Paytm unveils its Mini App store to counter Google’s 30% levy on transactions

Patym Mini Apps

Indian e-commerce payment system Paytm has launched a Mini App store in the wake of its fallout with Google over its draconian policy that requires developers to pay a 30% levy on all the transactions. Google had temporarily banned Paytm on September 18, citing security concerns.

Patym Mini Apps

Last week, many sources reported that Paytm’s Vijay Shekhar Sharma and Razorpay’s Harshil Mathur and some 50 developers discussed a possibility of a different app store that won’t levy transaction charges.

The new app store will provide listing and distribution services to the ‘mini-apps’ in the Paytm app without levying any charges. This move might entice other apps to embrace Paytm’s Mini App store since they are too friction with Google for its payment policies.

Paytm said, “Mini Apps are custom-built Mobile Web apps based on open source technologies such as HTML and Javascript, offering a seamless app-like experience to your customers.”

The company also added that Ola, Domino’s Pizza, NoBroker, 1MG, Decathlon, etc. are now a part of its Mini App store.

This move also focuses on Apple’s App Store, which was in the news for banning Fortnite over the charges levied on them. The game was also removed from the Google Play Store soon.

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