Who is the Strongest Pokemon: Top 25 Most Powerful Pokemon

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I watched the first-ever Pokemon episode back in 2004, and I was blown away. Digimon attracted me more (still binging it!), but Pokemon had a more fun rapport with its antagonists, unlike digital monsters.

My research shows that Pokemon has spawned over seven sequential series (includes 23 television seasons) and over 23 animated films over 23 years ago, in 1997 (Ok, the numbers are creepy!).

Ardent fans finally got to see a live-action movie, which was okay script-wise, but it was a sheer treat. Even after crossing the silver jubilee, I get excited whenever I get a glimpse of Pokemon on TV.

Such is our relationship with the pocket monsters, and I’m sure you would agree, too!

Who is the Strongest Pokemon: Top 25 Most Powerful Pokemon

After watching the numerous seasons, we have all wondered at some point about who is the strongest Pokemon? I have, most of the time, and I could continuously think of Mewtwo.

But I was wrong. With over eight-generation and 896 Pokemon, it was quite hard to gauge the strongest one of them all, but I do have an answer, and if you too wonder who is the strongest Pokemon of all time, dive in for a straight answer.

25. Machamp

Type: Fighting | Stats: 505

Who is the Strongest Pokemon
Credits – Pokemon Fandom

Oh, this fighter guy made me feel insecure about my titchy body. It would help if you didn’t mess with this fighter. It can scare the opponents just by flexing. Who wouldn’t be? His red speedos were also a talk of the town (town being my school.) Machamp can move a mountain with its one hand, and he has four of them, so, definitely, friend material.

24. Volcarona

Type: Bug/Fire | Stats: 550

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Volcarona is a bug-cum-fire type Pokemon that makes you seriously take the bug Pokemon. It’s a formidable beast that spares no expense in the battle arena. When the volcanic ash darkens the environment, its fire is what twists the scene by acting as the sun’s replacement. Isn’t Volcarona freaking amazing!!

23. Ho-Oh

Type: Fire/Flying | Stats: 680

Who is the Strongest Pokemon
Credits – Eurogamer

Ho-Oh is a fire and flying type Pokemon that can use Regenerator, its best ability. You can think of this beast as an offensive and a defensive Pokemon. The opponents can feel its fire attacks. You should see it flying and attacking at the same time; it wreaks havoc!

22. Lugia

Type: Pyschic/Flying | Stats: 680

22 Credits Zerochan
Credits – Zerochan

Lugia is a flying and psychic type Pokemon that has some tanky stats. It’s well-known for its Multiscale ability, though. When it uses its full strength in a battle, it cuts the opponent’s attacks into half. You can’t even make a scratch on Lugia. It can also heal itself, along with applying perilous status effects to its opponents. Lugia is a force to reckon with.

21. Xerneas

Type: Fairy | Stats: 680

21 Credits Bulbapedia

This fairy type Pokemon emphasizes offensive play, and it’s evident from the Fairy Aura ability. It increases the attack strength of any Fairy attack on the field it’s on. It’s the best fairy type Pokemon you can find. She can’t be ignored.

20. Landorus

Type: Ground/Flying | Stats: 600

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Trainers with a soft spot for defensive Pokemon will yearn for Landorus in their Pokeballs. It’s a tank buster that can wade through any threat. Sheer Force, its super excellent ability, increases its attack power. It is used as a direct threat to counter defensive players.

19. Kyogre

Type: Water | Stats: 670

Who is the Strongest Pokemon

Kyogre’s underwater moves are a legend, but since it gained the Primal Reversion, its powers know no boundaries. Its bulky demeanor and the muscle power make its opponent fear even before fighting the battle. Kyogre is the jack of all trades in the Pokemon universe; it can literally do anything commanded by someone formidable.

18. Litten

Type: Fire | Stats: 320

18 Credits Sallys Emporium

Litten was first seen in Pokemon Sun and Moon, and it has been shining ever since. Its body is evidence of it being a fire type Pokemon. Litten is a perfect fighter but needs a tad bit push to make it roar. Interestingly, it is the only Pokemon who is known to have faced the Cone of Shame. If it has endured that process, it can do wreak anything.

17. Yveltal

Type: Dark/Flying | Stats: 680

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Known to be the deity of chaos, Yveltal’s entrance will bring hell wherever it is. First introduced in Generation VI, this dark Pokemon can turn any match on its side with its deadly flying attacks. Yveltal’s Oblivion Wing recovers the health to the user. Pretty neat.

16. Rayquaza

Type: Dragon/Flying | Stats: 680

Who is the Strongest Pokemon

Rayquaza was introduced as Pokémon Emerald’s mascot in generation three, and ever since I first saw it, I wished for him to be in my pocket. It looks like a scaled-dragon, which is huge in an intimidating way. It can mega evolve that will make it more dangerous in the battleground and otherwise.

15. Kartana

Type: Grass/Steel | Stats: 570

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Kartana might look like it is made from paper (it is) but trust me; it can give more than paper cuts! It’s an extra-terrestrial being, which is a grass and steel type Pokemon that can beat all the Pokemon without beating a sweat. It’s fighting skills send chills down the opponent’s spine.

14. Buzzwole

Type: Bug/Fighting | Stats: 570

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This bug Pokemon looks like he hits the gym every day! Buzzwole’s physical charts hit the sixer out of the boundary. It’s like a dude who is well-built and shows off his muscles in every scenario. He kind of inspired me to hit the gym, but they are closed. Buzzwole is a deadly combination of a fighting and bug type Pokemon.

13. Espurr

Type: Psychic | Stats: 355

Who is the Strongest Pokemon

Yes, Espurr could be your next pet but only in the looks department. It looks like one of our furry friends, but appearances have been deceptive. This Pokemon can throw its Psychic attacks over hundreds of feet that are bound to destroy everything in its wake. If the lore is to be believed, there’s an organ in its head that emits such gargantuan power, but its ears keep a check on it. Small packages, heavy damages!

12. Hoopa Unbound

Type: Psychic/Dark | Stats: 680

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A dangerous form of Hoopa, Hoopa Unbound, breaks the shackles to be known as one of the scariest tank busters. Its weakness is bug attacks and speed, so a speedy opponent could have a chance at defeating it, but if Hoopa Unbound’s attack touches its enemies, they won’t recover soon! It looks humorous but is a petrifying beast.

11. Groudon

Type: Ground | Stats: 670

11 Credits Pokemon Fandom
Credits: Pokemon Fandom

If a scary ground-type Pokemon is your type, Groudon will surely make that list. It was more powerful when it was introduced in the beginning, but its powers have faded a tad bit. That doesn’t make it a weak Pokemon. In fact, it soon gained fire abilities and could beckon permanent sunlight. I don’t know why one would want that, but it’s there!

10. Mew

Type: Psychic | Stats: 600

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Mew had to make it in the top 10 list since destroying mountains, controlling time, and its psychic capabilities make it a deadly opponent. No one in the Pokemon universe knows how Mew came to existence; what’s known is that it inhibits the DNA of all the living beings on the planet. Creepy but intimidating! Mew emits a childish vibe, and maybe that is the reason why people with only the purest of the heart can find it.

9. Zoroark

Type: Dark | Stats: 510

Who is the Strongest Pokemon
Credits- Screen Rant

Zoroark is the fifth generation’s illusion fox Pokemon. It is revered for its too uber-cool outer look alongside its epic battle skills. But it is expert at disguising itself as the last Pokemon. Isn’t it super-duper cool? Zoroark can also toss illusions outside a battle, throwing its enemies into oblivion.

8. Mewtwo

Type: Psychic | Stats: 680

Who is the Strongest Pokemon
Credits- Polygon

If you don’t know who Mewtwo is, I don’t see what you did in your childhood! Pokemon’s first-ever live-action film has this guy as the antagonist, sort of! It was said to be lore, but it exists and how! There isn’t anyone more potent than Mewtwo (except, the next few Pokemon.) Known to be created by evil scientists for their own purposes, Mewtwo is definitely not a natural Pokemon, but that is its beauty. Moreover, its two Mega Evolutions make it unstoppable.

7. Talonflame

Type: Fire/Flying | Stats: 499

07 Credits Pokemon Fandom

I know, Talonflame doesn’t look that dangerous for being in the seventh position. But it all depends on how its skills are used. Its Gale Wings attack destroys those in its tight radius. Couple the fire type with flying, and you’ll get a shooting machine that knows its wings’ prowess.

6. Kyurem White

Type: Dragon/Ice | Stats: 700

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Credits- Pinterest

Kyurem White is a legendary Pokemon. If Kyurem is combined with either Zekrom or Reshiram, you’ll get Kyurem Black and Kyurem White, respectively. Kyurem White is a physical hitter, but you also get a Dragon and an Ice-type Pokemon that will cause some severe damage.

5. Mega Mawile

Type: Steel/Fairy | Stats: 480

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Mawile’s Mega evolution, Mega Mawile, sits somewhere between Mega Kangaskhan and Mega Rayquaza. Mawile is an average Steel-type Pokemon, but its Mega form is killer, with its Huge Power attack that has doubled its stats.

4. Dusk Mane Necrozma

Type: Psychic | Stats: 680

Who is the Strongest Pokemon
Credits – Nimbasa City Post

Long name aside, Dusk Mane Necrozma is a dangerous Pokemon, which is an amalgamation of Necrozma and Solgaleo. It can turn into a tank to extinguish its enemy. The best part about DMN is that it can transform into Ultra Necrozma along with its Z-Move. Both modes are a threat in their own way.

3. Bruxish

Type: Water/Psychic | Stats: 475

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Don’t judge a Pokemon by its teeth! Bruxish can smash its opponent with its strong jaws and the fang moves that now has a new attack in the form of Psychic Fangs. Its exterior screams “biting.” I wouldn’t want to be in its bad books. Bruxish’ jaws are considered to be the most powerful in the Pokemon universe.

2. Deoxys

Type: Psychic | Stats: 600

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Credits- Game Rant

Deoxys is the second-strongest Pokemon, in my opinion. It can adapt any form it wants. The best part about him is his defense form that is equal to a monstrous tank. Its speed is another new aspect.

1. Arceus

Type: Normal, Alpha Pokemon | Stats: 720

Who is the Strongest Pokemon
Credits – Pokemon Fandom

It wouldn’t have been fair to exclude the God of all Pokemon, the one who created the universe we have been watching for over 23 years. Not just because he’s the almighty, this alpha Pokemon is a legend in the flesh. Even though the stats aren’t that impressive for a “God,” Arceus can cause a lot of menaces if it intends to. It can be any type it wants in a battle – of course! With earth-shattering attacks and flexibility, defeating the almighty itself could be unachievable since it is the strongest Pokemon of all time.


Who is the strongest Pokemon of all time?

Arceus is the strongest Pokemon. Lore believes that he created the Pokémon universe and thus is deemed as a God.

Is Ditto a failed Mew?

If theories are to be believed, Ditto was created when scientists were experimenting and initially wanted to develop Mew. After a few failed attempts, Ditto was made, whereas a successful effort resulted in Mewtwo.

Who can beat Mewtwo?

9 Pokémon can beat Mewtwo in a battle. They are Giratina, Necrozma, Primal Kyogre, Mew, Primal Groudon, Celesteela, Arceus, Mega Mewtwo X, and Y.

Who is the God of Pokemon?

Arceus is the God of Pokemon, according to the lore. He’s the deity that created the universe we have come to love.


The question ‘Who is the strongest Pokemon’ won’t be an itch anymore. You are welcome! A lot of research went into this, and I can safely say, no Pokemon can beat God.

Hence, Arceus is the strongest Pokemon, but Deoxys is the second-strongest Pokemon. As for me, Pikachu and Charizard will always be my favorite pocket monsters. There’s some nostalgia for that reasoning.

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