Remove & Replace Unsafe Chinese Apps with Bleave

Remove Replace Unsafe Chinese Apps with Bleave

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Worrying whether the Chinese applications on your phone are spying on you? Developers at 3nions have introduced a new application known as Bleave that helps you identify applications developed and published by Chinese firms and suggests their accurate alternatives.

Remove Replace Unsafe Chinese Apps with Bleave

After installing the app, it scans your phone to single out unsafe Chinese apps. If you haven’t installed any, you’ll get a message that “Your device is using all the best apps.” However, if you have installed well-known apps like PUBG Mobile or TikTok, you’ll see suggestions to replace them with. Keep in mind that the pre-installed apps on your phones can’t be replaced due to OEM restrictions.

The app is synonymous with the growing sentiment of the recently trending hashtag #BanChineseProducts. The best use case of this app is when you don’t know whether an application is Chinese or no. If you have any, you could easily replace them by first uninstalling the apps and then downloading their suggested alternatives.

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