10 Best Free Apps For Apple Pencil

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If you’re someone who loves to put down their thoughts on rather anything that you come across (be it the back of a napkin or an envelope), then you’ve arrived at the right place.

We are going to acquaint you with some of the best apps (Free!) that you can incorporate on your iDevice for achieving tasks like drawings, art creation, note taking, and similar ones with hand-like precision but in a digital format. 

Best Free Apps For Apple Pencil

Up to now, you might have got what I am referring to. Yes, it’s the apple pencil we are talking about. And if you have one, you might want to know about apps that you can use for free to replicate some of the most crucial hand-driven tasks accurately. 

Let’s find out what we have on our list!

1. Apple Notes

Best Free Apps For Apple Pencil

For someone who loves to jot down their thoughts whenever feasible, having a digital note-taking app like Apple Notes is like adding an essential tool to your iDevice.

It’s a one safe place where you can sort and organize your notes in the most suitable manner. It comes equipped with a clean interface which makes the writing experience even more serene.

With its advanced features, you can look for text you’ve written, add attachments and clip text and images directly from the web. All in all, it’s a great note-taking app that you can stick to – for throwing everything that you’ve got in your mind.

Download Apple Notes

2. Adobe Photoshop

Best Free Apps For Apple Pencil

An excellent image editing and graphic designing app that lets you create digital paintings and animations which you can easily share using the apps’ live streaming functionality.

As it comes incorporated with presets such as shapes, brushes, styles, swatches, patterns, and gradients – using it with apple pencil makes the photo editing and compositing process smooth.

Within this app, you can add various monochromatic effects and enhance the contrast of a particular image by darkening/lightening the grey values of specific colors. This rivaling image editing app makes a significant difference to how you sketch when used with Apple pencil. 

Download Adobe Photoshop

3. Autodesk SketchBook

Best Free Apps For Apple Pencil

Being a professional drawing app, you can expect everything that you would, in case of a major drawing and painting platform from Autodesk SketchBook.

You can create stunning illustrations and come up with interesting concepts in no time within this app. With its intuitive interface, you’ll sense a superior drawing experience while dealing with various creative projects.

Its clean interface is what users love the most about this app as it will devoid you of any sort of distraction, so that you can focus on the upcoming worthy projects. 

Download Autodesk SketchBook

4. Evernote

Best Free Apps For Apple Pencil

Apart from Apple’s own curated app ‘Apple Notes’, the only note-making app that is worth mentioning on our list is Evernote. Being one of the most powerful apps, Evernote allows you to handle notes in almost any format you want.

Within this app, you can add text notes, audio clips, images, PDF documents, scanned hand-written pages, Slack conversations, emails, websites and much more.

By clicking on the New Note, you can start creating your notes right away and even add tags from the bottom of the screen. So, if you’re someone who is looking for an ultimate notebook, Evernote might be the right choice. 

Download Evernote

5. Picsart Photo & Video Editor

Best Free Apps For Apple Pencil

PicsArt is an all-in-one photo and video editing app that comes equipped with powerful tools along with a range of attractive filters. Here, you can combine your images into highly customizable collages and create fun stickers of your choice in just a few taps.

Some of its advanced features include an integrated camera, multiple effects, a library of clipart, comprehensive drawing tools, and a range of stickers created by the community.

So, PicsArt is a great alternative for those who are looking to tweak their photos in a smooth yet elegant way. 

Download Picsart

6. Adobe Lightroom

Best Free Apps For Apple Pencil

One of the most renowned photo editing apps around, Adobe Lightroom is used by traditional film photographers for editing purposes.

Although it is often used by serious photographers, its interface and the tools too are easy-to-learn and anyone with basic knowledge of editing would get used to its working system.

The best part about this app is – it gives you access to the same full-resolution files for both your originals and edited versions. Altogether, it’s a great app for making quick edits which can be later shared via email and to various other social networks.

Download Adobe Lightroom

7. iMovie

Best Free Apps For Apple Pencil

iMovie is an excellent app that includes a wide range of technical editing tools, which ultimately allows you to create a project you’ve contemplating.

Within this app, you can customize a title’s font, color, size and style, change the background color, modify filter intensity and later share them directly to various social media platforms.

Among various well-praised features that iMovie equips is the background noise reduction feature which preserves the original dialogue while reducing static and hum around. 

Download iMovie

8. Brain Dots

Best Free Apps For Apple Pencil

Once you get addicted to Brain dots, it’s hard to shift your thoughts on something else for a while. The game is so satisfying that you’ll let your mind run with all the different solutions, just so that you can make the dots touch.

You’ll obtain exciting pens and pencils in different shapes, sizes, and colors as you progress in the game. The game is meant to test your senses of logic and your ability to visualize, and is a fun game that you can enjoy playing with apple pencil. 

Download Brain Dots

9. Adobe Fresco: Draw & Paint

Best Free Apps For Apple Pencil

Equipped with a simple and intuitive interface, Adobe Fresco is a great drawing app which mimics the functionality of some of the great drawing programs like Procreate.

All the elements are self-explanatory and that once you open the app, you’ll find the interface quite friendly. The working system is customizable and that you won’t get interrupted while working on your project.

As for the brush collection, there are plenty of them – from comics and ink, through to chalk and painting, you’ll get to work with a lot of them. 

Download Adobe Fresco

10. Sudoku Master Edition: Logic

Sudoku Master Edition Logic

Sudoku Master Edition: Logic is a simple yet extensive type of game that will make you reach out to the game again and again. Its user-friendly interface coupled with easy-to-use controls makes it one of an addictive game.

There are three levels in the game – easy, medium, and hard difficulties which when mastered will take you no time to solve the puzzle. Sudoku Master Edition: Logic is a highly recommended game as it is something that will keep your mind busy for good. 

Download Sudoku Master Edition


What are the best apps to use with Apple Pencil?

Above listed are the best apps to try out with Apple Pencil. 

What can I do with Apple Pencil?

Mainly used for tasks like writing and sketching, Apple Pencil can be used for achieving finger-like precision tasks.

Can you convert Apple Pencil handwriting to text?

Yes, you can convert Apple Pencil handwriting to text with an app that supports functions for the same. 


So this was all for the 10 best free apps for apple pencil. So which one of the above mentioned apps are you going to equip on your iDevice to make the most out of your Apple pencil? Let us know in the comment section below.

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