You can now save YouTube Shorts melodies to YouTube Music

You can now save YouTube Shorts melodies to YouTube Music

Short-form videos have been ruling over lives since the lockdown. So much, so that video streaming and social media sites are changing their platforms.

YouTube is known for its long-form videos; its YouTube Shorts has done an excellent job incorporating short-form videos on the site.

Taking a step further, YouTube Shorts declared that it would incorporate songs you’ve saved on YouTube or YouTube Music into the video app. You can also save songs that you listen to on Shorts to listen to later.

While watching YouTube Shorts, you can click on the sound button in the bottom right corner. Like TikTok, YouTube Shorts brings you to a page of Shorts that also uses sound. A save icon will also appear on that page, letting you revisit the song later on YouTube or YouTube Music in a default playlist named ‘Sounds from Shorts.’

You can now save YouTube Shorts melodies to YouTube Music

Contrarily, if you hear a song you want to use in a Short later, you can save it to that playlist to access from Shorts.

Chinese company TikTok trended on the short-video platform and ended up on the Billboard 100 chart. This is why YouTube wants to heighten its focus on music and take advantage of what it has that TikTok won’t shortly: entire storage of YouTube videos and a music streaming service. Despite this, TikTok is eyeing a possible streaming service itself.

Shorts tracks to YouTube Music are said to be a server-side update since YouTube (version 17.36.36) and YouTube Music (version 5.23.50).

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