MacBook Keyboard Shortcuts – List of Useful Mac Shortcuts

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Keyboard shortcuts are a great productivity tool that helps you swiftly get tasks done. Once you know all the shortcuts that would be useful for your everyday work life, you could save plenty of time and get more work done.

They might seem daunting at first, but you will get used to them. The list extends further than copy and paste functions. So, ensure you note down the ones that might be handy for your everyday workspace.

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MacBook Keyboard Shortcuts – List of Useful Mac Shortcuts

  1. Escape – Cancel a previous command, get out of a webpage that can’t load
  2. Command+W – Close the active window
  3. Option+Command+W – Close all active apps
  4. Comma(,) – Open an app’s preferences
  5. Command+F – Find words in a webpage or document
  6. Command+M – Use this in a combination to minimize the front app window to Dock
  7. Command and Option – Open Desktop
  8. Command+Space – Open Spotlight and type your query
  9. Command+L – Search in Safari, selects the address bar
  10. Command+Tab – Switch applications.
  11. Command+Option+D – Show or hide the Dock from most apps.
  12. Fn+Left arrow – Jump to the bottom of a webpage
  13. Command+left/right arrows – Go back (left) or forward (right) in a browser window
  14. Command+Shift+\ – See all your tabs in the Safari window
  15. Option+Shift+Volume Up/down– Increase and decrease volume
  16. Fn twice – Launch Dictation
  17. Option-Brightness Up/down) – Launch Display preferences
  18. Command+Backtick ` – Move between open windows
  19. Control+Command+Space – Launch Character Viewer to insert symbols and emojis
  20. Command+P – Launch Print dialog
  21. Option+Command+Esc – Force quit an app
  22. Command+Control+Q – Lock your Mac
  23. Shift+Command+6 – Click an image of what is on the Touch Bar
  24. Command+I: Open new email message with content
  25. Spacebar – Move your window down one screen
  26. Shift+Spacebar – To move your window up one screen
  27. Command+Shift+T – Open last-closed tab
  28. Command+Y – Open or close the History window
  29. Shift+Control+Power button – Put all your displays to sleep
  30. Command+Bracket [/] – Move to previous folder ([) or the next folder (])
  31. Command+Shift+V – Paste and match formatting style
  32. Command+Shift+3 – Swiftly take a screenshot
  33. Command+Shift+Control+3 – Save the screenshot to the clipboard
  34. Command+H – Hide windows of the currently running apps
  35. Command+Arrow – Acts as a cursor to move across different parts of a document
  36. Control+D – Delete key
  37. Command+A – Select all items
  38. Command+Option + A – Deselect all items
  39. Command+I – Gain a file’s information
  40. Option+Double-click – Open folder in a new window
  41. Command+Delete – Move items to trash
  42. Command+Control+D – Highlight a word
  43. Control+Option+Command+Power button/Eject key – Quit all applications at once
  44. Command+Control+F – Open a current application/window in full screen
  45. Command+K – Quick connect to an external file server or a local intranet
  46. Option+Drag file – Duplicate a file in the Finder
  47. Shift+Command+S – Open the Save As dialog
  48. Shift+Command+? – Open the Help menu in an app


These are some of the useful Mac shortcuts that will shorten your work tasks. These shortcuts are godsent and will save your valuable office time so that you can catch that train on time.

Apart from the basic copy and paste shortcuts, many other useful shortcuts will make you a keyboard doyen. You can make a list of shortcuts that apply to your work and paste it on your desk.

Which of the aforementioned shortcuts do you often use? Any shortcuts that I might have missed? Tell us in the comments below.

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