New vegan fast-food restaurant opened by Kevin Hart in Los Angeles

New vegan fast food restaurant opened by Kevin Hart in Los Angeles

On Thursday, the well-known actor-comedian opened Hart House, his first fast food restaurant that serves only plant-based foods, in the Los Angeles area of Westchester, close to the airport.

Hart House tweeted that they will donate 10% of day one profit to inner-cityarts which equips students with the knowledge and abilities necessary for both academic and interpersonal success.

Kevin Hart wants this new business to draw both habitual plant-based eaters and people who are unfamiliar with the benefits of a healthy diet.

“We aim to create a space that makes people feel good” – Hart said in an interview before the restaurant’s official opening.

Hart partnered with chef Mike Salem and businessman Michael Rubin, and Andy Hooper, who is currently the CEO of the Hart House brand.

LA has a lot of restaurants that offer healthy food options and they use recycling bins however, Hart House takes a different strategy by offering quality food with sandwiches and burgers for between $5 and $7, which is less expensive than its rivals.

By the end of the year, Hart hopes to have six additional Hart House restaurants in addition to his flagship site.


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