7 Best Video Editing Apps For Android Without Watermark 2022

Best Video Editing Apps For Android Without Watermark

As many of us are sitting home waiting for new content, cinema-making has never been the need of the hour.

With it, comes many job requirements, video editors being one of them.

It’s one of the most demanded skills of the 21st century. Consuming content is no longer restricted to going to theatres or even streaming the latest series on a streaming service.

Instagram Reels, YouTube Shorts, TikTok, etc. too require charismatic video editing to make the package more appealing.

Our smartphones have become capable enough to edit such videos.

As the engagement in videos has increased, so have the apps that claim to be better than their competitors.

A quick Google Play Store for ‘video editors’ will bring up several video editing apps on your screen.

It might get confusing for those not in the know of well-known apps.

Especially apps that claim to be ‘free,’ but charge a hefty amount for removing ads or watermarks.

Speaking of watermarks, they are a pain in the neck. Professional videos have no place for them. So, apps often make you pay monthly or annually to get rid of those.

For this article, my focus will the 7 best video editing apps for Android users which don’t have shoddy-looking watermarks at the top or bottom corner.

Let’s take a look at them.

Best Video Editing Apps For Android Without Watermark

The following apps aren’t completely free! Some may ask you to buy a subscription or watch ads for a free watermark. Whichever option you might choose, you won’t regret giving time to these apps.

1. VN Video Editor Maker VlogNow

Best Video Editing Apps For Android - Without Watermark

VN Video Editor might be an unheard name, but it’s hands-down one of the best free video editing applications for Android users.

Let’s get it out of the way – there’s no watermark, and you don’t have to watch ads or pay for a premium plan.

You can export the video without said pesky ads. Inserts sigh-of-relief.

VN Video Editor has a straightforward approach that is feature-packed. Its intuitive and clean user interface is the cherry on top of the cake.

The advanced tools include multi-track editing, video effects, curve shifting, filters, background enhancement, etc.

This app is an easy pick.

Key Highlights:

  • Supports multiple videos & soundtracks.
  • Change fonts, color, size of subtitles, Key frame animation & Mask.
  • Zoom in/out the timeline.

Download VN Video Editor

2. Video Editor & Maker – InShot

Best Video Editing Apps For Android - Without Watermark

Wrap a basic shot into a perfect one with InShot. Produce clean videos, be it for social media or YouTube.

With various filters, effects, overlays, and advanced options, InShot rightfully deserves a second spot on this list.

The interface is uncomplicated, which is a great start for a video editing application.

Since it’s a basic video editor, those looking for advanced features should keep scrolling.

As for the features it boasts about, there’s a handy function that lets you extract music from video clips, record voice-over in the app, and a repository of royalty-free music from the app itself.

Add to that 50+ transitions, but you better choose 2-3 for a professional package.

Its equal appeal for beginners and veterans makes this app an easy recommendation.

Key Highlights:

  • Extracting music from videos.
  • Merge multiple clips, combine & merge.
  • 55+ video transitions such as fade in/out, Glitch, Light, etc.

Download InShot

3. KineMaster – Video Editor

Best Video Editing Apps For Android - Without Watermark

Be it on a smartphone, tablet, or Chromebook, KineMaster is the master of all trades, hence it ranks third on this list.

It’s incredibly easy to use, which is its main selling point.

This video editing app is loaded with tools that will blow your mind and make for a great-looking video,

KineMaster is a full-featured video editor that lets you do the basic editing with ease, but adds keyframe animation tools, blending modes, and speed control.

That’s half the main features of Adobe Premiere Pro! Social media stars can directly share the recently edited videos to any platform.

If you opt for the KineMaster Premium, you can export the videos in 4K and remove the watermark.

Premium mode also makes way for professional tool presets along with the KineMaster asset store. Try out the free trial to see if the app can become a part of your creative workflow.

Key Highlights:

  • Chroma key compositing.
  • 2,500+ downloadable transitions.
  • Reversing, speeding up videos, adding slow-motion, and applying blending modes.

Download KineMaster

4. ActionDirector – Video Editor

Best Video Editing Apps For Android - Without Watermark

ActionDirector is a well-known video editing app, especially on the Android side of the world.

The, which has been a recipient of Play Store’s Editor’s Choice, is an advanced video editor, so you are free to test your editing skills on it.

ActionDirector is completely free, but to use it without a watermark, you’ll have to opt for a premium plan. Yes, that’s the world we live in.

But, you’ll get what you’ll be paying for.

There’s a simple workaround to avoid subscribing to a premium plan. When you tap on the ‘cross’ to get rid of the watermark, you’ll see a prompt to opt for the premium plan.

Now, close the dialog. The app will ask if you want to watch an ad to remove the watermark. So, click on the box and watch an ad for a few seconds.

That’s a steal for the features you are getting for free.

ActionDirector lives up to its name – giving great action to videos and your skills.

Key Highlights:

  • Slow motion and fast motion control.
  • Add text, titles, animated stickers, & video effects.
  • Supports Ultra HD 4K video editing

Download ActionDirector

5. PowerDirector – Video Editor

Best Video Editing Apps For Android - Without Watermark

PowerDirector is a widely popular, all-in-one video editor.

Craft perfect videos with this app that comes with features similar to ActionDirector, but it is a tad bit advanced.

Give your videos a premium look, from start to finish with editing tools that will make editors will feel right at home.

The app is available at an affordable price point.

It’s a better option for amateurs or even hobbyists.

PowerDirector’s assortment of features is quite easy-to-use that includes animated text and titles, keyframe controls for transparency and positioning, speed adjustment, and great video stabilization.

The app is filled with extensive overlays, filters, and blending modes that will let you create amazing effects that will result in a final cut to boast about.

Key Highlights:

  • Video stablization feature to fix shaky videos.
  • Adjust brightness, color and saturation.
  • Tons of free templates, video effects, and filters.

Download PowerDirector

6. Adobe Premiere Rush: Video

Best Video Editing Apps For Android - Without Watermark

When you want creative tools to further your imaginative creation, Adobe is the name to trust.

For Android, Premiere Rush is the way to go.

It’s an evolution of desktop’s Premiere Pro and feels like a clean, cut-to-the-chase application.

Expect all the basic video editing features that will assist you in creating professional videos.

For a steep $9.99 or ₹800 a month, Rush gives you a drag-and-drop interface to add overlays, background music, video effects, titles, etc.

The multi-track timeline feature is gold for those who want more out of a mobile application.

You can rush to opt for this app, and it’ll be worth your money.

But, if you don’t want to dive headfirst into the subscription loop, try out the app in its trial period.

Key Highlights:

  • Quickly add images, stickers and overlays to video clips.
  • Add music to videos, including thousands of original, royalty-free soundtracks.
  • Adjust video speed with speed controls.

Download Adobe Premiere Rush

7. GoPro Quik: Video Editor & Maker

Best Video Editing Apps For Android - Without Watermark

Video editing is a skill enhanced only by a capable app.

But sometimes, all you need is an app that can just do basic things and not confuse you with its complex nitty-gritty.

GoPro Quik is a rechristened version of Quik. Everything is the same, and that’s not bad.

The process is simple – select videos from your camera roll (or gallery), the app with edit it into a reel, you are then free to mess with the videos with various themes.

Now, trim it, add music, and choose a format.

Yes, it’s quick!

Since GoPro has been affixed to the already popular app, you get to explore themes, an additional filter, and music that will keep your viewers hooked on.

There’s a slow-down feature that is worth your time. GoPro Quik’s spotlight feature is its cloud backup service.

Key Highlights:

  • Add Slow Motion or Speed it Up.
  • Unlimited Backup at 100% Quality.
  • Add beat-synced themes and transitions.

Download GoPro Quik


Which video editor is best for Android without a watermark?

KineMaster, InShot, ActionDirector, PowerDirector, Adobe Premiere Rush, VN Video Editor, GoPro Quik are some of the best video editors for Android that work without a watermark.

What is the best video editing app in 2021?

LumaFusion, KineMaster, iMovie, PowerDirector, Clips, Stop Motion Studio Pro, GoPro Quik, VideoGrade.

Is FilmoraGo free for Android?

FilmoraGo, one of the best free video editors is a free app. This video maker has all the features of a skilled video editor such as audio, text, special effects, filters, backgrounds, etc.

How can I ace my video editing skills?

If you want to become a skilled video editor, you should do the following –

  • Pick a software that suits you.
  • Get to know the software.
  • Practice every day.
  • A high-end smartphone and/or a computer will help you render the video quickly.
  • Watch software tutorials, follow people of the same field, and mimic them.
  • Keep a backup of your files.
  • Use keyboard shortcuts.
  • Get innovative and keep experimenting.
  • An efficient workflow.

Is InShot a good editing app?

Yes, InShot is an excellent video editor which is easy to use and has all the tools you’ll need. If your workflow includes using a mobile video editor for all your content, then InShot is the perfect app for you.

Wrapping it up

These are the 7 best video editing apps for Android users that don’t force their watermarks on your videos.

Some apps might ask you to watch ads to remove the watermark.

It is a better option than paying for a premium subscription.

If your job sheet requires you to edit videos daily, I’d suggest you buy a subscription as that will remove all the restrictions. Also, you won’t be seeing pesky advertisements.

With the aforementioned video editing apps, you can create high-quality, polished, and entertaining videos that cater to your audiences.

What is your opinion about video editing on a smartphone? Has the technology reached the peak with apps that let us do anything we want? Have you tried a video editor on your phone? Tell us in the comments below.

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