Why is Spotify better than Apple Music: Spotify vs Apple Music

Why is Spotify better than Apple Music

Confused about who provides better service – Spotify or Apple Music? Well, the answer to this depends on what features one expects from a particular music streaming service. Spotify and Apple Music are the two leading platforms where users can enjoy quality music content with exclusive deals. 

Spotify comes with an extensive collection of songs where around 40,000 songs are being added each day. On the other hand, Apple Music also comes added with a decent range of music content. With no shortage of music streaming applications out there, finding a platform offering the right kind of music can be quite a strenuous task. 

Why is Spotify better than Apple Music? Spotify vs Apple Music

While talking in regards to all the other platforms, Spotify is the first name that comes to our mind when someone asks for a streaming solution. What’s so special about Spotify? What makes it so successful and why is it a better option than Apple Music? Let’s find the answer.

Here I am going to compare some points for both Spotify and Apple Music to understand the characteristics that lead Spotify in terms of performance, features, and exclusive content. 

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1. Interface and Navigation

Spotify’s interface is far more intuitive in black than Apple Music which is rather housed with a plain white look on mobile. Navigation is pretty simple on both ends, where you can play your favorite songs right away. Spotify’s main navigation options include Home, Browse, and Radio. Once you land on the homepage of the platform, you’ll come across all the popular genres and the popular hits from your country. It also recommends songs based on your past listens. As for the genre, it incorporates a cascade of genres including  K-pop, to moods like chill, dinner, summer,  rock, and hip-hop.

spotify vs apple music

On the Discover page (one of Spotify’s most interesting features), users can find a list sorted with artists and albums, all of which is based on the songs they had previously listened to. For the Radio, it is pretty the same as what you would usually find on any other similar platform. This page will basically help you introduce you to new songs and artists based on your playlists. For instance, if you love listening to the songs of Billie Eilish, then the artist radio function will do the work and acquaint you with similar artists. 

2. Library and Playlists

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Each and every song that you listen to will have a little heart icon displayed just beside its name. Clicking on it will add that particular song to your Liked Songs page. Next to the ‘Your Library’ section sits the Local Files page which is a segment where all of your downloaded stuff will be stored. As of now, the function is made available only for the desktop application. As for the playlist, creating one is super easy on Spotify as compared to Apple Music. Click on the New Playlist button and enter a title, that’s it! The Playlist button is located on the top of the Your Library tab on the mobile app and left in the desktop app. 

3. Streaming Quality

As far as the streaming quality is concerned, both the music streaming platforms have a win-win situation. The music content on Apple Music utilizes the AAC audio format and is streamed at 256kbps. Its in-built functionality will stream the music at the highest quality by default and will only be reduced when you’re on cellular data. 

Spotify’s is automatically determined by its system which further keeps on adjusting on the level of strength of your Wi-Fi or cellular data connection. It utilizes the open-source Ogg Vorbis codec at up to 320kbps to stream audio for its premium users, and for the users with a free account, the streaming quality is set up to 160kbps.

4. Music Content

Spotify has an extensive range of songs in its library, more to that, it adds around 40,000 every day. Well, that doesn’t exclude Apple Music from the competition. It too has a catalog of over 60 million songs in its library. Spotify is continuously strategizing to diversify its music content to a larger group of audience. 

5. Podcasts

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One of the unique features that Spotify offers is Podcasts- the inclusion of the same has provided users a platform where they can listen to their favorite podcasts. Some of the top podcasts include In the Dark, LeVar Burton Reads, WTF With Marc Maron, Stuff You Should Know, Left, Right, and Center, and All Fantasy Everything. Spotify is indeed a great place to listen to your favorite books, movies, and TV shows, in all sorts of genres and styles.

6. Voice Assistant

Well, here Spotify leads. In terms of using a voice assistant for searching a particular choice, Spotify should be your ultimate destination. It is supported by some of the most leading voice assistants including Amazon Alexa, Google Assistant, and Apple’s Siri. On the other hand, the voice assistant feature on Apple Music is not that good. You can stream music on Apple Music only if you have a Siri-enabled device or a HomePod ready.

7. Subscription fees

Upgrading to a premium version on Spotify comes with tons of benefits- offering you ad-free music, improved performance, music downloading, and much more. With a subscription, you’ll get a streaming service at 320Kbps. Spotify and Apple Music both offer a  three-month trial period once you opt for its premium services. Later, their services will cost you $9.99, £9.99, or AU$11.99 a month. With Spotify, you can also avail a Premium Duo subscription with another user who lives at the same address for just $12.99/ £12.99/ AU$15.99. The perks double up if you are a student as you can avail yourself access to Hulu and Showtime within your Premium subscription.


Does Spotify have a top charts section?

Yes, Spotify does have a top charts section where you’ll find all the hit and trending songs listed according to country.

Is downloading from Spotify legal?

If you’re downloading music content to use it on some other platform, then you may have to face some issues. Everything on Spotify is copyrighted content and therefore using it for personal use in order to make money is absolutely illegal.

Can I download songs from Spotify?

With a premium subscription, you can download any song, playlist, or album of your choice effortlessly. 

What is special about Spotify?

Once you switch to a subscription account, you’ll get access to download as many as 10,000 songs. Offline listening i.e. music downloading is a great feature when you don’t want to use your cellular data plan. 


Collectively, Spotify rules the market and is definitely the best music streaming choice for people looking for a straightforward interface. You get a host of useful features when you switch to a subscription account. As for the free account, you can still avail of the apps’ capability and significant features.


To conclude, I would recommend Spotify over any other music streaming platform as everything from the mobile app design to its usability is nothing but a work of innovation. 

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