What Does the Green Dot mean on Facebook

There are several social media platforms in existence right now. And mostly, all of you reading this are on some of them.

Apart from some features like posting media or status updates, there aren’t many similarities between said platforms.

But, one thing is in common, which indicates the user’s online presence.

The ‘green dot’ on the side of the person’s profile. Yes, that is a feature and an important one at that.

The green dot indicates that the user is online, and it makes it easy for the other person to know whether or not to expect a reply at the exact moment.

This feature is supposed to be easy and understandable. Still, since Facebook separated the Messenger app, it has caused a lot of confusion about what the green dot on Facebook Messenger means.

Many have even asked the difference between ‘active now’ and the green dot.

So in this blog, I will explain what the green dot means on Facebook.

What does the Green Dot mean on Facebook?

As I mentioned in the introduction, most social media apps have a green dot that indicates that the person is online, and a grey dot means they aren’t available for chat.

What Does the Green Dot mean on Facebook ft

WhatsApp has a different way of letting users know how people are online – showing that they are online under the chatted.

Other social media apps such as Snapchat, Clubhouse, Instagram, etc., use the same green button green dot that Facebook uses to show the user’s online presence or offline, for that matter.

Although remember that Facebook and Messenger aren’t treated as the same app even though they belong to one parent company. So, even if you see a green dot on Messenger and Facebook, it does not mean that the person is online on both apps.

When you see a green dot next to a person’s profile picture, it means that the person is currently online on Messenger and is active on the Facebook app.

What Does the Green Dot mean on Facebook

But keep in mind that it necessarily doesn’t mean that the person is using or looking at Facebook Messenger. So if you send a message to someone on Facebook messenger after seeing the green dot, you may not get a reply from that person.

It simply means that the person is surfing through their Facebook feed and is not currently using Facebook Messenger.

So to be sure that a person is online on Facebook, the best way is to click on their profile page and see if the green dot appears next to their profile picture.

The functionality of the green dot

So, how long does the green dot stay on Facebook chat? It will remain green as long as you are active on Facebook and using the app.

Remember that the green dot will vanish when you sign out of Facebook or force quit the app. And it is not running in the background.

So what does the green dot with the time next to Messenger exactly mean? It means how long the person was online, and even if he was online, how much longer he was on the app.

There’s also another meaning of the green dot next to the video icon on the Messenger app. Once you click on a user’s name on Messenger, you can see two green dots; one green dot is next to your profile picture, while the other is next to the video icon.

What Does the Green Dot mean on Facebook

The one you see next to the video icon indicates that the person is available for video chat. So, if you have given Facebook access to your camera and mic, then the green dot next to the video icon will always be switched on whenever you are active on Messenger.

But if you haven’t allowed Facebook access to Mike and the camera, the green dot will only appear to the person’s profile picture and not the video icon.

Remember that if you see the green dot on Messenger, it doesn’t mean that the person is chatting. It isn’t a good indication to know if they are actually on Messenger typing messages.

The simple reason could be that the Facebook app is running in the background or the user forgot to force quit the app or log off from Facebook. So, the green dot will keep displaying even if the person is not online or using the app.


What is the difference between ‘active now’ and the ‘green light’ on Facebook?

‘Active Now’ with a green dot means the user is online and perceptible to their Messenger contacts. But when you refresh Messenger, and you still see ‘Active Now’ without a green dot, it means that the user might have their chat turned off, or you have turned off your chat.

What does a green dot on a Facebook profile mean?

Facebook’s green dot is an online status indicator located at the center of the profile. It means the user is actively online, and a grey crescent moon implies they’re online but idle. An empty grey circle means they’re offline or have turned off chat.

How accurate is the active green dot on Facebook?

The accuracy of the green dot is constantly questioned, thus the confusion and such articles. The indicator isn’t accurate. Many users have noticed that when they don’t force-stop the Facebook App, the profile shows active in the background most of the time. Keep in mind that other apps behave the same way.

How can you tell if someone is on Facebook or Messenger?

If a Facebook friend of yours is online, you will see a green dot or circle on the profile image, indicating that they are active on Messenger.

Can you tell who looks at your profile on Facebook?

No, there is no such feature that lets you track people who view your profile. Also, keep in mind that no third-party apps – even if they claim to – can’t provide this feature. If you come across such an app, please report it as it violates the other users’ privacy.


I hope I’ve answered all your questions regarding the green dot on Facebook.

There is not much to feature than people already know.

But sometimes, those things are confusing, and it is easy to clean them up before some misunderstanding on social media.

Facebook has evolved over the years, but this feature needs an update that is pending.


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