18 Best Sites to Watch Cartoons Online For Free

Watch your favorite cartoons whenever you want

Best Sites to Watch Cartoons Online For Free

I consider myself lucky to have lived through the golden era of Cartoon Network of the early 90s and 2000s, and I indeed witnessed some fantastic cartoons that I still cherish to this day.

As a millennial kid, I had a fixed schedule for which cartoon I had to watch throughout the day after I came through my school. Oh yes, and I’m talking about when cable television was the only source of entertainment.

Scooby-Doo, Samurai Jack, Pokémon, Digimon, Justice League, Tom and Jerry, He-Man, etc., were some of the cartoons that I still love and watch when I want to.

Eventually, the cartoons just became nonsensical characters talking to each other without a solid storyline.

The thing about this generation is that you people don’t have to worry about missing the scheduled cartoon slot or catching reruns as you can access the cartoon anytime online, thanks to the Internet.

Thanks to the Internet, the millennials who want to catch a break of nostalgia and watch their favorite cartoons can do so again. Multiple websites let you watch any cartoon for free of cost, so a subscription to another streaming service isn’t a headache.

Best Sites to Watch Cartoons Online For Free

I have facilitated your quest to find the best sites to watch cartoons online for free, as I’ve assembled a list of free online resources that lets you instantly stream high-definition cartoons.

1. YouTube

If it’s something free and entertaining, it has to be on YouTube.

Yes, you can watch cartoons on YouTube for free as it has a comprehensive platform with an invaluable cartoons library, making it a top free website to watch cartoons online.

Best Sites to Watch Cartoons Online For Free

With daily active users crossing 30 million, YouTube has over 5 billion videos collection. And you can search for any cartoon just by typing the text in the search box.

If you don’t know already, YouTube has a separate kids app that curates cartoons and videos, which also has an independent mobile app designed for children. There are various dedicated channels for cartoon movies and series, and one can also find animated feature films from around the world.

I’ve already, as I’ve already mentioned, YouTube’s massive database of cartoons lets anyone watch anything for free. So if you’re considering buying a subscription for watching cartoons, just search YouTube first, and if you don’t find it, which is rare, then you can go ahead with the Plan B.

This site is best for various shows from all regions and cartoon studios.

Visit YouTube

2. WatchCartoonOnline.cc

WatchCartoonOnline.cc offers a vast inventory of old and new anime shows as well as movies.

You can also catch a few American cartoon shows here, but that category will be quickly overshadowed by the Anime it has to offer.

Best Sites to Watch Cartoons Online For Free

You can stream the latest episodes with English subtitles if you’re into new Anime. You’ll also find Japanese Anime dubbed in English as well, so that’s a treat.

If you want to know everything that’s been happening in the animal world, then you can participate in the site’s fans’ forum by signing up.

This site is best for old and new Anime.

Visit WatchCartoonOnline.cc

3. Cartoons On

Stream your favorite cartoons in HD quality on Cartoons On. 

With an expensive library of cartoons, this website makes it easier for users to just stick with it and satiate their cartoon cravings.

Best Sites to Watch Cartoons Online For Free

Add to the fact that the website is user-friendly and is accessible on any device, including smartphones.

This website allows you to watch your favorite cartoons, whether new or old.

The best part about this website is its filters, which allows viewers to filter out cartoons by show name, characters, studio, or even by series, making it easier for cartoon lovers to find the cartoon shows they are craving.

This site is best for clean and straightforward UI.

Visit Cartoons On

4. Cartoon Network HQ

I have been a big fan of Cartoon Network as I watched many great cartoon shows on it. If you are a big fan of it, this website is good news.

Be it Teen Titans Go, Ben 10, or similar cartoons, you can watch good content, and some of the most popular Cartoon Network shows on this website.

Best Sites to Watch Cartoons Online For Free

I was disappointed to see that this website mainly offers only short clips, so if you’re looking forward to watching full episodes, then you’ll be devastated.

However, there’s an exciting list of online games that you can play for free based on the shows. And they all are fun.

This site is best for exclusive Cartoon Network content.

Visit Cartoon Network HQ

5. GoGoAnime

GoGoAnime is the first website that I used to watch free cartoons, specifically Digimon. Since its original series, I’ve been a gigantic Digimon fan, and you can stream any of that on this website.

Best Sites to Watch Cartoons Online For Free

Not just Digimon, but any animal anime you can think of is available on this website. Be it English dubbed or English subbed.

Access your favorite animal cartoon shows by going to the search bar and typing the name of your cartoon. This free website will load. The list is loaded fast and efficiently, where you’ll see all the cartoon shows listed in alphabetical order.

This site is best for all genres of Anime.

Visit GoGoAnime

6. Nickelodeon

Ah, Nickelodeon!

This is an excellent and well-known platform for kids to enjoy high-quality cartoons online for free.

During my childhood, Cartoon Network, Nickelodeon, and Disney were the primary source of entertainment for me. So, seeing that this comes as a free website makes the inner kid in me ecstatic.

Best Sites to Watch Cartoons Online For Free

You will love the user interface as it is straightforward and has striking and vivid colors that easily attract children’s attention.

Remember that you’ll only be able to watch Nickelodeon cartoons, listen to the radio, and play numerous games online, so don’t expect to find Scooby-Doo solving mysteries here.

Nick also lets you watch your favorite cartoon and new videos and TV shows on the website.

This site is best for good ol’ Nickelodeon shows.

Visit Nickelodeon

7. Toonjet

The 50s and 60s cartoons such as Popeye the Sailor Man, Looney Toons, Adventures of Mickey Mouse, etc., are still a standard that no one can live up to.

Toonjet instantly transports you to that era by offering you a wide range of galleries of old classic cartoons. This website accumulates videos of classic cartoons from all over the Internet and offers them to you for free.

Best Sites to Watch Cartoons Online For Free

Remember that we are talking about the 50s and 60s cartoons, so the website UI is a little jarring. But you’ll get used to it in time.

If you want more of those cartoons I spoke about in the earlier paragraph, then you can sign up for a community forum by creating an account.

This site is best for old classic cartoons.

Visit Toonjet

8. Disney Junior

Disney cartoons are known to be pioneers of cartoon shows. And its Disney Junior website is an ode to that.

Stream all the Disney cartoons for free on this website. They are categorized to search through all the names from A-Z and find the show you want to watch.

Best Sites to Watch Cartoons Online For Free

Donald Duck, Mickey Mouse, Doraemon, etc., are freely available on the website in high definition.

However, keep in mind that this is a US website, so it is blocked in some countries like India. If you want to stream it in such countries, a straightforward workaround is to use VPN.

The feel of the website is nostalgic yet. Straight forward and has a new look for the modern age. You will love this site.

This site is best for Disney cartoons and beyond.

Visit Disney Junior

9. Super Cartoons

As the name suggests, Super cartoons is a super website that lets you watch old cartoons online. When you open it, you’ll see classic episodes of scooby-doo and other such cartoons.

The website feels a bit laggy, and it may be because of the massive repository of cartoons. And to search through that, its built-in filter will come in handy, which will let you explore per the character series or studio.

Best Sites to Watch Cartoons Online For Free

For example, if you want to watch cartoons. Related to only scooby-doo, select the scooby-doo tab in the character section.

Remember that even though this is a free website, it is run by ads. You will encounter a few ads here and there, but they won’t interfere with your entertainment.

This site is best for its vast gallery of classic cartoons.

Visit Super Cartoons

10. Cartoonito

Cartoonito is a fantastic website for children who are just growing up and as parents who don’t want to expose them to the “cartoony violence” of shows like Looney Tunes or even Tom and Jerry.

Best Sites to Watch Cartoons Online For Free

This website has a vast catalog of poetic, educational, lighthearted cartoons, etc., tailor-made for pre-kindergarten children.

A few mainstays are baby Looney Tunes, Bob the Builder, the High post family, etc. You’ll also find child-friendly online games.

This site is best for cartoons for pre-kindergarten children.

Visit Cartoonito

11. WatchCartoonOnline.bz

WatchCartoonOnline.bz is the best website to free stream the latest animated shows.

This abundantly well-known website. It has some of the best ongoing cartoon shows, which people can stream for free.

The vast repository of cartoons is sourced from popular channels and streaming sites like Netflix and Cartoon Networks, making streaming in high quality possible.

Best Sites to Watch Cartoons Online For Free

American Dad, Teen Titans, go Castlevania, etc., are a few of the latest cartoons you can find on this page.

The designer is intelligent as the homepage lets you know what’s trending in the cartoon world. The user interface is also intuitive, along with its filtering capabilities, which allow you effortlessly search the show you’re looking to watch.

This site is best for the latest animated shows.

Visit WatchCartoonOnline.bz

12. KissCartoon

KissCartoon is a fantastic lead design website that hosts an extensive archive of cartoons.

The effective user interface and ease of searching through the cartoon library make this website one of the top free websites to watch cartoons online.

Best Sites to Watch Cartoons Online For Free

You can filter cartoons by genres, movies, ongoing, or opt for advanced filtering options.

The website’s annoying ad policies have made me shift it to number twelve, but the otherwise advantage of high-speed playback and streaming of cartoons makes it a compelling name.

This site is best for various cartoon genres.

Visit KissCartoon

13: Crunchyroll

Crunchyroll is one of the most popular and widely used full sites to stream anime shows globally.

I’ve read somewhere that this website is responsible for making anime mainstream in Western culture. And that is indeed the truth.

Which catalog contains great Anime shows, both new and old? You can watch the latest episodes just one hour after being released in Japan.

Best Sites to Watch Cartoons Online For Free

You can stream all the Anime in their sub or even full versions. Apart from Anime, you’ll also find games, Manga, and blogs centered on news around Anime globally.

The website lets you watch limited shows for free, but if you want to stream the entire catalog, you’ll have to pay a monthly/annual subscription fee ($7.99/month, $9,99/month, $79.99/yr.), which makes it just another subscription service.

This site is best for all Anime genres and Manga.

Visit Crunchyroll

14. Comedy Central

If you want to stream PG13 content for free but don’t know where Comedy Central is your best bet.

This website offers better adult cartoons. You can stream these without signing up or downloading an app, as the extensive collection of animated movies and shows are made available for free on the website.

Best Sites to Watch Cartoons Online For Free

One can stream Professional Therapist, Futurama, Ugly American, South Park, and many more.

This site is best for adult fans of cartoons.

Visit Comedy Central

15. Boomerang

Boomerang is known to have popularized the concept of Saturday morning cartoons.

This website brings fan favorites like courage, the cowardly dog, Johnny Quest, and Tom and Jerry back to the forefront.

Best Sites to Watch Cartoons Online For Free

You can watch any of the cartoons you like, any day, anytime. And the fact that you can watch them in the best quality online. Makes this a must-have mention on any ‘free website cartoons’ list.

Oh man, Looney Tunes have never looked so good before!

This site is best for fan-favorite cartoons.

Visit Looney Tunes

16: Voot Kids

Stream an extensive list of original Indian classics on Voot Kids.

You’ll see famous cartoons such as Pokémon, the animated Mr. Bean show, Pokemon, Spongebob Squarepants, Indian offerings like Chhota Bheem, Motu Patlu, etc.

Best Sites to Watch Cartoons Online For Free

Apart from various cartoons, the website also has a library of textbooks and audio that harbors many stories for children. You can lure children into trying over 5000 educational quizzes to help them stay sharp after watching a show.

This site is best for kid-friendly cartoons.

Visit Voot Kids

17: WB Kids Go

A mention without Warner Brother on any list is incomplete!

The massive Warner Brothers logo was unforgettable at the beginning of every episode. For me. Warner Brothers are synonymous with cartoons like scooby-doo, DC animated show, Bugs Bunny, etc.

Best Sites to Watch Cartoons Online For Free

So expect WB kids to bring all of its famous Metrics under one platform.

This excellent website lets you catch the latest and old cartoon shows, make you read comic books based on your favorite shows, and play online games. This website harbors tonnes of kid-friendly content.

Keep in mind that you’ll only find episodes that can be deemed ideal for young children on WB kids go.

This site is best for WB Licensed cartoons.

Visit WB Kids Go

18. KissPanda

Catch some excellent cartoons on a fantastic website known as KissPanda. You get to watch episodes of popular shows like Family Guy, Futurama, The Simpsons, American dad, etc.

Best Sites to Watch Cartoons Online For Free

If this cartoon genre defines your choice of shows, you must visit this website.

You’ll find well-known American cartoon shows on this website. The UI sits somewhere in the middle – it’s not so great, not so bad, but what matters is that it lets you stream all these excellent shows for free and in high quality.

This site is best for popular American cartoon shows.

Visit KissPanda


Where can I watch legally free cartoons?

Some of the websites mentioned above are free and native, but if you’re worried about the legal part, I advise you to buy Disney Plus’s subscription services and other such platforms to watch cartoons.

Where can I watch old cartoons online for free?

Boomerang, WB Kids, DC Kids, Toonami Aftermath, DisneyNow, TopCartoons.tv, etc., are some websites that let you watch old cartoons online for free.

What is Supercartoons?

Supercartoons lets you watch over 1000 classic cartoons online, Looney Tunes, or Cartoon Network shows.

How can I download cartoons for free?

Any downloading software or website will work if you like to store cartoons. You need to copy the link of the cartoon episode and paste it on the website, and you’re good to go.

Does WatchCartoonOnline have an app?

Yes, and just like the website, the app is free to download.


These are the best sites to watch cartoons online for free.

Cartoons are excellent sources of busting stress and can assist people in relaxing their minds during times of strain.

I know that finding free websites that let you watch HD cartoons for free can be a painstaking task, but I have managed to do it for you.

I recently watched He-Man Masters of the Universe on Netflix, but I streamed the early shows online to better grip the continuous storyline.

Irrespective of their age, people love to watch cartoons which is evident that our inner kids are always alive.

Binge-watch your favorite cartoon online with the websites I provided you with.

I hope this list will satiate your cartoon cravings.

I am an ambivert, an avid reader, a movie buff, a tea connoisseur, and a staunch fan of Priyanka Chopra Jonas. I like to give my insights through words, which come naturally to me. They also help me to express the myriads of emotions I go through. When not working, I'm either watching the latest tech videos or flipping through pages.