30 Best Things to Build in Minecraft: Quick Ideas of Things to Build on Minecraft

Best Things to Build in Minecraft

Minecraft, an exceptional game in which the graphics are extremely pixelated and a world where most of the things are made out of blocks, is popular among millions of people. It is indeed a great platform where you can actually turn your imaginations into reality.

Well, there are many creative things that you can build in Minecraft, however, there are few amazing things that are simply fun to create and are essential to survive in Minecraft. Here, you can put up every intricate detail while building and use creative elements to build new stuff in Minecraft.

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Here is the list of 30 Best Things to Build in Minecraft

So what are these things exactly? Keep reading to know some of the most creative and best things to build in Minecraft. 

1. Mansion

Best Things to Build in Minecraft
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Who doesn’t want to own a mansion of their own? Well, while in Minecraft, you get the opportunity to build one all by yourself. You can put every minute detail into the elements of the house in order to create the most magnificent mansion ever.

You can even make several dimly-lit rooms, the one that comes equipped with loot chests (the components that hold several useful materials).

2. Castle

If you want to build something out of the ordinary, then you should definitely think of a castle. Here, you can build a medieval castle with flags, torches, hidden rooms, and tome; victorian-inspired castle with impressive, large glass windows, a small brick chimney, and stone slabs covered in wooden beams, and several other castles. 

3. A farm

Best Things to Build in Minecraft

Having a farm in Minecraft has its own perks. You can harvest wheat, melons, pumpkins, and assemble a well-irrigated farmland on your own.

Make use of animal farms to acquire resources such as pork and wool. Also, don’t forget to keep your crops safe from animals by building walls all around the crops. 

4. Trees 

What a joy it is to watch a plant get converted into a tree, especially when it’s the one planted by us.

In Minecraft, there are a total of 6 species of trees that you can grow: oak, birch, pine/spruce, jungle, dark oak, and acacia. Just plant your sapling and let it grow into a full-grown tree naturally.

5. A City

Building a whole city from scratch, to be honest, requires a lot of effort. In Minecraft, you can build modern city skyscrapers, parks, footpaths, paved roads, and lamp posts. You can even use a shared server which will help you build gorgeous modern towns. 

6. Garden

What if someone tells you that you get the opportunity of creating a garden where you can simply plant all your favorite flowers. You’re not gonna refuse it, are you?

Best Things to Build in Minecraft

Having a garden rejuvenates our emotions and feelings and hence plays a very important role. So build a garden in Minecraft and enhance its beauty with different elements. 

7. Sea Town

How creative does it sound to have the ability to make an island a place to live. You can build an island in Minecraft and connect it with a series of underground tunnels.

Best Things to Build in Minecraft

You can actually make it a place of living and observe the activities of thousands of villagers. 

8. Fountain

Let’s face it, building a fountain in Minecraft might sound a bit confusing at the start. While in Minecraft, you can create small, minimalist, large, intricate fountains, as either of these require both water and building resources.

9. Pirate ship 

Building a pirate ship in Minecraft is yet another thing that is creative. Make sure that you create the best one as you might have to ride out storms at sea due to your off-limits. Remember creating a good pirate ship requires great skills and therefore try to make it seaworthy.

10. Underground City


Yes, you can create an underground city in Minecraft, however, this may require you to put in a lot of efforts as you would be technically building it from scratch. You’ll have to connect thousands of blocks to create one. 

11. Pyramid

First, make a tower at the height of your pyramid, then at the top, put a slab. Start surrounding the blocks under the slab with stairs with another layer of stairs one block under and here you’ve your pyramid ready. 

12. Pixel art

Minecraft Pixel Art - Skull | Minecraft pixel art, Pixel art, Art

Well, in Minecraft, you can either make a little pony pixel art or Nyan Cat pixel art. For the first one, you’ll have to get creative with 2D blocks. The latter one is also fun to make and requires a lot of creative efforts. 

13. Watchtower

While in Minecraft, you should definitely have a watchtower for a more secure settlement. Building one will protect you from mobs and will ultimately save you from any sort of danger. So are you going to build a large one or a medium-sized watchtower that will work fine for you? 

14. Underwater Base

Well, creating an underwater base will require you to clear out all the water present and believe me this is going to take a lot of effort. When everything is ready, you can start building the masterpiece underneath. 

15. Library

Minecraft Library Tutorial - (EASY 5X5 BUILDING SYSTEM) - YouTube

Building a library in Minecraft is one of the best creative ideas. Simply adorn your building with great bookshelves, shiny wood, and sullied glass. You can even create a cozy corner in your library so that one can read comfortably even during the night time. 

16. Cathedral


To be honest, creating a cathedral in Minecraft is quite hectic and requires a lot of efforts. If you’re not sure of how to start with, you can take inspiration from the Nether Cathedral, it’s a beautiful cathedral that stands inside the dark and includes some of the finest elements within it. 

17. Subway

Choose a safe place and start digging. Also, don’t forget to dig at least eight blocks down in order to reduce the chance of damage from surface explosions. You can even decorate some parts of the subway to make it look more engaging. 

18. Maze


You can make a maze out of hedges which indeed consists of green wool, birch leaves, lime wool, oak leaves, jungle leaves, and spruce leaves. For entrance, you can use spruce wood, oak wood, jungle wood and similar materials.

19. Stone Statues

Easy Small Statues | Projetos minecraft, Minecraft decoração, Minecraft personagens

Having statues in Minecraft is really impressive as it encourages us to be more powerful and acquainted with great things about the warriors. Building one is really a fun task and that too when they are made out of stones. 

20. Bridge

Bridge, it is the must-have thing in Minecraft. You can go for a simple wooden bridge or try to make a more complex and detailed bridge. This will however depend on the type of area you stay in. 

21. Lighthouse

You should build a lighthouse that will keep lightning all night and is something that is fun to create in Minecraft. You can use various elements to make your lighthouse look more fascinating. 

22. Sewers

You’ll need this in Minecraft. You can create one by digging a tunnel and then filling it with water. You can even add beautiful elements to make it look more interesting. If you want, you can create hidden areas down there.

23. Hospital

Building a hospital will help you and your visitors have a medical assistant at convenience. You can create a big one and equip it with all the facilities or consider making a small clinic if you want it on a smaller scale. 

24. Windmill

Creating a windmill is not as easy as it sounds, it requires great building skills. You simply can’t rely on other people’s work to create one. So how are you going to manage to build a windmill? You can also refer to youtube videos for more details.

25. Courthouse

You should definitely build a courthouse in Minecraft in order to hear the call of those who have misbehaved in one form or other. There, you can gather people to watch the proceedings.  You can also build a jail inside there to punish those found guilty. 

26. Ferris Wheel

Usually, Ferris Wheels are made out of wood but now you can simply use iron bars or netherrack to create one. Remember to take loops of equal sizes to create perfect Ferris Wheels.

27. Wooden Dojo

DOJO Minecraft Map

Earlier, dojos used to be made out of wood but now as the technology is evolving, the availability of prismarine slabs and concrete cultured blocks can help you build an amazing one. 

You can create a large one or a small one, either way, it will look stunning. 

28. Dam

Are you thinking of building a dam so that you can bridge the problems related to the water supply? If yes, then you should definitely build a dam. The best part is that for this particular work, you can hire agents to help you with uncertainties. 

29. Auto Smelter

What a relief it would be if you had equipment that can help you smelt items in your world hassle-free? Well, there’s actually one present. It’s called ‘Auto Smelter’ that will help you construct different materials exactly the way to want them.

30. Bunk Bed

Getting Up There

Bunk beds are really useful as they help you save some space in your bedroom. Creating one on your own is indeed a fun task. You can experiment with all the ideas that come to your mind to build an amazing bunk bed.


What should I build in Minecraft?

All of the above-mentioned things are great to build in Minecraft.

What is the rarest gem in Minecraft?

Emerald Ore is the rarest block in Minecraft.

What is the rarest thing in Minecraft 2020?

The rarest item in Minecraft is the Dragon Egg, it is basically a trophy for killing the Ender Dragon.

What is adventure mode in Minecraft?

Adventure mode is a game mode where a player cannot directly destroy blocks with any tools.


So this was our list of 30 Best Things to Build in Minecraft. Also, you can give color to most of the elements you use while building these things. This will ultimately make your build look more fascinating and give it a stunning appearance. 

Which one of the above-mentioned things are you going to build? Is it the castle or an underground city? Let us know in the comment section below. 

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