Woman finds about her pregnancy through her Apple Watch

Her clinical tests confirm it.

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A 34-year-old woman on Reddit posted that her Apple Watch detected her pregnancy as she was unaware of the development.

Till now, we have heard about cases where Apple Watch detected abnormal heart rates and oxygen saturation and saved people’s lives. But for the first time, an Apple Watch user is crediting the Watch for detecting pregnancy before a clinical test confirmed it.

Apple Watch users can record information about their Blood Oxygen, Heart rate, and ECG; women can keep track of their menstrual cycle with the Cycle Tracking app – depending on the series they own.

Woman finds about her pregnancy through her Apple Watch
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There are many causes for an increase in heart rate. So, to be sure, the woman took a COVID test, and when that came negative, she also tested for a cold and fever. Everything was normal.

Nonetheless, when she read an online article that stated in early pregnancy, women can record an increase in heart rate. She also stated her diet and routine, revealing that she goes to the gym and follows a good diet. In addition, she is breastfeeding her 18-month-old baby. So, nothing directed her toward the reason for the increased heart rate. Also, she was not getting her periods.

“Normally, my resting heart rate is around 57, and my heart rate went up to 72. Not a huge increase, but the alert shows it’s been up for 15 days I understand why it started. The watch knew I was pregnant before I knew it! would never have taken the test without my watch because I’m not late for my cycle,” she wrote on the platform.

She also suggested that Apple Watch users pay attention to the Watch’s heart rate alerts.

Another woman in the comments section said, “This is what happened to me. My resting heart rate went up by 10-15 BPM.”

Meanwhile, Apple has introduced a body temperature sensor to the Apple Watch Series 8 and Apple Watch Ultra that can assess ovulation retroactively based on temperature variations while the wearers sleep.

Later, the woman updated the Reddit post: “I went to a pregnancy confirmation clinic today and am 4 weeks pregnant (officially by the doctor). The ultrasound couldn’t detect anything yet due to how early I am, so she is bringing me back for a dating scan in 203 weeks but said the EDD is about June 9th, 2023. So, the Watch alerted me, and I took a test trying to figure it out that it basically caught the pregnancy right away!”

She did not mention the Apple Watch series that she owns, but since the genesis of Apple’s wearables, heart rate tracking has been an essential feature, so it’s hard to determine which Apple Watch she owns.

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