Wisk Aero unveils the world’s first four-seater autonomous air taxi

Wisk is a startup company backed by the Boeing Company and Kitty Hawk Corporation.

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Image credit: Wisk

Wisk Aero, a startup in the air taxi industry, unveiled its sixth-generation all-electric aircraft.

The aircraft, which can accommodate four passengers, is the first self-flying all-electric aircraft in the world.

Leading Advanced Air Mobility (AAM) company Wisk Aero said that it would apply for permission from the Federal Aviation Administration to transport passengers as part of a commercial air taxi service.

The CEO of Wisk, Gary Gysin, said, “In 2010, we set out to find a way to skip traffic and get to our destination faster.

That inspiration evolved into a mission to deliver safe, everyday flight for everyone. We have pursued this mission for the past 12 years by creating five generations of full-scale aircraft.

Wisk Aero Sixth Generation Aircraft scaled
Image credit: Wisk

The boeing-backed company said that its Cruising speed is 120 knots and has a range of 90 miles with reserves. Aircraft can fly 2,500 – 4,000 ft above ground while keeping the passengers safe.

In the future, Wisk wants to offer an app-based inter-city flying taxi service similar to Uber or Lyft.

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