5 Best Offline Dictionary Apps for Android Users (2019 Edition)

A dictionary is always helpful to learn a new language or meaning of any words. In this modern era, you don’t need to carry a large or small size dictionary if you own a Smartphone. With the help of any dictionary app, you can find the meaning of any word from your smartphone. A Dictionary is a must-have app for smartphone users no matter you are a student, teacher, job holder or a parent. It will help to understand the meaning of new words or will help to learn a new language. As it always not possible to stay connected to the internet, so you need to use a dictionary app that works offline. So in this post, we are going to share some Best Offline Dictionary Apps for Android smartphone and tablet users.

It is really hard to find an offline dictionary app with an extensive database. And most of the offline dictionary comes with premium features, or you can only use their trial version in offline. However, we try our best to include some top rated and top downloaded offline dictionaries in this list. Let’s check below and download your desired offline dictionary app now.

Best Offline Dictionary Apps for Android Users (2019 Edition):

  • Dictionary.com
  • Dictionary – Merriam-Webster
  • Dictionary – WordWeb
  • Offline dictionaries by NGHS.fr
  • U-Dictionary: Best English Learning Dictionary

1. Dictionary.com

Best Offline Dictionary Apps for Android

With more than 800K user review and 4.6 out of 5 Rating, the Dictionary.com is one of the leading offline dictionary apps for Android platform. The app comes with several attractive features to learn English with fun. With more than 2,000,000 definitions and synonymy’s, they also have an extensive database. When you install this app on your phone or tablet, this database will also installed completely. So you don’t need an active internet connection to use this dictionary. However, you will also get some cool features while using it online such as Word of the day, articles, blogs, new Grammar rules, etc. Active internet connection also needs if you want to use the voice search and pronunciation options.

The user-friendly interface and built-in search options help to find the meaning of any words easily. Overall, this could be the best choice for newbie users with a broad database.

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2. Dictionary – Merriam-Webster

Best Offline Dictionary Apps for Android

If you search the web for a reliable offline dictionary app for both Android and iOS users, you will find the Dictionary – Merriam-Webster at the top of the list. The app also considered as one of the most used and respected American dictionaries. The app specially designed and optimized for Android users and comes with definitions, synonyms, antonyms, words of the day, words puzzle and much more. If you want to develop English grammar and vocabularies, then this is the best option for you. Vocabulary quizzes and puzzles will help to learn new words every day and memorize them easily. Example of sentences also available to learn to how to make a sentence and use them in context

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3. Dictionary – WordWeb

The Dictionary – WordWeb another top rated and most downloaded offline dictionary app that is completely free for Android users. With thousands of thesaurus with synonyms, sentence examples and text productions this app are perfect for learning British, American and International English. The built-in search option with intelligent word suggestion feature helps to avoid spelling mistake and find any words easily. The app also let bookmark your favourite words and access your recent search history. The new version comes with thousands of new words and definitions. And now the app also supports multi-window features on Android 7 and its updated version.

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4. Offline dictionaries by NGHS.fr

The Offline dictionaries is a simple but most useful dictionary app that you can use without an active internet connection. With a massive database of definitions, synonyms, antonyms and sentence examples, this could be the best option for both newbie and advanced users. The lightweight app also consumes low battery power, and you can install it on external SD card. The built-in text to speech feature can be used with some eBook readers. So you can listen to your favourite eBook while on the move. Another attractive feature of this app is, you can also learn French, German or Spanish language by downloading some additional files.

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5. U-Dictionary: Best English Learning Dictionary


You can use U-Dictionary even if you don’t have internet connection active on your device. With this App you can copy a sentence or word within any app and get instant translation in your language. The built-in search option helps to find words meaning easily and filter them alphabetically. The app also supports voice search and pronunciation to learn new words with proper pronunciation and meaning. With an active internet connection, you can also search on Wikipedia or Google for details meaning of any word.

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Final Words

A dictionary is the best and primary option to learn any language properly. It helps to learn new words, synonyms, and antonyms. So it’s a must-have app for those who want to learn and educated themselves. And hope this list will help you to find the right offline dictionary that you can use without an active internet connection and learn new words every day.

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