20 Best Photo Poses For Girls in Kurti

Best Photo Poses For Girls in Kurti

What are the two most important things required in a photoshoot? The first one is of course a good photographer and the second is not a materialistic one but is something that will add value to the photos- a perfect POSE.

Yes, a good photo can’t do without a decent pose. Especially when you are wearing traditional attire, the casual poses won’t work. I am aware things get starting haywire once you begin with the process of a photoshoot in a Kurti (particularly because you’re not used to wearing it). 

Photoshoot Poses For Girls in Kurti 

Well, if you’re not familiar with poses in Kurti, here are some of the best poses you can try out while wearing Kurti. 

1. Cross your legs and gently touch your hair with one hand

PHOTO: @gulpanra.official

2. Slightly pop your leg and bring your hands closer

PHOTO: @gulpanra.official

3. Sit with legs crossed and place one hand on a support

PHOTO: Syed Mehdi Naqvi

4. Keep one leg slightly ahead and place your hand behind the ear

PHOTO: 🅰️lèénã 🅰️frèén 🇮🇳

5. Casually pose as if you are walking

PHOTO: 👑_pгіисеss_👑

6. Move hand along hair and look upwards

PHOTO: Iqra Muzakkir

7. Snap while positioning your hair

PHOTO: Sanam khan

8. Lean against a support

PHOTO: fiza ch

9. Snap while giving a candid smile

PHOTO: Sanam khan

10. Sit while placing your hand overhead

PHOTO: Muhammad Riaz

11. Place one hand over the waist and the other slightly in the air

PHOTO: Shlesha

12. Cross one leg in front and pop your knee


13. Look up in the sky and wave your dupatta

PHOTO: Mahira Sharma

14. Casually walk facing aside the camera

PHOTO: Queen_______afghan___👑

15. Sit with your legs crossed and place both hands on lap

PHOTO: Huzeba

16. Cross legs and look away from the camera

PHOTO: Hoorain noor

17. Look down at the floor while placing your hand overhead

PHOTO: @mahi34

18. Place hands on waist

PHOTO: knwal aftab

19. One-hand fold pose

PHOTO: whatwearhow

20. Sana Grover


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With these poses, you’ll definitely slay on Instagram and various other online platforms. What poses did you find the most interesting? Which of the above-listed poses are you going to try? Tell us in the comment section below.  

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