15 Cool Games Similar to Agario that You can Play

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Whenever we hear someone talk about .io games, the first one that comes to our mind is undoubtedly Agar.io. It gained popularity instantly due to its ability to provide users with exceptional mechanisms, minimalist graphics, and of course the multiplayer component. Well, is Agar.io the only one to offer this? The answer to this will be an absolute NO. With the advent of modernized technology, it has now become possible for several platforms to create games similar to Agar.io. What makes these games even more interesting is the fact that you don’t have to download any proprietary software or programs and that they are free to play.

Games Similar to Agario

Down below are 15 Cool Games Similar to Agario that you would definitely like to play. Let’s take a quick look at them.

1. Slither.io

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Slither.io is an amazing game where every user is active on the same canvas and the scores are basically based on the length of the snake which keeps on increasing as the snake eats up the colorful dots on the screen. You can easily control the snake’s movement through touch-based gestures. There’s also a map that will help keep track of your position. The background of the game is kinda cool as it looks like snakeskin and thereby represents the ambiance of a dark underground world.

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2. Gota.io


Here, you’ll have to eat the cells that are smaller than you in order to increase your size. The game starts by moving around the map and collecting the various colored cells that are scattered on the ground. What makes this game even more exciting is its ability to divide cells into smaller portions so that you can navigate with ease. You can even dispel other cells by just pressing the W key. Moreover, use the spacebar to split your cells into smaller ones and collect cells from a wider area. 

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3. Spinz.io

Games Similar to Agario

The game involves a very simple function where you’ll have to pick up dots to spin faster and collide with other spinners to take their dots. There are strategies available that can help you get started. One of them is the RPM trick where you’ll have to go to a corner or stop moving and make sure that you’re at a place where enemies won’t find you, then sprint while standing still and you’ll get faster by doing nothing. However, this trick requires the use of lots of balls and therefore should be used only when you have enough of them.

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4. Pie.ai

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Pie.ai is a fun game where you’ll eat pies and fight with your opponents. Simply jump straight into the action to eat pies and unlock skill points to increase your power. Well, that’s not the only thing to do as there are AI drones who are after you and will drop cherry bombs relentlessly. You can eat a healing pie and You can also directly jump in the hole to regenerate energy by eating the healing pie. Also, make sure that you don’t stay at low energy for too long, or else you will become easy prey for other players.

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5. Zorb.io

Games Similar to Agario

In Zorb.io, you’ll have control over your own planet so that you can destroy everything else that comes in your way. It’s basically a universe where every space body has its own will and moves throughout the open space. To be precise, the main goal of yours in this game will be to destroy others and become more powerful. Over here, you can grow your size in 2 ways, either by consuming all the edibles that are scattered in the endless space or by destroying other planets throughout the empty space.

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6. Diep.io

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Well, this one is quite similar to Agar.io, the gameplay involves upgrading the tank, shooting down other players and reaching the top of the leaderboard. All you’ve to do is destroy blocks and other players to gain XP,  level up your tank, and unlock new classes, weapons, and abilities. You can even choose from a variety of tank classes including machine guns, guided missiles, and cannons in every direction. It is indeed an easy game but challenging to master. Moreover, you can simply take control of Dominators in Domination mode by just pressing the H key.

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7. Lordz2.io

Lord2 scaled

Lord2.io is an amazing game that puts you in charge of a fantasy army where you test your strategy and tactics, gather gold, and expand your forces as you conquer your foes. You can choose your battles on the map from 1 vs 1 and up to 15 players worldwide and conquer the world of Lordz by invading new territories on the map. Assemble a whole new army by using the Formation feature and place your units where you want inside your army to maximize efficiency. Moreover, you can farm gems to purchase new skins and heroes.

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8. Curvefever.io

Games Similar to Agario

Curvefever.io is a fun snake game where you play against 1 to 5 other players in an online arena and try to survive the longest by avoiding lines and using powers to steal points from your opponents. The main goal is basically to survive the longest by not hitting the curves left behind by ships or the borders of the arena. Also, make sure that you protect yourself from attacks and traps that could rather steal your hard-earned points. Moreover, you can steer your ship with the left and right arrows or by pressing the A and D keys.

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9. Limax.io

Limax.io is similar to Slither.io in many ways but instead of growing longer, you grow fatter. All you’ve to do is click to accelerate and kill others and also eat them to grow into the fattest snake. The best part about this game is that it has its own library through which players can get to know about different components of the game. You can even play this game without any registration but your scores and account won’t be saved. All in all, it’s an exciting game and is worth playing. 

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10. Hole.io

Hole scaled

As the name says, Hole.io is a game where your main objective will be to create a bigger black hole as then only you would be able to consume more things. Basically, you’ll be controlling the direction of a black hole and consuming as many things as possible while moving around. The player with the biggest black hole wins in the end. However, be careful of other players as if they have a bigger hole, they can consume your hole. Moreover, there are three game modes- Classic, Battle, and Solo fun.

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11. Mitosis

Mitosis scaled

In this game, you’ll be a cell who is wandering around and looking for smaller cells to absorb and grow. Larger cells on the other hand are seeking smaller cells like you to absorb. What you can do is split yourself to increase your speed but this will in return increase the risk of being eaten. There are four Game Modes – Free to Play, Random Team, Capture The Flag, and Guilds War. You can use viruses to hide or hit others and even expel mass to decrease in size.

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12. Nebulous.io

Games Similar to Agario

Nebulous.io has similar gameplay as agario. Over here, you’ll have to grow your blobs by collecting dots that will be placed throughout the game. Simply avoid bigger players attempting to do the same and compete with other players to become the biggest blob. You can seek refuge from large players inside black holes if you are small. Moreover, you can eject mass into a black hole to move it and after a certain period of time, your blobs will recombine.

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13. Snake.io

Snake.io is a small worm who tries to get bigger by eating through each level. You’ll have to worm your way through fields of food in order to beat other players’ scores. There’s also an online leaderboard where you can see if your snake can beat the rest. The best part about this game is that you can challenge your friends to beat your high score. If you want, you can battle with the boss snake too.

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14. Minigiants.io

MiniGiants.io is an amazing IO action battle arena deathmatch game where tiny warriors, mighty mages, and giant beasts live. You’ll fight hordes of opponents in the free for all, never stopping matches. All you have to do is slain enemies, collect magic chests, gold, and mighty magic items to become the undefeated king of the arena. There are several unique characters equipped within this game and you’ll love playing with them.

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15. Osmos

Osmos is elegant, physics-based gameplay that comes equipped with dreamlike visuals, and a minimalist, electronic soundtrack. Your aim will be to grow by absorbing other motes and propel yourself by ejecting matter behind you. It is a great game where you’ll progress from serenely ambient levels into varied and challenging worlds. You can also Confront attractors, repulsors, and intelligent motes with similar abilities to help you conquer each level.

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What is the most popular.IO game?

Slither.io is one of the most popular.IO games.

Is slither io a worm or a snake?

They are basically referred to as snakes and even the official Slither.io Twitter account has referred to the creatures in the game as snakes. 


So this was all out games like Agario that not only comes with the same gameplay as Agario but also equips some of the great mechanics which are indeed hard to ignore. The best part about them is that you can play these games online with players from all across the globe. 

Which of the above mentioned .io games are you going to play? Have we missed out on your favorite .io game? Let us know in the comment section below. 


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