John Wick posters generated by AI are blowing people’s minds

These posters push the John Wick universe into a dark world.

John Wick posters generated by AI are blowing people's minds

Artificial Intelligence is extremely powerful, and we are getting glimpses of that. They can test artistic concepts, speed up workflows for creating film scenes, and put John Wick into every film ever made.

There was a time when deepfake makers used AI to put Nicolas Cage into scenes from dozens of unlikely movies. It is now Keanu Reeves’ era, and people are placing his retired hitman John Wick into every film, from Pixar posters to Ghostbusters.

The artist, BossLogic, says he typed ‘John Wick Pixar Poster’ into the DALL-E 2 to get the image below, and it does look like a Pixar poster – the most violent Pixar movie ever made, though. The faces are also relatively scary, as the one poster where Wick’s left eye is melting. Pixar also seems to have brought John Wick’s puppy Daisy back from the grave.

BossLogic also posted a fascinating poster on Twitter that takes John Wick’s charisma to the next level. He further explains that when he typed “John Wick Pixar poster” into the AI DALLE 2, the consequent poster must be seen to be believed.

John Wick isn’t the first adult film to be re-imagined in a Pixar style; Alien and Breaking Bad got the Pixar treatment from fans. The trend speaks to the innate humor in taking something dark and gritty and turning it into the opposite, which provides an amusing contrast and allows fans to imagine a happier world for beloved characters.

AI art generators strive to enhance and develop even more scary abilities. Users can now use DALL-E 2 to edit human faces, while the new DALL-E 2 outpainting feature lets users expand the canvas of their existing art.

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