111+ io Games List: 10 Best io Games to Play Online in 2022

Play these io games when you are feeling bored

Best io Games list

The gaming world is saturating with every passing year, and the classic, browser-based casual games are taking the gaming industry by storm again.

Think of the eminent days of Agar.io and Slither.io – they dominated the gaming industry with their unique playing style and were even said to be making $100,000 per day (Well, that sounds really exciting!)

The instant connection to these games was mainly due to the simple graphics and player vs. player mechanics they equipped. As long as new trends like Zombs.io and Spinz.io keep coming, io games’ popularity will remain intact for long years. 

The domain’s multiplayer foundations, ease of access, and fascinating mechanics make this genre exceptional! 

On that note, let us take a quick glance at some of the most innovative and fun io games available. 

What are io games?

So what exactly are io games? The answer to this is not straightforward, but that can’t stop you from playing this fun-addicting gameplay genre. 

In simple terms, the .io originates from the British Indian Ocean territory and represents browser-based games that provide a relatively friendly environment to play. The best part – they are completely free to play. But better not get used to them – they are highly addictive!

So basically, .io is a country code top-level domain for the British Indian Ocean, just like Germany’s .de or Japan’s .jp. In fact, some tech startups find the io domain so fascinating that they are already leaning on it entirely. 

Best io Games list to Play Online

The io games can easily be found on multiple sites for free, and because there’s no scarcity of these games online, one may find it difficult to get their hands on the best ones.

So for you, we have aggregated a list of 10 Best io Games that you would want to play more and more!

1. Agar.io

io Games List, Best io Games

Agar.io is the most popular of all io games. In this game, you’ll be different cells, trying to grow more cells in a petri dish. Doing so will require you to acquire a gelatinous substance ‘’agar’’ which is also a very popular biological culture media (a lil’ extra info for all you non-science individuals!) There are multiplayer modes that you can indulge in, and go on to improve your cells via agar with other players. 

You can even split cells in half and give you two individual cells to control. Each cell can then be split up to four times, allowing you to escape death when the opponent is a giant enemy.

2. Slither.ioio Games List, Best io Games

Slither.io reminds us of the classic mobile game ‘Snake’ – it’s the same concept with a little tinge of Agar.io. in it. 

The gameplay will put you in the body of a snake while you consume the nearby pellets – it becomes addictive with time. The strategy here is not the same as Agar.io, as you won’t get the split cells mechanism to get out of difficult scenarios. Instead, you’ll be given access to a temporary boost, but this won’t save you if your opponent has already engulfed you.

The game is highly addictive; your five-minute planning will become an hour of gaming without you even realizing it. 

3. Wings.ioio Games List, Best io Games

Another exciting io game on our list of best 10 Best io Games to Play Online is Wings.io. In the gameplay, you’ll be transformed into a pilot control bay and attack the enemies as directed on the map.

All your opponents will begin their mission from the same location as yours and will shoot for the same goal, which is the top spot on the leaderboard.

Pick as many as ten different weapons along your way to defeating your opponents and lead the top of the board. So complete your objective and take down all who come your way and prove that you truly are a fighter pilot!

4. Gats.io

io Games List, Best io Games

Gats.io is an arena-based shooter game where you’ll need to attack and defeat other players. The points you gain from defeating others will let you unlock special perks and abilities – there are around 21,600 unique perk load-outs to choose from. All your stats will automatically be recorded at stats.gats.io.

The game supports a maximum of 64 players each, where the map area’s size will increase and decrease on its own depending on the number of people on the server. 

There are also out-of-bounds areas that come coated with dangerous fog, which will let you survive in the fog only for a short while.

5. Diep.io

io Games List, Best io Games

Diep.io is developed by Matheus Valadares, the creator of Agar.io, and you can expect great gameplay from it. Taking place in a 2D arena, Diep.io is a tank game where each player controls a tank.

The tank is initially capable of firing only one missile at a time. By destroying polygon objects and enemy tanks, you can level up your vehicles and make them move faster and harder.

After destroying powerful enemy tanks, you’ll be rewarded with many experience points. There are around eight multiplayer modes, including several team-based modes (the most popular of all).

6. 2048.io

io Games List, Best io Games

I am sure you’re aware of this particular game. 2048.io is an amazing sliding block puzzle game where your goal is to move numbered tiles on the board in a way that you end up creating a 2048 tile.

When you make two tiles touch the same number, they merge and develop into a new greater tile displaying their sum. You’ll have to use the four arrow keys or swipe to move tiles to do this.

On every move you make, you’ll see a new tile appearing with a value of 2 or 4 in the empty spot on the board.


io Games List, Best io Games

Flappy Bird, remember that mobile smash hit challenge game?  FLAPPYROYALE.IO equips the same gaming mechanism but with a new type of experience.

The developers of Flappy Royale.io, Orta Therox, and Em Lazer-Walker have modernized the concept a bit for good. 

Here, you compete against 99 other flappers and make your way through as many green pipes as you can. Bumping on any of those pipes will fail you to survive. 

Staying alive for more than five seconds in this game will increase your chances of winning, mostly because most of the players can’t survive beyond the first two pipes.

8. squid-game.io

io Games List, Best io Games

For all those who love the Action game series, you’ll enjoy squid-game.io for sure. 

It is a fun-filled adventure game where you’ll have to move with agility through the field and collect gems. Here, you’ll have to collect the diamonds appearing on the screen.

Collecting them will make your character bigger. It is filled with colorful diamonds, so this game is often called a colorful game. If you collide with other players or the border of the tracking area, you will lose that particular round. 

9. Zombs.io

io Games List, Best io Games

Zombs.io is an epic fight game where you dive into an exciting adventure for survival! In this game, you’ll need to protect your gold stash by building a base where you can cope with the undead.

You can collect all the resources that you’ll need while building the base. Resources like wood and stone will be made available, and aside from working, you’ll have to make sure that you build the base fast and only while the sun is still shining. Because once it’s dark, the zombies will get hungry and inevitably search for food. 

10. Skribbl.io

io Games List, Best io Games

Skribbl.io is a fun online game where you’ll have to earn points by either letting people guess what you draw or guessing what others have drawn. And the fun part is you’ll be drawing with a mouse or trackpad, which sometimes leads to terrible drawing, but that’s the real joy!

Here, you’ll be given three words to choose from and be mindful of what you select as the drawing turn is the only round where your chances of collecting a large number of coins are higher. 

Best io Games List 

io games are growing in popularity, and so are their numbers. Their casual gameplay nature makes people want more of them, and it would not be wrong to label io games as an exciting, evolving gaming genre. 

Currently, around a few hundred io games have successfully appealed to the modern gaming community and amassed millions of people into gameplay territory. But here we are going to acquaint you with some of the exceptionally famous io games. Here, let’s have a look!

111+ Popular io Games List

  1. Agar.io
  2. Slither.io
  3. Gats.io
  4. Brutal.io
  5. Paper.io 2
  6. Warbot.io 
  7. Zombs.io
  8. Wings.io
  9. Hole.io
  10. Krunker.io
  11. Skribbl.io
  12. Mope.io
  13. Lordz.io
  14. Deeeep.io
  15. Raid.Land
  16. Krunker.io
  17. Skribbl.io
  18. Little Big Snake
  19. Shapez.io
  20. Litemint.io
  21. Shell Shockers
  22. Crowded City.io
  23. Superhex.io
  24. Stabfish.io
  25. Moomoo.io
  26. Brutal.io
  27. Evowars.io
  28. Bois.io
  29. Surviv.io
  30. Mope.io
  31. Craftnite.io
  32. Zombsroyale.io
  33. Snowball.io
  34. Flyordie.io
  35. Starblast.io
  36. Antwar.io
  37. Starve.io
  38. Boxz.io
  39. Lordz2.io
  40. Killer.io
  41. Brutalmania.io
  42. War brokers
  43. Ducklings
  44. Minigiants.io
  45. Tyran.io
  46. Devast.io
  47. Braains.io
  48. Castlesiege.io
  49. Smash karts
  50. Creatur.io
  51. Buildroyale.io
  52. Squadd.io
  53. Krew.io
  54. Shootup.io
  55. Rugby.io
  56. Defly.io
  57. Sea Ride
  58. Bigmonsterz.io
  59. Ninja.io
  60. Aquapark.io
  61. Oceanar.io
  62. Kugeln.io
  63. Warscrap.io
  64. Gunzer.io
  65. Black Hole.io
  66. Snow War.io
  67. Robostorm.io
  68. Nightpoint.io
  69. Swordz.io
  70. Tanksmith.io
  71. Hordes.io
  72. Yorg.io
  73. Blocktanks.io
  74. Foes.io
  75. Noob.io
  76. Drednot.io
  77. Raaaaft.io
  78. Gats.io
  79. Poweline.io
  80. Wormszone.io
  81. Seadragons.io
  82. Junon.io
  83. Trapz.io
  84. Crazysteve.io
  85. Magicbombs.io
  86. Wanderers.io
  87. Stolk.io
  88. Copter.io
  89. Doblons.io
  90. Relmz.io
  91. Doomz.io
  92. Dynast.io
  93. Throwz.io
  94. Witz.io
  95. Spaceguard.io
  96. Gunbox.io
  97. Tileman.io
  98. Slush.io
  99. Traitors.io
  100. Germs.io
  101. Drawar.io
  102. Doomed.io
  103. Blastarena.io
  104. Hexar.io
  105. Gulper.io
  106. Fightz.io
  107. Aquar.io
  108. Kize.io
  109. Boas.io
  110. Gifthunter2.io
  111. Tricksplit.io
  112. Limax.io
  113. Battlefields.io
  114. Tetrads.io
  115. Bruh.io
  116. Wilds.io
  117. Gallons.io
  118. Speedboats.io


What was the first .IO game?

Agar.io, developed in 2015 by Matheus Valadares, was the first .io game. It was released on the internet forum 4chan and instantly became successful. 

What is Krunker Io rated?

Krunker .io’s self-awarded age rating is 8 years old. It’s online “Information for Parents” states, “Your child should always be honest about his age.” 

Do Io games cause viruses?

The desktop version of the Slither IO game might be dangerous and contain suspicious files. You’ll end up with spyware on your system if you install the wrong one, so check your file properly before you install it. 

What is the highest score ever on Slither io?

The highest score ever on Slither io is 370,232.


This is what we consider to be the best of the available io games. I hope you found our list of all popular io games interesting. Which one of the above-mentioned io games will you play on your device? Are there other io games you would like us to incorporate into the list? Let us know in the comment section below. 

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