Why Nokia Failed in India

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Nokia who ruled the Indian market since 1994 suddenly lost its magnetism nearly after a decade. What caused such a downfall for the company? Well, there’s probably not one but several reasons the Finnish company couldn’t withstand the competition in the technology world. Let’s explore what they lacked and how they lost their potential power in the Indian market. 

Why Nokia failed in India

Nokia that came with the ability to withstand dust and pollution fascinated Indian audiences. Also, not to forget the feasibility of the languages and the reasonable cost the company offered. Their devices’ longer battery life was well-appreciated too. As for the leadership, Nokia undisputedly escorted India’s mobile market till 2007. It marked its presence in the market through the N Series that was launched in 2005, the smartphones allowed users to listen to music, access the internet, take pictures and play games. C Series and the E Series were run simultaneously on Nokia’s proprietary software- Symbian. 

Why Nokia failed in India

Everything for the company was going fine until they failed to analyze the changing trends. They continued manufacturing smartphones for the lower end of the market and launched seven low-cost mobile phones including the Nokia 2630, Nokia 2760, Nokia 2505, Nokia 1200, and Nokia 1208. All of the company’s recent launches would lack basic technology essential and that it was clearly visible that it’s not planning for the future. Moreover, Nokia’s devices did not have a front camera while all the other smartphone manufacturers were on the verge of entering the 4G world. 

In 2003, Nokia sold a part of its business to Microsoft who acquired its handset business for € 3.79 billion, and licensed patents for ten years costing € 1.65 billion. Initially, Nokia-Microsoft was competitive enough to deliver low-cost mobiles for a comparatively low-end market. However, it couldn’t successfully meet the increasing demands of a rapidly growing market and could not innovate devices at a lower price. 

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Why did Nokia fail?

Nokia’s lack of vision and its inability to come up with devices with high-end features at a low cost is probably the reason why Nokia failed in the Indian market.  

Why did the Microsoft Nokia deal fail?

Nokia which was acquired by Microsoft was expected to rise in the coming years but indeed became a financial barrier and affected the company’s profitability.


So this was all about why Nokia failed in India, I hope now you know the reason why the company didn’t sustain the Indian market. Have you ever used any of Nokia’s models? If yes then which one was it? Also, what reason did you find the most strong that led Nokia to fail in the Indian market? Let us know in the comment section below.

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