15 Best Retro ROMs for Android in 2022

Play Classic Retro Games On Your Android


Those were the times when every youngster would do anything to get that handheld gaming device to play now so-called old-school classic games.

Although we have a cascade of games with advanced graphics in today’s era, retro gaming still hits differently! 

So if you’re someone who would rather prefer those lovely vintage games instead of the fancy games that we have now, then I am sure you would enjoy our content below. 

Best Retro ROMs for Android

Here in this article, we have specifically curated a collection of ’15 Best Retro ROMs for Android To Play Console Video Games, which I can assure you’ll end up installing. 

1. Retro Game Center

Best Retro ROMs for Android

Indeed, the best app to find classic game ROM files directly on an android smartphone.

Retro Game Center has it all – it lets you search for rom by platform, genre, or keywords. And that’s not it, and you can even filter the search result by rating, release date, or name.

Once you get the ROM file, you need to use the “Link ROM” option to add the file to a game. After that, you can start playing a game of your choice on the go.

Moreover, the game has a referral bonus system, improved rom scan, haptic feedback for touch screen control, Bluetooth gamepad support, and game slider SCD emulation support.

Download Retro Game Center

2. GBA Roms Games Emulator Database

Best Retro ROMs for Android

GBA Roms is yet another exciting emulator app where you can find thousands of ROM sets.

Here, you can easily navigate games based on their genres or use filters in the search engine for specific games.

The filters are based on the release date, the developer, the console the game was initially made for, and that you can find your game of interest within minutes.

The best part about this app is that it saves the game when you exit automatically.

Download GBA Roms Games Emulator Database

3. Classic Games – Arcade Emulator

Best Retro ROMs for Android

An amazing arcade emulator that gives you access to a massive base of classic ROMs – all at one place.

Classic Games is an app where you can find some of the best classic games such as Final Fight, Cadillac, Dino, and various other games from SEGA and Nintendo. 

Here, the games are categorized by genres and consoles, and you can easily filter the ROMs by their release date and the developer’s name. 

And to start a game, you just need to install a new ROM and click on the self-titled button. That’s it, and you should be good to go. 

Download Classic Games

4. Road Rash Retro ROM

Best Retro ROMs for Android

Road Rash was among the best vintage games that was popularly played in the mid-90s.

The game would let users go through a series of motorcycle races, and to enter into higher-difficulty races, you need to win by blocking other racers from winning on the track.

The game was released by Electronics Arts (EA) for Sega Genesis in 1991, and soon after its release, it gained immense popularity among gaming communities.

You’ll have to install the emulator, download the ROM file, and load it into the emulator to play the game.

Download Road Rash ROM

5. Super Mario Advance ROM

Best Retro ROMs for Android

Super Mario is yet another popular retro ROM that takes you to an adventure in a fictional mushroom kingdom.

The game series featured mascot -Mario and was created by Nintendo for NES.

While playing, you’ll have to collect power-up items that come across your way in order to gain special powers and lives.

In order to play this game on your Android phone, you’ll need to install a Gameboy Advance or GBA emulator with the ROM.

Download Super Mario Advance ROM

6. The Legend Of Zelda – A Link to the Past

Best Retro ROMs for Android

Resembling a high fantasy action-adventure game, The Legend of Zelda is created by Nintendo and centred on incarnations of a magical princess named Zelda.

You’ll come across a cascade of puzzles, action, adventures, and battle gameplay within the game series.

Over the years, several refinements in the said features were made; however, most of the elements in the game series still remain the same.

Download The Legend Of Zelda

7. Duck Hunt Retro ROM

Best Retro ROMs for Android

Released in 1984, the Duck Hunt is a light gun shooter video game developed by Nintendo for the Nintendo Entertainment System.

In the game, you need to hunt down the ducks that appear on the screen, and for that, you’ll have to use an NES zapper connected with a CRT television monitor.

The gameplay involves an exciting theme, here you’ll be given three shots for shooting the ducks, and at a time, there will be a couple of ducks that you need to hunt down.

Once you clear that stage, you’ll be promoted to the next level. 

Download Duck Hunt Retro ROM

8. Donkey Kong Country

Best Retro ROMs for Android

Initially released for an arcade gaming machine in 1981, Donkey Kong Country was later revised as a game series containing Donkey Kong ape along with this clan of other apes who will act as protagonists.

The prime stuff of the series involves Donkey Kong’s rivalry with human-like enemies in their native jungle.

The main characteristic of this game series is the cask or hollow cylindrical container, which the apes use as a weapon to attack their enemies.

Download Donkey Kong Country

9. Romsmania

Best Retro ROMs for Android

Romsmania comes equipped with some of the most extensive ROM archives.

Here, you are free to choose the format of the ROMS while installing, and if, in case, you don’t want a particular ROM, you can still load your fave classic game right in the browser by navigating to the ‘Play Online’ section.

To find something specific, you can use such filters as the developer and the release date or sort the games by their popularity.

Visit Romsmania


Best Retro ROMs for Android

GBA GAME is an app where you can load almost all types of ROMs.

The app never fails to impress users with its existing catalog of retro games with a user-friendly interface.

All you need to do is tap on the “load ROM” button to load a game.

Every ROM you load is automatically added to your collection and hence is easy to reach. The best part, you don’t need an Internet connection for the pre-loaded games. 

11. Love ROMs

Another best source for finding android retro ROMs, Loveroms online is one of the best platforms to see some of the most popular classic games from NES, SNES, GBA, NDS, N64, PSP, PSX, and more.

Here, you can find game ROMs like Super Mario World SNES, Mario Kart Super Circuit, classic Pokemon games, Final Fantasy, and the Harry Potter collection within minutes.

Download Love ROMs

12. Easy ROMs

Best Retro ROMs for Android

As the name says, Easy ROM incorporates easy navigation for you to find your fave classic ROM without any hassle.

The website developers make sure that new content is being added to it now and then so that users always have something new to try.

Here, you can find games based on genres and even use extra filters to find something specific. You’ll be redirected to Mega cloud when you click on the install button.

Download Easy ROMs

13. DopeROMs

Best Retro ROMs for Android

DopeROMs is a site that incorporates some of the most well-known ROMs sources.

There are four sections on the main page –  ROMS, Emulators, Arts, and Support.

Once you find a particular game to play, simply press on the install switch, the website will take you to TheOldComputer, where you can install the ROMs easily.

Download DopeROMs

14. Gamulator

Best Retro ROMs for Android

Gamulator is known to be a treasure for all retro games fans – if you’re not able to find a particular retro game on other platforms, chances are you might get it here. 

And not only this platform equips retro games and thematic articles, blogs, and various other fun stuff.

Also, the website conducts open discussions on multiple topics, and anyone can take part in it. 

As for navigation, you can filter the games by platform, release, developer, and genre.

Download Gamulator

15. Emuparadise

Best Retro ROMs for Android

And the last one on our list of ‘best Retro ROMs for Android to play console video games’ is Emuparadise, and it is a hub for downloading classic retro games ROMs online.

Name any old-school game, and Emuparadise will present it to you in moments.

As for the navigation, it’s pretty easy here – all the games come sorted by the date, the platform, and the genre.

Here, you can also find quick links with thematic compilations of ROMs and other stuff.

Download Emuparadise

Wrapping Up!

So that was it for the list of ’15 Best Retro ROMs for Android To Play Console Video Games’; I hope now you know where you can get your fave classic ROMs.  Wait no more, install a game and get back to the good golden days of games you’d always cherish. 

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