13 Reasons Why You Should Use Instagram Reels in 2023

Reasons Why You Should Use Instagram Reels

Among the sea of social media platforms, Instagram is one of the most popular ones out there. So no doubt it does set some trends, quite literally. Since the advent of short video platforms, Instagram has been on the verge of near-end, but as adoption is the new form of reality, Instagram jumped on the bandwagon by adapting to this with its Reels feature.

Even those not active on Instagram are aware that Reels is a popular feature in which people stay connected with their followers with trends that are currently, well, trending. So, especially in countries where TikTok was banned, including India, it really is a sigh of relief for people who are quite active on such platforms.

Launched in August 2020, Reels has become ubiquitous, so much so that sometimes its trends are quite annoying. However, this video-sharing medium makes way for a more comprehensive ROI for businesses, and many want a piece of this pie. After all, being trendy is the mantra of 2021.

If you want to set a better business model or become famous, but don’t know the real usage, here are 13 reasons why you should use Instagram Reels in 2021. It is here to stay, and if you want to entice (read attract) more consumers/followers, you should jump on this trendy train.

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What are Instagram Reels

Have you used or watched TikTok videos? If yes, then the concept is just about the same. Reels is a short video creation feature embedded in Instagram. You can create a short video of up to 15 seconds, to which you can add effects, filters, and music.

13 reasons why you should use Instagram Reels in 2021

Since the pandemic, our attention span has weakened, for better or worse, so video platforms such as Reels, Moj, etc., are beneficial in the pandemic era. If you are new to Instagram or want to increase the reach of your business, Reels is the best way to do so.

1. Instagram Reels are ubiquitous

Unlike TikTok (now banned in India), any user can access Reels via a link or an active Instagram profile. You don’t need to create a separate account or download another application to view Reels. Even if your account is private, you can view Reels of public accounts, and like and share them. Anyone can access Reels by clicking the ‘Play’ button located in the bottom-middle of the app’s UI. Creating Reels is fun, and easy and you can promote ideas (or trends).

2. Reels’ command

Instagram posts rake in a mere 2%-3% engagement. This is because only your followers can see the post and a few others who the various hashtags have directed. With Reels, anybody can watch it as easily shareable and available to those who use the Explore page.

With 1 billion monthly active users on Instagram, there is a slight chance that you can be an Insta celebrity from scratch. Add to that engaging content, hashtags, caption, and the ilk, and you’ll notice more engagement than posts.

3. 15-30 seconds of quality (video) content

Instagram Stories last for a measly 12 seconds, while Reels can last between 15-30 seconds. In this amount of time, you can be as creative as you want to – with engrossing content, music, etc. In addition, more and more brands are creating awareness about their products/services by using this platform. So why should you stay behind?

4. Exhibit the real you

YouTube content creators were accused of having a different persona online; they depicted someone they weren’t on camera. Maybe that is required by their job description, but with Reels, Instagram content creators (or influencers) can indulge in self-deprecating or depict their day-to-day lives.

Content creators such as Srishti Dixit, Kusha Kapila, Dolly Singh, and the likes often make content based on their personal lives, which the audience prefers. This wasn’t the case just 4 years ago. By showcasing your true personality, you can extend your quirks to a part of social media culture.

5. Spotlight on Reels

As it is with new things, people are smitten by Reels, just like they were with Stories or IGTV. So, now everyone’s eye candy is Reels. You can be up-to-date with the latest trends, upload involving content, and promote awareness. Seeing how Reels is still developing, you can capitalize on it.

6. Editing tools are unparalleled

As I have mentioned before, Reels have the ability to impress an audience and make them follow your account. You can create magic in those 15-30 seconds. But creating those is relatively easy. In addition, there’s a timer & countdown option that will make filming more easygoing.

Moreover, you can add text that appears, disappears, or moves on your whim, and music can be selected from an existing library and make videos that match the music. Such editing tools will make your tools more dramatic and give them a professional look. Finally, of course, you can overlay filters and give your content some spark.

7. Audio files, AR effects, and Filters

As part of the editing, you can add any audio to add some glitter to your Reels. Instagram is teeming with Reels, whose basis is music. But, apart from music, it takes help from a wide scope of filters and AR effects. Adding these features to your Reels isn’t just embellishing your content, but it intensifies its quality.

8. Monetised content

With Reels, you can monetize your content. It means that you can promote yourself or your business and earn money. With money, you’ll simultaneously gain followers, reach, and positive reactions. In addition, Reels will transmute heightened conversions and brand awareness by grasping the sales funnel strategy (https://www.singlegrain.com/blog-posts/content-marketing/how-to-create-marketing-funnel/). Finally, don’t undervalue Reels and their reach; you can have millions of followers and money.

9. Great for businesses

Instagram Reels is an invaluable tool for firms. It will help you carve a place in the digital industry. Reels resemble TikTok somehow, but it is better in terms of monetization and a few other aspects, such as reachability. In addition, the user experience doesn’t need extensive studies and is public-focused.

10. Content on the Explore page

The Explore page is an amazing feature. Reels are the way to get featured on it. Once you become consistent in creating content for Reels, your account can be featured on the Explore page. When this happens, your brand awareness will propel you, and you’ll notice more engagement that could be converted into leads. Moreover, your content is public, and you’ll gain more followers organically, which is a good sign that your content is fabulous.

11. Improved engagement

I have mentioned ‘engagement’ quite a lot in this article, and rightfully so! Instagram algorithm sometimes focuses on its new features, which are still Reels for this article. However, Instagram will promote its new feature among its users extensively. So, for instance, when you upload a Reel, the algorithm will promote that feature (again, Reels) by promoting your content and exposing you to your audience, both current and potential. This is how you will get more engagement.

12. Hashtag craze

Hashtags are an essential tool for promoting your posts. When you use relevant hashtags, Instagram aggressively promotes the feature, as mentioned in the last segment – which is why there’s an individual section on the hashtags page to advance itself. In addition, if you use niche-specific and relevant hashtags, you are exhibited to a majestic audience.

13. Uncertain rivals

What I mean by rivals are – TikTok, Moj, Chingari, Byte, Firework, and Mitron. TikTok is banned in India – one of its main markets – while the latter apps are relatively nascent in the genre. Many factors make users (and governments) question the services, including security and safety concerns. TikTok’s future is still uncertain, at least in the nation, while Reels is a part of Instagram, which is a part of Facebook. With some new features and stability, Reels is primed to replace TikTok.


Why should I use Instagram reels?

With Reels, you can create short, engaging content to increase your reach or that of your business. It is an additional tool that adds to your stories, posts, and IGTV. In addition, Reels can be created swiftly, requiring only a concept and editing.

How long can Reels be on Instagram 2021?

Reels can be 15 seconds by default, but you can switch it to 30 seconds on the left side of the screen before you start recording. By doing so, you have set 30 seconds as the default timer. You can switch the timer back to 15 seconds, but that needs to be done before you begin recording.

Are reels or IGTV better?

Both a feature of Instagram, Reels is a better option than IGTV as the Instagram algorithm may put your video in front of potential followers. In simpler terms, IGTV is best for your current followers, while Reels is for people who don’t follow you but they might if they like your content.

Why do Reels get more views?

Reels get more views because it is accessible by anyone, regardless if they follow you or don’t. Add to it hashtags, and beguiling captions and your account is a double-heart magnet.

Can I view Instagram without an account?

Now you cannot! You’ll need an account to browse Instagram, like posts, send messages, or even create Reels. If you are worried about privacy, you can make a private account.


These are some reasons why you should use Instagram Reels in 2021. Even though it is relatively new, Reels is common for many people as those already on the platform don’t have to install a separate application to make interesting content. Be it editing tools, the reach it gives, or the improved engagement; Reels is undoubtedly the future of short content.

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Since TikTok is banned in India, Reels might be able to capture its audience. Even though some feel that Instagram Reels is a polished copy of TikTok, you can use it for your business or promote yourself. If you were skeptical, you could start right away; Reels is the way to go.





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