10 Amazing PC Games That are Available for Android

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PC games have a massive following among masses, be it excellent game play mechanics or the thrilling story line, they have stretched so far in terms of performance.

However, not everyone can afford to buy PC games and therefore for every other enthusiast out there who wants to use their skill sets in achieving and conquering more, we’ve piled up a list of 10 amazing PC games that are available for Android. Yes, you read it right, FOR ANDROID! So, why waste any further time, let’s explore them right away. 

PC Games That are Available for Android

All the below listed games will take you to a whole new adventure, so get ready to play some of the most popular PC games on your Android device itself. 


PC Games That are Available for Android

PUBG’s popularity has no bounds, ever since its launch, its users have surged to an unpredictable number. It is the only game that allows amateurs to play the survival game mode. 

What makes this game even more interesting is that it provides users with the tools and lets them apply their own strategies to conquer. Further, you get battle points, experience points and rating points every time you play this game.

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2. Fortnite

Fortnite is another action hybrid available for Android that hands you with exciting challenges to discover new skills. Every build will take you one step higher to victory. The amazing characters that come with their own special abilities are fun to play with. You’ll be introduced with a new set of challenges every week, on completing them, you will earn XP which can help level up your tiers. 

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3. COD

PC Games That are Available for Android

COD is the most astonishing game that comes with photo realistic cinematic sequences and detailed in-game environments such as the desert towns, the city streets, the remote villas. Here, you’ll take control of SAS and CIA operatives as you aid rebel forces in the fictitious country of Urzikstan. You can even fight with your friends in a range of team-based pursuits when in the multiplayer section of the game.

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4. Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas

PC Games That are Available for Android

The game outlines a linear story that takes you through the different areas of San Andreas. The missions here are quite similar to previous games in the series. While you drive around, you’ll pull off a daring casino heist, steal some wicked military hardware, look after plenty of Mafia bozos and much more. Also, a higher respect rating lets you recruit more gang members who will ultimately follow you around and shoot at rival gangs.

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5. Minecraft

Minecraft, the most incredible video game of all time, assigns you a task of building a community of yours. As you move forward in the game, dead-eyed zombies, skeletons and camouflaged creepers will rise and try to destroy you. After a limited set of playing, you’ll eventually learn to build structures from the materials around. You can build your own castle, laminate the floor of your home, build a bathtub as you look for ways to survive.

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6. Super Mario Run

Super Mario Run is an automatic runner with simple touch controls that aims to collect coins and pass all the hurdles that come across to reach the next level. Unlike its controls, the challenges are difficult to master. You can repeat the challenges to perform better, however, you can’t Mario’s constant forward movement. It is basically a fun addictive game that continuously urges you to reach that finish line.

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7. XCOM: Enemy Within

PC Games That are Available for Android

XCOM: Enemy Unknown will take you to a thrilling adventure where you’ll be saving humanity from alien invaders, completing missions, and much more. On your adventure, you’ll first encounter seekers, stealthy assassins that are invisible until they wrap one of your soldiers in a suffocating death grip, however, they would be of no threat once you get laser weapons. Moreover, the new additions to the game are incredibly cool. 

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8. Hearthstone

PC Games That are Available for Android

Hearthstone is a strategy game that comes with simple mechanics and gets you fuelled with a tutorial before you begin playing this game. Spells fizz with colourful effects makes this game even more satisfying. You also play with minions onto the board which shakes violently when you dome the enemy player with a giant one. You can earn around 150 gold a day from your daily quests, grinding Ladder and even arena.

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9. Among Us

Among Us, an astronaut based online game observed a massive surge in its popularity early this September. The rules of the game are rather simple, you’ll be either crewmate or the lone imposter. If an imposter, your job will be to pretend to do the assigned daily tasks in the game while secretly killing off each crewmate one by one. If you’re a crewmate, you can call an emergency meeting to have a group chat if you discover a dead body. 

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10. Star Wars™: KOTOR

PC Games That are Available for Android

Star Wars™: KOTOR is a game where the adventure is set years before the events of the movies. You begin the game as a soldier who happens to be strong with The Force and while playing, you’ll be basically developing your skills as a Jedi, thereby making decisions that will affect your leanings to the Dark Side or the Light Side of the force and determine your game’s story path. 

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Which PC games are available for Android?

Apart from the one that are mentioned in this article, you can play Carmageddon, Max Payne Mobile, Dragon’s Lair, The 7th Guest on Android. 

What is the most played game right now?

CrossFire is the most played game right now according to wikipedia.  


So this was all about 10 Amazing PC Games That are Available for Android that you can play right now. All the missions in these games are intricately detailed, you’ll feel like in a real world (All thanks to visually stunning graphics). Choose a game and start playing it immediately as there’s a whole lot of depth to it once you start playing.

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