5 Best Birthday Reminder Apps for Android

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Birthdays are a special occasion for everyone, celebrating their life and success by smashing the delicious cake on the face surrounded by family and friends.

Best Birthday Reminder Apps for Android

While there are rarely a few friends who wish on our birthdays without forgetting, many just forget straight on your face. Although it does happen to scores of people, we wouldn’t want to forget this exceptional day of our loved ones.

So, we scoured the Play Store looking for the best birthday reminder apps for Android and we’ve got you a list of 5 such apps that won’t ever let you forget some important birthdays.

1. Google Calendar

There’s nothing that Google can’t do! Google Calendar is compatible with all the devices out there and the UI is intuitive for effortless navigation. This isn’t just a birthday reminder, you can get a lot of things done if you take this app seriously.

Best Birthday Reminder Apps for Android

This app syncs all the events of your other accounts, including Facebook. It’s ad-free and can also be used on a web platform. Google Assistant can be used with Google Calendar so setting a reminder through your voice commands is heck easy.

All you have to do is create an event, choose the date and time, set it to repeat every year. There’s also a mini-reminder inside every event/task you create. Download this amazing utility app from the link given below.

Main Features:

  • Color coding events.
  • Region-specific timing.
  • Collaborate with family and friends.


2. Birdays – Birthday reminder

The developer gave this app a rather cute name to resonate with the purpose of downloading this app. Apart from reminding you about the upcoming birthdays, it has a lot of bells and whistles – like a clean and modern looking UI, a widget which just needs your one look to call up a friend on their birthday.


There’s also a fun tab wherein you can see the birthdays of famous celebrities and compare them with your friend’s birthdays. The app also has a newly introduced night mode. Download Birdays from the Google Play Store or the link given below.

Main Features:

  • Amazing interface.
  • Upcoming events.
  • Excellent widget.


3. Countdown+ Widgets Calendar Lite

Countdown+ Widgets Calendar is an amazing alternative to your boring commonplace reminder apps owing to the fabulous features it has in it. This should be your go-to app if you forget special occasions like birthdays or anniversaries.

Best Birthday Reminder Apps for Android

The app has Instagram-styled filters that make your photo look like you walked straight out of a magazine. Countdown+ lets you create an unlimited number of events or reminders so that you never forget an essential date again. You can even sync your Facebook birthday list for faster access. The widget is the main highlight of this app – which lets you see all the upcoming birthdays in a scrollable format.

It is heavily customizable, wherein you can choose from different widget styles, customize the fonts, colors, and display timer. Sync the uber-important dates across all your different devices. There’s also a paid version which will cost you around ₹160. Countdown+ Widgets is the best amongst the other birthday reminder apps for Android so download it from the link given below.

Main Features:

  • Countdown widget.
  • Holiday calendars.
  • Sync events across devices.
  • Easy utilization.


4. Birthdays for Android

Birthdays for Android does exactly what it says, reminds you of birthdays on your Android device. The app reminds you of an upcoming birthday in advance if you want to, with lots of widgets that can be customized.


You get to know more information on the Chinese and Western zodiac signs if you are into that. The app gives you a countdown of the upcoming birthdays which is super easy to see in this super intuitive ad-free app. Download it now to never forget another special event.

Main Features:

  • See upcoming birthdays.
  • Say Happy Birthday via text messages or Call.
  • Track Chinese and Western zodiac signs.
  • Easy and clear.


5. Greeting Cards & Wishes

All you lazy people out there, you’ve got an amazing app that will live up to your expectations. With over 40,000 greetings e-cards in video, animated, postcard, and GIF formats, the app reminds you of a birthday or anniversary and takes only about 4 seconds to wish your family and friends on their happy occasion.

Best Birthday Reminder Apps for Android

The e-cards can be sent to multiple contacts at once, which can be scheduled 60 days in advance. This app has greeting cards for days like Boss’s Day, Fourth of July, Rosh Hashanah, Mother’s Day, etc. More e-cards are added with frequent updates. You can also subscribe to the pro version of the app which removes the advertisements and early access to the latest cards. Download Greetings Cards & Wishes from the link below.

Main Features:

  • 40,000+ free e-cards.
  • Sync all your contacts for a timely reminder.
  • Video, Animated, Postcard, and GIF e-cards.
  • Reminder up to 60 days in advance.



We are almost halfway into 2021, and I bet there are apps for every damn thing humans are supposed to by themselves but hey, using apps for all purposes is the most millennial thing to do. This was our list of the 5 best birthday reminder apps for your Android smartphone.


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