Best Ransomware Decryptor Tools to Unlock Files on Windows

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Ransomware is an emerging type of malware, which helps attackers to lock down a certain part of victim’s computer. There are different types of Ransomware, but the motto of them are almost same. At first, Ransomware attacks Windows computer and then ask for money to unlock victim’s files. You should

Dangers Of Unprotected WiFi​ And Symantec’s Solution

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WiFi Hacking Let’s face it, the Internet can be a terrifying place. Not a day goes by when we don’t hear some horror story about a criminal stealing money from an innocent victim’s online bank account, or an infection running rampant on someone’s unprotected system, leaking their private data to

How to avoid being hacked: 5 Easy steps to protect yourself

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Hacking. We often think of it happening to companies or governments. But it also happens to people being ordinary. Mat Honan is a technology writer who written the Wired magazine whose computer and internet accounts were hacked. “I destroyed 5 of pictures of my daughter, images of her along with