Soon Digital Wellbeing to add cough and snore detection

Soon Digital Wellbeing to add cough and snore detection

Google’s Digital Wellbeing app is a great way to limit phone usage, thanks to features like screen time, time limit, see which apps and websites you use the most, silence notifications at a particular time, and wind down.

Back in May, it was reported that Google was working on a feature for Android smartphones through the Digital Wellbeing app, and it looks like it will soon gain cough and snoring detection.

9to5Google scooped new evidence through an APK teardown of the Digital Wellbeing app, and its latest beta shows signs that Google will soon add “Cough & snore detection.” It will be a part of ‘Bedtime mode.’

Soon Digital Wellbeing to add cough and snore detection

The feature would use your phone’s microphone to listen to the sounds you’ll be making while asleep and check how much you’re snoring or coughing while in slumber mode.

The function is enabled in bedtime mode due to privacy reasons, as the microphone needs to be activated for the device to detect snoring or coughing.

This data will then be shown alongside tracked statistics in the Digital Wellbeing app; it will also give you counts for your “Average cough count” and “Average time snoring.”

For those who don’t do either during their sleep, the app will also report if you did not get a cough or snore.

Many would argue that these features are already a part of the Galaxy Watch 4 and the second-gen Nest Hub. Still, most users don’t have either device, so tracking coughing and snoring on an existing smartphone will become easier.

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