AI image generator DALL-E can edit people’s faces

The firm recognizes the potential of harm from deepfakes.

AI image generator DALL-E can edit people's faces

OpenAI, the company behind AI image generator DALL-E, has revealed that it will allow users to edit photos that include human faces.

Earlier, users weren’t permitted to produce images with naturalistic faces for suspicion of mishandling, such as producing deepfakes.

The feature will also let users edit images in several different ways. For instance, they can upload a picture of someone, render variations of the picture, and edit specific features like modifying someone’s hairstyle, clothing, or facial hair.

AI image generator DALL-E can edit people's faces
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“Many of you have told us that you miss using DALL-E to dream up outfits and hairstyles on yourselves and edit the backgrounds of family photos. A reconstructive surgeon told us that he’d been using DALL-E to help his patients visualize results. And filmmakers have told us that they want to be able to edit images of scenes with people to help speed up their creative processes,” OpenAI says in a statement.

“We made our filters more robust at rejecting attempts to generate sexual, political, and violent content — while also working to reduce false flags — and built new detection and response techniques to stop misuse,” OpenAI adds.

Stable Diffusion is being used to develop pornographic deepfakes of celebrities.

It is worth mentioning that the DALL-E content policy still discourages users from uploading images of people who have not given their content or images that the user does not have the right to. Nevertheless, it is ambiguous how DALL-E will implement its rule.

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