15 Best iPad Apps for Writers

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Looking for the best iPad apps for writers? This is the only list you are going to need!

I recently read Fahrenheit 451 by Ray Bradbury. Written in the 1960s, the author struggled to find a tranquil place to put his thoughts pen to paper. He then stumbled upon a library that charged ten cents per half hour to people to rent a typewriter. He finished the book in just 9 days and even today, it’s one of the books recommended for every age.

Why am I telling you this story? Because in 2020, you neither have to rent an office nor a typewriter.

Best iPad Apps for Writers

If you are a proud owner of an iPad, you can write an entire book on it with the right tools. I’ll leave the skills to you and you’ll find the appropriate tools – writing applications – on this list. So, let’s explore this chapter.

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1. Bear

15 Best iPad Apps for Writers

The first app on our list of the best iPad apps for writers is Bear. The app is quite versatile in terms of handling writings. Be it jotting down a quick note, making a character sketch, or beginning your first novel; you should look no further than Bear. The user interface is easy, and thus, exploring its features is uncomplicated. The app has some handy features such as estimated read time and word count. You don’t have to bear any of its flaws! Try it from the link below.

Download Bear

2. Microsoft Word

15 Best iPad Apps for Writers

Well, well! This list would have been incomplete without Microsoft Word. It’s one of the best iPad apps for writers. I have been using this tool for over a decade now and it’s come a long way. To make the most of Word, create an account, and enter the details on whichever device you download the app. By doing so, you’ll have all your material in place which can be accessed on different devices. On an iPad, you can view, edit, and create documents for free. If you want the full experience, you’ll have to opt for Office 365 subscription.

Download Microsoft Word

3. Byword ($5.99)

15 Best iPad Apps for Writers

Mac users are familiar with Byword, which has been around for a while now. Much of the experience of Mac translates to the iPad app, which means that its well-known features such as cloud sync, Markdown support, a clean user interface make a cut here. The simple feel of the app makes it an easy recommendation. Try this paid app for a fair writing experience.

Download Byword

4. Werdsmith

15 Best iPad Apps for Writers

Called as ‘The app for writers,’ I surely can agree with that. The app aims to turn your iPad into a writing studio, which is portable. Write that thought you have after a close experience, be a poet, or create some philosophical quotes. Thousands of writers prefer Werdsmith for its ease of use and to capture their ideas. Be one of them and try one of the best iPad apps for writers.

Download Werdsmith

5. Brainsparker

15 Best iPad Apps for Writers

As the name suggests, you can let your brain speak while using this fabulous app. Brainspeaker is programmed to encourage you to make writing a daily habit and to do so, it uses various creative methods, such as ‘Redefine the boundaries’ and ‘What if anything were possible?’ Writer’s Pack, an in-app purchase, will make you create your work of fiction that includes 150 story starters. Get out of writer’s block by using this app.

Download Brainsparker

6. Story Planner for Writers

15 Best iPad Apps for Writers

Story Planner for Writers is the next app on our list of the best iPad apps for writers. This app is adept at organizing elaborate tales, so if you are writing a novel and have forgotten where you have mentioned terms, this app will handle that for you. It also excels at mapping out plotlines along with keeping tabs on all your characters, scenes, locations, etc. You’ll also see your top five characters and locations in the Statistics screen.

Download Story Planner for Writers

7. Storyist 4

15 Best iPad Apps for Writers

Storyist 4 provides a robust writing environment on your iPad, wherein you can create, revise, and review your work. Writers with a manuscript that needs to proofread should consider this app. Moreover, Storyist 4 also caters to students in the creative writing field, or writers looking to advance their screenwriting careers. Use the app for a few weeks and if you feel comfortable using it for your work, then contemplate opting for the paid version as it’s quite thorough.

Download Storyist 4

8. Notability ($8.99)

15 Best iPad Apps for Writers

If you want to mix writing with note-taking and drawing some sketches here and there, Notability is your only option. You can also annotate PDFs, record your lectures, and provide audio feedback. Why I think this app is interesting for writers is the number of features it has to offer. Don’t worry, it doesn’t get overwhelming but having options that you can use later is good for a change, isn’t it? $8.99 (₹650) is a steep price for an app when you use others for free. But once you use Notability, you wouldn’t look at any other options. It is one of the best iPad apps for writers.

Download Notability

9. Grammarly

15 Best iPad Apps for Writers

Grammarly is a crucial tool that enhances and improves your writing. You can either write in an app and then copy-paste it on Grammarly.com or directly start writing on the website. It also comes as a tool in apps like MS Word. When you write over 1000 words, it’s hard to check each and every word manually. Apart from just correcting your spelling mistakes and typos, Grammarly also suggests better sentences but for that, you’ll need a premium subscription. And that is why it’s one of the best iPad apps for writers.

Download Grammarly

10. Textilus Pro Word Processor ($5.99)

15 Best iPad Apps for Writers

Textilus Pro Word Processor is the next app on our list of the best iPad apps for writers. This word processor caters to students, writers, journalists, business people, or anyone else. If you want to organize your ideas, research, create new concepts, and keep distractions at a bay, then this is the app for you.

Download Textilus Pro Word Processor

11. Oxford Dictionary of English

15 Best iPad Apps for Writers

There’s no shame in admitting that we, as writers, peruse our preferred dictionaries to look up a word or get some better synonyms. Instead of using Google for every word, the Oxford Dictionary is a tool I’d recommend to you. It’s a digital version of our beloved dictionary, which is successful at replicating the former’s feel. With over 350,000 words and an easy search option, this dictionary is a must-have tool in every writer’s digital kit. Download it from the link below.

Download Oxford Dictionary of English

12. Pages

15 Best iPad Apps for Writers

You’ll see Pages in all the lists of the best iPad apps for writers. The app is effective and extensive. Designed by Apple, it works perfectly on your iPad (and iPhone). This word processor has all the things a writer would want in an app. There are some templates for writing for all kinds, which comes in handy for various situations. The best feature of Pages is a collaboration with others at the same time. This does boost creativity.

Download Pages

13. Writer: Write A Book, write a story

15 Best iPad Apps for Writers

Write a book or write a story with Writer. It’s an almost perfect app for writers, considering it has note-taking capabilities, the ability to take photos, recording, and an easy way of reminding you to complete that article, poems, novels, reports, and all that jazz. You can also type while recording or playing. This is the jack of all trades and writers want a wholesome tool. Try it from the link below.

Download Writer

14. miTypewriter for iPad

15 Best iPad Apps for Writers

miTypewriter for iPad mimics a typewriting feel on your iPad. It’s an overtly simple app and perfect for those who are making a shift from a book or physical typewriter. There’s nothing extra – which also means it’s rather bland. But, if you have a deadline and want to circumvent distraction, miTypewriter is one of the best iPad apps for writers.

Download miTypewriter for iPad

15. Simplenote

15 Best iPad Apps for Writers

Simplenote is the last app on our list of the best iPad apps for writers. I know that it’s just a note-taking app but hear me out. There are certain situations where you can’t use your iPad or jot down a quick thought. In such cases, you can write those gems in an app that is simple and easily accessible. Simplenote will check all the boxes for you. It is ubiquitous and available on almost every platform. Try it from the link below.

Download Simplenote

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Which are the best iPad apps for writers?

Bear and Notability are the best iPad Apps for writers.

Is there a dedicated app for writing on the iPad?

miTypewriter for iPad, Bear, Byword, Microsoft Word, etc. are a few apps that focus on writing.

Which app is the best for writing stories?

Story Planner for Writers is the best app for writing stories.

What do professional writers use to write?

Scrivener, Microsoft Word, Storyist 4, etc. are some of the apps preferred by professional writers.


These are the best iPad Apps for writers. Don’t get me wrong but writing is a skill and no matter which application you use on any device, you won’t be able to write. For that, you need practice and gumption to err, learn, and read.

If you are a writer and are struggling to find an app that can manage your multitude of thoughts, you can try some of the apps mentioned on this list. Cross-platform support and syncing across devices is a must since you don’t want to lose a single line you had typed because of bad internet.

Which app looks interesting to you, from a writer’s perspective? Have you tried any of them before? Or an app that you want to suggest to your fellow writers? Let us know in the comments below.

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