Google launches its first-ever Pixel Watch

The wearable is made of 80% recycled stainless steel.

Google launches its first-ever Pixel Watch

The ‘Made by Google’ event began with the introduction of the Pixel Watch, which was rumored for quite a while.

The Pixel Watch is circular dome-style and has an Apple Watch-like tactile crown to navigate through the interface. There’s a side button and a proprietary band that can be swapped out for different styles.

Google states that the dome-style design hides the bezels and is comfortable to wear as they won’t get into shirts and sleeves.

As for the band, there are no external lugs like the Apple Watch, and they attach internally as a camera lens attached to a camera’s body. This hardware feature makes swapping bands easier, according to Google.

Google launches its first-ever Pixel Watch


The Pixel Watch comes in three finishes inspired by jewelry: Black, Silver, and Gold, and it has dozens of customizable watch faces which can display information as its wearer requires.

There’s also an Analog watch face with minimal notifications.

Google says that the Pixel Watch can be customized in thousands of ways, and this is a part of the Pixel Portfolio approach for colors.

As for the colors, the watch will have a different spectrum of shades unique to other products: Hazel Hue and Lemon Grass tones stand out.


As for basic features, The Pixel Watch supports Bluetooth calling.

The Pixel Watch also offers the most accurate heart rate tracker; similar to Apple Watch, it also has fall detection.

Google will follow net-zero emissions, which means there will be a change in the packaging, the manufacturing process, and more. Moreover, all the products are made from recycled material.

The new wearable will come with an improved version of Wear OS 3 and will include Google apps like Google Maps, Google Assistant, Google Wallet, and Google Home, the report said. Google Pixel Watch users can also download third-party apps like Spotify and Strava on the watch itself.


Google Pixel Watch is priced at $349 for the Bluetooth variant and $399 for the LTE variant. It is available to pre-order in select countries starting today – October 6.

Pixel Watch is the first of many devices from Google’s ‘Pixel Portfolio.’

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