why social media is useful:

  • Great tool for communication.
  • Feedback boosts self-esteem.
  • Share media like photos and videos.
  • Staying in touch, no matter the location.
  • Suitable for education purposes.
  • Get advice.
  • Get to know the company’s target audience.
  • Boost your sales.
  • Entertainment.
  • Come together for a common goal.

Is social media useful or harmful?

It is a bit of both, depending upon how it is used. Some use it to spread awareness about mental health, while some spread misinformation. If used too much, people face an increased risk of anxiety, self-harm, loneliness, or depression.

How has social media had a positive impact on society?

Social media has helped build our society by building trust, getting rid of the stigma, spreading equality and awareness, empowering the youth on a community level, and fast response to natural and other disasters.


Social media excels at bringing people together. And more.

Undoubtedly, social media has its downsides, but as my mother says – every coin has two sides.

It is definitely shallow, addictive, unrealistic, but when it is used wisely and moderately, it is excellent for enhancing your life.

Of course, communication is the most crucial aspect of social media, but others are.

I have listed one side of social media. My talented colleague has listed 13 reasons why social media is bad.


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