The Role of Consumer Technology in NFL Betting 

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American football is one of the most popular sports in North America, and, accordingly, betting on the NFL is incredibly popular, especially in the USA. 

As it’s grown in relevance, consumer tech has totally transformed the NFL betting landscape. Through platforms like apps, websites, and social media platforms, NFL fans have access to more information, data, and analytics than ever before; this, in turn, enables them to make the best-informed bets possible. 

Background – Betting on the NFL 

The world of NFL betting is vast – some bettors choose to make predictions on which team will win a given match, the ‘spread’ of points in a match, parlays, teasers, and so on. Whether or not one will have much success with NFL betting depends on a wide range of factors, many of which are outside of bettors’ control; naturally, using a sportsbook that offers the best NFL betting lines helps tremendously. 

And betting on the NFL has become big business; both for bookies and for the promotion itself. Deals made between the NFL and gambling companies alone bring in roughly $1 billion annually for the league. 

In this sense, betting is crucial to the NFL from a financial standpoint. It’s part of what keeps the league going – naturally, bettors can, in many cases, become wealthy off the practice, too. 

Consumer Betting Tech in the NFL – the Lowdown

The Role of Consumer Technology in NFL Betting

As consumer technology becomes increasingly sophisticated, the role it plays in the way in which fans engage with the NFL continues to grow. The NFL’s streaming service, for instance, NFL+, allows fans access not only to live games, but the NFL Films archive and a host of other features

Perhaps unsurprisingly, consumer tech now plays a massive role in helping bettors achieve the greatest possible success with NFL betting. Not only can NFL betting mean big money, but it’s far and away the most popular sport to bet on in US in general. So, there’s definitely a strong market for consumer betting tech specific to the NFL. 

Indeed, a whole host of platforms have sprung up to enhance bettors’ experience of, and success with, NFL betting. From mobile apps to AI, analytics, and social media, consumer technology has massively changed the way NFL betting looks and works nowadays. 

Betting Apps 

Probably one of the most obvious examples of consumer tech’s encroachment into the realm of NFL betting has been in the form of betting apps. In short, betting apps make gambling on the NFL so much easier and more accessible than it ever has been. No matter the time or place, so long as you have your phone in your hand – you can place a bet. 

Some apps even take things one step further and integrate AI into their interface, providing users with features like personalized recommendations for bets to place. Not only does this take a lot of the work out of keeping up with the ever-changing field of the NFL, but it also makes placing bets on the sport a far less risky endeavor for anyone who isn’t deeply familiar with the sport. 

And some betting apps even livestream NFL games – Caesar’s Sportsbook, for instance, has a deal with the NFL that allows it to do so. 

Live Access to Analytics, Expert Analysis, Data, Odds, and More 

Analytics play a fairly major role in the NFL; this is true not only of betting on the sport but also of analyzing and predicting teams’ and players’ success. In fact, some teams, like the Philadelphia Eagles, actually employ data analysts, who, using metrics like Expected Points (EP) and Expected Points Added (EPA) can help steer coaching staff toward making better-informed management decisions. 

Analytics like these, as well as other, crucial information, like expert analysis of NFL games, teams, and players, betting odds, and more, are increasingly available to football bettors nowadays thanks to the prevalence of consumer technology in this field. Not only are there websites dedicated to providing this type of information to consumers, but several sportsbooks also offer bettors access to NFL data in order to help them make better-informed betting choices. 

Expert analysis is perhaps especially helpful to NFL bettors; especially those with less experience. There are plenty of websites dedicated to providing expert analysis and opinions on which teams to follow and, crucially, bet on. In this sense, consumer tech facilitates access to key information for NFL bettors in a way that was previously unheard of. 

Social Media 

Just as it has in so many other spheres, social media has truly made inroads in NFL betting, too. Would-be bettors can easily head to Instagram, Twitter, or other platforms to obtain betting advice and guidance from both influencers and their fellow NFL enthusiasts. 

Many sportsbooks also use social media as part of their online presence and wider marketing strategy. Not only can NFL fans use these as a means of getting up-to-date information and statistics to help them make better bets, but they can also form a sense of community with other fans that they come into contact in this way. 

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