7 Best Logo Maker App for iPhone

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A logo represents a company, website, brand rightly when illustrated in an intuitive and informative way. Logo is something that connects your audience emotionally and also does the work of emphasizing key elements of your brand. 

One can use a logo to promote their products, establish a brand identity, and to attract new customers. It’s the face of a brand and that one should use it fairly to become recognizable.

Creating a logo requires a lot of designing skills and that if you go upto giving your project to a designer, you will have to spend a decent amount of money out of your pocket. 

However, if you have got that knack of creativity within you, relying on a logo making app would be the best fill-in instead.

Best Logo Maker App for iPhone

With logo making apps, you can create professional lookalike logos from your phone itself. Wanna know how? Let’s take a look at the 7 best logo maker apps for iPhone that come built with tons of amazing pre-made templates. You would definitely end up creating professional looking logos with these apps.

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1. Logo Maker Shop:Design Creator 

Logo Maker Shop Design Creator

Be it for beginners or professionals, Logo Maker Shop offers unique and intuitive designs for everyone. You can start making your logo by choosing from over 1,000 customizable logo templates and then go on adding your own styles from a range of over 5,000 font, symbol, and background design resources.

The app supports iCloud letting users tweak their logo whenever they want to and even share it between all their devices. Once finalized, the logos can be saved in PNG or JPEG format. 

The app is free to download, however you can opt to switch to its Pro Subscription that starts from $4.99 weekly, $12.99 monthly or $39.99 annually to avail unlimited access to premium features. 

Download Logo Maker Shop

2. LogoScopic Studio – Logo Maker

LogoScopic Studio – Logo Maker

LogoScopic Studio’s intuitive user-interface makes the logo designing process even more interesting. Anyone with or without sufficient knowledge of the designing process can get started with making logos from the apps’ advanced editing tools.

You can select from a bunch of pre-designed templates by professionals or use the apps’ comprehensive resources to create an enthralling face for your business. A seamless workflow along with the premium design styles is what this app offers – for you to create a perfect logo. 

To avail more of the advanced tools within the app, you can opt for its annual subscription which is priced at $39.99.

Download LogoScopic Studio

3. Logo Maker – Design Creator

Logo Maker Design Creator

Logo Maker – Design Creator comes equipped with more of a professional features allowing users to create a logo of their choice right from their iPhone. With more than 2000 logo templates, 5000 icons in 30 categories, the app offers more than you could ask for.

By using the apps’ pro editing features, you’ll get a competent logo which you readily print on your business card, stationery, web design and use it for commercial purposes. 

Almost all the features are available for free, however, if you opt for a premium logo template, you’ll be charged accordingly. 

Download Logo Maker

Logo Maker Vintage Logo

Logo Maker | Vintage Logo is a perfect place for creating professional-looking logos. By using the apps’ incredible feature combinations, you can achieve an artwork that will suit your brand specifically.

From thousands of pre-made design templates to royalty-free professional looking backgrounds, badges, decoration templates, you’ll get everything you need to create your dream logo. The app is a fast solution to all your logo creative problems – just use the universal features that it offers and you should be good to go.

The subscription plan is available for Weekly: $6.99, Monthly: $9.99 and yearly: $39.99 basis.

Download Logo Maker | Vintage Logo

5. Adobe Spark Post: Design Maker

Adobe Spark Post Design Maker

Adobe Spark Post is yet another amazing platform where you can create exclusive logos from the professionally designed templates, filters, fonts, shapes, and icons.

Irrespective of your business size, you can create social graphics, short videos and web pages by using the apps’ highly customizable tools. The apps’ editing tools are not restricted to only logo making but offer far more than that. 

Once you’re done making your logo, sharing it with others with a predetermined image size is convenient and smooth!

Download Adobe Spark Post: Design Maker

6. Logo Maker+

Logo Maker

With tons of creative tools including intuitive collection of stamps, photo effects, and text fonts, you could get a logo exactly as per your requirements. You can add different patterns to your photos and mask them in a way that would shape your brand.

The app offers full customization of colors and filters allowing you to create a piece of art. Select a typography, add a text if required, choose a preferred background and play with the colors and templates and you could come out with an outstanding logo within moments. 

Download Logo Maker+

7. Intro Maker Logo Maker Design

Intro Maker Logo Maker Design

Intro Maker Logo Maker Design is different in that it lets you add soothing music to your logos. You can choose from a wide range of music and make your video logos even more fascinating.

Its user-interface is so friendly that you won’t even realize you’re in the middle of making a logo. The editing tools are so fun to use and the filters enhance your video logo in a way you won’t even realize. 

The yearly subscription of the app is available at $29.99 whereas the monthly subscription will cost you $9.99. 

Download Intro Maker Logo Maker Design


What is the best logo design app for iPhone?

Logo Maker Shop:Design Creator is one of the best logo design apps for iphone. It is incorporated with some premium features and is great for creating logos.

What app can I use to create a logo?

You can use any of the above listed logo making apps for creating a logo of your interest. 

How can I make a logo online for free?

You can create professional looking logos with the help of the apps mentioned above in this article. 


This was all for 7 best logo maker apps for iPhone. These logo maker apps are more of a functional tool for those who have a small business.

Also, people with decent size of business who are not looking to spend much on logo designing process, can think of these apps as an alternative.

You’ll be completely satisfied with the end results, which I think is great given most of the templates offered by these apps are available for free. 

So are you equipping these logo making apps into your device? If yes, then which one would it be? Tell us in the comment section below. 

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