An Unbiased Opinion Of Shopping New Vs. Refurbished Specifically With Apple iPhones In Mind

unbiased opinion

More often than not, we would instead save a dollar than spend one. However, does buying a refurbished iPhone save money or influence you to spend more cash at the repair center? This article will assist prospective buyers in deciding whether or not to purchase a refurbished iPhone.

Why New and not Refurbished and Vice Versa?

There’s a reason why iPhones are often regarded as the best gadgets available and have been for quite some time. Apple’s distinctive line of smartphones gets the job done like no other, thanks to its high-quality components, stylish designs, exceptional craftsmanship, and overall performance.

However, consumers have a big dilemma on whether to go for brand-new gadgets sold directly from Apple shops or certified dealers or whether to opt for refurbished gadgets. So let us start with the billion-dollar question, why is new preferred over refurbished?

Experience: Experience is what we live for. A low-quality phone prevents us from thoroughly enjoying the smartphone experience. From a customer feedback report made by American Marketing Association for the year ending 2022, more than half of the people who bought new iPhone gadgets or products earned a 5-star rating expressing how happy they were with their brand-new apple products. The consumers went further ahead to share flamboyant stories, videos, and even photos of their unique experiences.

Durability: New iPhones over refurbished iPhone have proven to last longer. Customers have testified of taking a more extended period before they visit an apple shop to seek mobile repair services. From their feedback, it was an average of not less than three years before they sought a minor repair.

The Ubiquitous attraction to the “new”: Apple has introduced more than 20 iPhone versions since Steve Jobs presented the original iPhone at a MacWorld launch in 2007. According to Apple CEO Tim Cook, over 80% of Americans had a smartphone in January 2019, and there were 900 million active iPhones worldwide that year. Despite this, when Apple launched the iPhone 12 on October 13, an estimated 2 million customers preordered the smartphone in the first 24 hours.

Naturally, human beings are attracted to brand new things not only when it comes to devices, but also it cuts across every aspect of our lives. The obsession is so natural to the extent that if we could have the power to make brand new body parts, including our vital internal organs, business would be booming- right now.

Now that we have looked at why the brand new let us look at why refurbished?

Why refurbished iPhone?

First off, the biggest draw for buying refurbished is the savings. The leading global marketplace for refurbished goods, Back Market, saves their customers up to 30-70% off on average compared to buying new. The problem is that not everyone fully understands the distinction between ‘used’ and refurbished, so the term refurbished typically gets an untrustworthy connotation. A refurbished device has been used at some point, but a used device does not mean it has been refurbished. If you buy used then you accept the condition that the product is in, whereas refurbished means that the device has been repaired with new parts, cleaned, examined and tested so it operates like new again. This is the process for a refurbished site like Back Market and they back that up with a 1 year warranty. The prices are pocket friendly. Every cent saved is one penny earned.

Equally strong battery life compared to brand new ones: The batteries of refurbished phones sold on Back Market have been rated at least 85% or greater of their original capacity. Any phones below that criteria had their batteries entirely replaced with new ones, but starting in 2023, buyers will be able to pick a brand new battery with their refurbished phone for an additional fee (US only)

A greater variety to select: Another significant advantage of purchasing a reconditioned item is that you may have a much more extensive selection. Typically, when you walk into a store, you will see a few recent phones and nothing else. What if you require the functionality of the iPhone 8 or an older model? Buying reconditioned gives you greater control over the gadget you receive, which might impact how much money you are ready to pay.

Take down

Back Market also has a repurchase program where consumers may sell their old cellphones, tablets, gaming consoles, and audio equipment, in order to support sustainability aim. Even if consumers opt to buy new, they may still be compensated for their old technology, which will either get a new lease on life after being fixed or properly discarded.

So, if you’re okay with a potential drop in durability in order to save big on your next smartphone purchase, then check out Back Market as a trustworthy option to buy refurbished.

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