20 Best Cache Cleaner for Android To Clear App Cache & RAM

Best Cache Cleaner for Android

Did your Android device refuse to install any more app updates because the redundant files had occupied your devices’ storage space?

If yes, then you’ve come to the right place as in this article, we’ve mentioned 20 Best Cache Cleaners for Android To Clear App Cache & RAM. 

Keep reading and you’ll get to know which one is best suitable for your device. 

Cache Cleaner for Android

Cache Cleaner apps for Android are meant to free up your storage space by removing junk, residual, and cache files which slows down your phone.

Clearing them can recover space and speed up your Android device.

With these apps, you can perform a clean sweep removal of junk files that waste memory space and boost your devices’ overall performance. 

Want to know more about these apps? Let’s take a quick look at what features these Cache Cleaner apps have to offer. 

1. CCleaner

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CCleaner ranks at the top of our list due to its ability to uninstall multiple unwanted applications from your device safely.

It is presented by the developers of the world’s most popular PC and Mac cleaning software and that you can totally trust this app.

The App Hibernation feature equipped within this app will stop apps from running in the background until you manually open them. 

Download CCleaner

2. SD Maid

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SD Maid will help remove all the superfluous files from your system.

To clear up the cache on your device, all you have to do is browse your whole device and manipulate files through a full-fledged file explorer.

With this app, you can detect duplicate pictures, music, or documents, independent of name or location, and delete them later. 

Download SD Maid

3. Norton Clean

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Norton Clean will help clean junk on your device, remove residual files and even optimize memory so that you can take more pictures and install apps.

It will remove obsolete Android Package (.apk) files which are manually installed via the Android Package Installer.

Download this app and perform a clean sweep removal of junk files that occupy your memory space. 

Download Norton Clean

4. Cleaner For Android

Cleaner For Android removes unwanted apps, boosts, and optimizes the performance of your Android device.

With this app, you can clean all junk files, manage apps, and even protect your device against malware attacks.

Download this app and release the cache out of your device and optimize your devices’ performance.

Download Cleaner For Android

5. Files by Google

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Files by Google is one of the best cleaner apps that comes equipped with great cleaning features. With this app, you can delete old photos and memes from chat apps, remove duplicate files, erase unused apps, clear your cache, and perform many other things. The best part is that you’ll get helpful suggestions of files to erase before you run out of space.

Download Files by Google

6. Go Speed

GO Speed has the ability to boost your phone’s speed by up to 60%, and will safely clean junk files to increase space on your device. It incorporates the most advanced process monitoring technique which can intelligently clean background processes, stop stealthy running apps, and disable stealthy auto-start apps, that too even on non-root devices. The app will also help you find rarely used apps so that you can delete those you don’t want to keep.

Download Go Speed

7. 1Tap Cleaner

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1Tap Cleaner will free up some space on your device by clearing apps cached files, data files, or search history records. You don’t need to root your device as it will automatically delete all the unnecessary activities from your device. The app has the ability to auto clear cache when your device is low on internal storage space which is indeed of great help. 

Download 1Tap Cleaner

8. Ace Cleaner

Ace Cleaner is a powerful optimization tool that helps remove all the stubborn apps from your device.

The best part about this app is that it comes with the ability to find similar photos from your device and automatically removes all the duplicate ones to release more SD card storage.

With this app, you can even quiet your notifications and focus on things that are more important. 

Download Ace Cleaner

9. AVG Cleaner

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AVG Cleaner helps remove pre-installed apps to save space on your device and boost its performance. You can use this app to clear cache, remove junk, and identify apps that are slowing down your device. A feature called ‘Smart File Manager’ analyzes pictures, files, and apps to help you maximize your Android device’s performance.

Download AVG Cleaner

10. Avast Cleanup & Boost

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Avast Cleanup is a powerful app that removes all the leftover files and unused apps and optimizes your phone’s performance to boost its speed by removing junk from your mobile. There’s a feature called App Hibernation that temporarily suspends apps to prolong battery life and helps save your devices’ mobile data, clean memory, and even improve device speed.

Download Avast Cleanup & Boost

11. One Booster

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One Booster can clean app caches and junk files and boost your phone with just one click.

With this app, you can scan for viruses on all apps as this app has the ability to block and remove viruses from your device to keep it safe from viruses, trojans and protects your privacy.

You can even run a speed test to see how faster your device is once you boost it.  

Download One Booster

12. All-In-One Toolbox: Cleaner, Booster, App Manager

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The All-In-One Toolbox app comes equipped with great features such as a junk cleaner, history eraser, speed booster, memory optimizer, battery optimizer, CPU cooler, app manager, file manager, and many more.

With this app, you can keep a track of your RAM and internal storage space so that you can exactly know all about your devices’ performance.

Download All-In-One Toolbox

13. Ram Booster & Junk cleaner

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Ram Booster & Junk cleaner is an effective cleaning tool that can help you clean all types of junk files including residual junk files, system junk, cache junk, log files, temporary files.

Not only this, but you can also free up much more space from cleaning cache data from social apps such as Facebook, Messenger, WhatsApp, and Instagram. 

Download Ram Booster & Junk cleaner

14. 360 Cleaner

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As the name says, 360 Cleaner will clear all of your unnecessary apps running in the background, smart clean ram memory, clean cache, and junk files.

What makes this app even more interesting is that it dynamically analyzes CPU usage, finds overheating apps and immediately closes them in order to cool down phone temperature.

There’s also a feature called ‘Memory Booster’ which automatically saves you all the battery power when you need it the most.

Download 360 Cleaner

15. Nox Cleaner

Nox Cleaner is an amazing app that comes with the ability to clear junk files, remove cache, release storage space, and boost your phone performance and speed.

With advanced mechanisms such as cache cleaner, junk cleaner, storage cleaner, memory cleaner, ads cleaner, the app can improve your devices’ overall performance.

Download Nox Cleaner

16. Cool Cleaner

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Cool Cleaner is another cache cleaner android app that can detect and clean cache junks, ads files, obsolete trash, memory cache, and other junk files to reclaim storage.

With this app, you can remove unnecessary and annoying notifications on your notification bar and stop your phone from slowdown which is majorly caused by disturbing and trash notifications.

Download Cool Cleaner 

17. Super Cleaner

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Super Cleaner will not only protect your phone but also protect your privacy at the same time.

It will provide you with the most needed phone optimization features in real-time which is simply amazing.

The app will even optimize CPU usage in order to stop apps from overheating so that the CPU temperature can cool down.

It will also ensure that nobody accesses your private apps by providing apps locks for different apps. 

Download Super Cleaner

18. Clean My Android

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Clean My Android is another cache cleaner app that helps users release storage space with ease.

The main security feature is what makes this app unique as it’s basically an antivirus scanner that checks all installed apps for malware and privacy liabilities.

With this app, you can quickly back up and restore important applications and turn off all the useless system applications to save memory on your phone. 

Download Clean My Android

19. Clean Droid

Clean Droid will help you clear cache and remove junk from your device is just one tap. It offers a deep clean mechanism where it can force close apps running in the background from weakening your device.

This app will definitely accelerate your device and free up valuable storage space. Download this app and close the activities of each and every app that are not required. 

Download Clean Droid 

20. Phone Cleaner

Cache Cleaner for Android

Phone Cleaner is best known for optimizing your device by cleaning all the junk files with just one tap. It will basically help you to analyze apps and clean useless application cache files safely.

Closing unnecessary background apps will release memory and speed up your android phone, thereby boost your phone effectively. You can even clean apk files once the app is installed to release space on your device. 

Download Phone Cleaner


What is the best cache cleaner for Android?

CCleaner is one of the best cache cleaners for Android. It is suitable for clearing junk such as obsolete and residual files. 

Do cleaning apps really work?

Yes, there are apps available that really work and offer RAM boosting which eventually improves your devices’ performance. 

How often should you clear your cache?

You should clear your cache every couple of weeks.

How long does it take to clear cache?

The process of clearing your cache will take only about 60 seconds or less to complete. 


So this was our list of 20 Best Cache Cleaners for Android To Clear App Cache & RAM. 

Some of these apps will make sure your device is free from malware, vulnerabilities, adware, and Trojans.

You can even hibernate your running apps and extend your battery life with these cache cleaners apps.

Which one of the above mentioned Cache Cleaners are you going to use to app caches and junk files?

Let us know in the comment section below. 

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